Grading a Driveway for the Homestead | Forest to Farm

Grading a Driveway for the Homestead | Forest to Farm

Fire is a Friend – Fire is a Predator

Fire as we all know can keep us alive in adverse situations, indeed it is an essential to life that we all recognise. Fire is a comforter, there is nothing better than to sit in a darkened room on a winter night with just a fire, some background music and a hot drink or otherwise as you prefer.

F5 Oklahoma Tornado – An Officer’s Story

It was 7:15 PM and my fellow officer and I were having dinner a few miles south of Moore, Oklahoma. We had heard rumors throughout the day about the possibility of severe storms (when the fine meteorologists of OK City metro give you a heads up, you’d better listen). Someone decided to do just that, turning on the radio to hear: “if you want to survive his storm, don’t be above ground.

What Makes Stun Guns Safe and Effective Weapons For Self Defense?

Stun guns are one of the most effective devices for personal protection. Not only are they effective but very safe as well. Despite the high voltage that it has, a stun gun will not permanently harm your attacker or even you. This is because voltage in itself is not dangerous at all.

Survive 2012 – What You Need to Know to Be Prepared

If you have heard of the Apocalypse 2012, then you surely have acquired some ideas on how you need to prepare in order to survive 2012. It cannot be denied that not all of us everywhere in the world are already aware of the actual details of this prediction.

Emergency Preparedness For the Rest of Us!

Natural disasters, economic downturns, pandemic scares, or even occasional family crises – security and consistency are things of the past. Yet, with a living prophet at the helm, there is no need to fear; rather the faithful and prudent are answering the call to consistently and methodically prepare for what might lie ahead.

What’s the Big Secret to Long Term Survival?

Long term survival can’t be done with just a stockpile of goods. There will need to be a means of production for one to actually make it long term.

CPR Training Online is Composed Of Illustrated Guidelines And Video Demonstrations

Watching the news can bring you despair sometimes. Don’t you just hate it when somebody dies just because the people around them are unable to perform one of the basic first aid treatments that everybody should be aware of?

Secrets To Always Have Security Revealed

Want a extra sense of security to help protect you or your loved ones? Want your date to always feel safe around you? The H2H Self Defense Program teaches just that!

Working With the Fire Service

More than half of house fire fatalities are in homes where there are no fire alarms, or where alarms are fitted but are simply not working. It is crucial that the Fire Service educates the public on the importance of fire safety. To achieve this they must provide guidance, information and practical help, which may include fitting homes with working fire alarms.

Some Basic Skills to Survive Tough Situations

The article explains few basic skills that are that might come in very handy in different situations. Especially for individuals who like to break free from typical routine and head towards wilderness. However, these skills must be learned by everyone in order to survive tough and unpredictable situations.

Stun Guns and TASER Devices – How to Choose One For Your Protection

A stun gun and a TASER device are two of the most powerful and most effective self defense weapons you could ever have. Though both use electricity to ward off an attacker, there are several differences which you need to take note of to help you decide which device will suit your needs.

Take the First Step in Disaster Survival Planning

Deciding what to do is the most difficult part of creating a survival plan. We all would like to have a plan in place, but just have not got around to creating it. The idea of having one sounds good, but we have not taken any action.

Emergency Items You Must Bring in an Evacuation

Even without browsing a survival guide, you may have been hearing a great deal about survival bags and bug out bags recently. The truth is, the more news of accidents and disasters happening all over the world, the more people are finding out about these emergency bags.

Survival Kit – Creating Fire With a Bow Drill

Within a survival situation it isn’t always possible to have a survival kit at hand. Maintaining warmth is one of the key factors for survival and staying alive. Fire through friction is one of the most fascinating but primitive survival skills to master and is achievable with a little know how and equipment.

Emergency Preparedness – Reasons to Prepare!

There are a million reasons to prepare these days. If the last couple of years have taught us anything its that life has a way of throwing us curve balls, and we usually don’t see them coming.

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