Hand Drill Plug w/ David Holladay | TJack Survival

Hand Drill Plug w/ David Holladay | TJack Survival

On the Value of an Emergency Dental Kit

Recent trends on the internet survival and preparedness groups today seem to center upon natural disaster preparedness packages or pandemic emergency supply kits, however one hears very little concerning emergency dental supply kits. For your own piece of mind it is important that you understand what dental emergency items you should be maintaining.

How Would You and Your Family Survive When Disaster Strikes?

Personal safety and freedom in our world today, has never been more precarious. At any moment, we could find that our homes are under siege or a major disaster (man made or climatic) has struck. Are you prepared?

Solar Power Advantages For Survivalists

As a survivalist I fully understand that in the event of a major crisis our usual power generating facilities may not be functioning as expected. In that sense, I am continually seeking out additional means by which I can create electrical power on my own. Having this ability to make my own electricity is not only beneficial at my normal home but would serve as a great advantage when it is functional at my distant emergency retreat as well.

Fire Shelter Design

With the prediction of savage bush fires on the way here in Australia this summer, many people are installing Fire Shelters or Fire Bunkers. This is a crucial decision to ensure your safety in a major fire, however you must make sure you get the best fire shelter design or it could be a death trap!

Fire Shelters – Life Saving Fire Planning

Fire Shelters could prove to be one of the most effective life savers in a bushfire and definitely should be part of your fire plan and fire survival routine. The question on everybody’s lips is “Do I really need a Fire Shelter?” Find out why it is an absolute must in this article..

December 21, 2012 Doomsday and the Mayan Calendar

The Mayan Calendar has left us with a profound mystery. Academia, science and the clergy have labored long over the question as to why the calendar was extrapolated into the 21st century and why, on December 21st, 2012, it abruptly ends?

2012 Prophecies – The End of the World

Throughout history, there have been many prophecies of the end of the world. Many which attempt to get specific end up being proven wrong by virtue of the world continuing to exist. Others haven’t been proven yet one way or the other, because their dates haven’t come yet. 2012 prophecies are among the latter group.

Tips For Buying Emergency Food Rations

If you’re looking to stock up on your food supplies for emergency situations, then congratulations are in order as you are taking responsibility for your well-being as well as those of your loved ones. Things that should be taken into consideration when preparing an emergency food supply are budget, shelf life, convenience and taste.

Prepare For the Rainy Season With a Hurricane Sock

Have you noticed how it is very difficult to put away any money for savings or to prepare for a rainy day, when the recession is stretching your budget to its limits anyway. It often seems as if there is not enough money to pay for regular costs, let alone anything else and, as a homeowner you never want to face the consequence of having to pay for damage.

72 Hour Survival Kits – Preparedness For Your Family

The 72 hour timeline is a bare minimum for which you need to be prepared, as recent history has indicated that governmental agencies often take as long as a week to bring sufficient resources into the areas in which they are needed most. Until they do so, chances are that you will be on your own.

Fire Fighting System to Protect Electronics Systems

We offer a qualitative fire extinguisher which is suitable to carry everyplace. This fire extinguisher fulfills the variegated needs of our global clients. These are excellently designed to suit the specific requirements of our clients.

Prepare For a Hurricane While the Sun is Shining

When you live in hurricane territory you know without a doubt that sooner or later you will be hit with a damaging storm. There is more to preparing for a hurricane than putting up a few gallons of water and covering your windows. Get a head start before hurricane season and your early preparations will pay off.

Disaster Relief and the Use of Emergency Shelters

Human beings can never live a life that is devoid of any worries or emergency situations. Some events destroy the peace and tranquility and put humanity on defensive. The biggest example of this natural game is the intensity of natural disasters, as they can destroy all the social fabric of a society.

What is the Difference Between Stream and Fogger Pepper Spray?

When purchasing pepper spray should I choose a stream or fogger type? Just like most products there are pros and cons and is usually a consumer’s choice based on his or her preference or application. The following will point out the advantages and disadvantages of both the stream and fogger type pepper spray.

MRE Meal – The Perfect Emergency Disaster Food

Have you ever been in a natural disaster? If you haven’t, you can count yourself lucky. For those who have, they can tell you what a harrowing experience it is to be holed up in your home or shelter while waiting for the emergency crews to arrive.

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