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Government Mandates & Prepping | ON Three

2012 – Surviving a Natural Catastrophe in a Luxury Shelter

Imagine a natural disaster of extreme proportions, such as predicted by Mayans for 2012. You are lucky enough to have entered a luxurious underground shelter. Surviving the underground is the primary concern for victims of a disaster. However, while underground, careful planning has to be done for when the time comes to emerge above ground. The nature of the disaster would most likely dictate the course of action throughout the whole ordeal. If it is a nuclear fall-out or similar radiation induced catastrophe, one will be faced with the ultimate next genesis: lack of vegetation, polluted atmosphere, no rule of law, etc. If it is a chemical attack or terrorism, perhaps a somewhat different situation will take place.

Flavored Oatmeal

One of the best survival breakfasts that a person can have is oatmeal. Oatmeal provides a good nutritious meal for your body and the cost per serving is very budget minded. The only problem with oatmeal is that it becomes very bla after a while with the usual flavor.

Fire Extinguisher Signs – Where Do You Put Them?

Fire is one of the worst calamities that can ever happen to your place of business. This is why, you would want to ensure that you do the right preventive measures and you install superior safety devices to be prepared for such occurrence. Fire extinguishers are some of the most vital tools that you can have to protect your business against a blaze. These devices work by extinguishing a fire during its initial stage, minimizing damage and injuries. As a business owner, you have to know that buying extinguishers is not your only responsibility.

The Importance of Smoke Seals in Buildings and Offices

When a fire breaks out, many people are still unaware that the majority of deaths and injuries happen not from burning but exposure of the victim to smoke. The reason for this is because smoke can travel more rapidly and over greater distances than flames. Moreover, smoke can arise at any temperature and, no matter its temperature can be life-threatening with prolonged exposure to it.

UK Legal Requirements on Fire Extinguisher Signs

In the UK, every workplace and establishment is required to display safety signs wherever there are dangers that cannot or must not be disregarded. This requirement is covered under The Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996. Fire extinguisher signs are also supported by these regulations. They are identification signs whose function is to direct users to the location of extinguishers. They are commonly attached near a business area’s firefighting arsenal where it can be easily seen to make sure that a potential user can identify where the nearest fire extinguisher is located.

Fire Extinguisher Brackets Versus Stands – Which Are the Better Options?

As long as they have been manufactured according to a recognised standard such as the British Standard EN 3 for new ones and the British Standard 5423 for the old ones, fire extinguishers are made to withstand external impact and pressure. However, depending on the location and other related factors, there is also a need to ensure that these will not be knocked down or toppled over during the normal course of daily activities within an office, a restaurant kitchen, a workshop, a hallway, and other public locations.

The Advantages of Installing Smoke Alarms in the Workplace

Any business owner who wishes to ensure the safety of his employees or patrons should seriously consider adding smoke alarms in the workplace or business establishment as part of the fire safety and fire-fighting equipment the business is legally required to carry. A smoke alarm is a warning device that detects smoke at the most crucial stage of a fire-at its beginning. When the device detects smoke or a fire, it will emit a loud, piercing noise.

Teaching Employees the Proper Handling of Water Fire Extinguishers

The different kinds of fire extinguishers available to the business owner seeking to comply with the UK’s Fire Safety Regulations can be confusing. Proper evaluation regarding the nature of the business must be made in order to determine what type of extinguisher is suitable for the classes of fire that may occur in a given business establishment. In many cases, water extinguishers will suffice to comply with such legally required fire precautions because they are best for Class A fires, which originate from wood, straw, textiles, and paper, among others. These are the common materials found in most business establishments.

Keep Your Delivery Fleet Safe With a Car Fire Extinguisher

For any business specializing in manufacturing and/or selling products, providing delivery services to customers is one way to maintain competitive advantage over the others. In fact, especially with the popularity of online shopping, delivery services have become an integral part of a company’s operation. If this is the case, then you must have a reliable fleet of delivery services and personnel to take care of this aspect of the operation.

Fire Hose 101 – An Introduction to an Essential Fire Brigade Equipment

The most common image which comes to mind when asked to imagine a fire fighter is one wearing full-on fire-fighting gear and carrying a fire hose. Although modern fire-fighting devices have been introduced to stop the spread of fires, the fire hose remains as one of the most effective tool in existence owing to its ability to allow a fire fighter easy access to a fire’s location and to better control the direction of the water or other fire-fighting substance, such as foam.

Setting Up a Complete Fire Warden Equipment Kit

Chances are, any emergency situation within a workplace will be chaotic, noisy, disorganized and out of control. This is mainly because there will be more people who will tend to panic and react adversely to such a situation. Unfortunately, we all know that panicking will not be helpful in emergency situations. In such a case, someone must be designated to control the situation and know what needs to be done to get everyone out safely. This is the main duty of an appointed fire warden.

Installing Fool-Proof Smoke Alarms For Buildings

Smoke alarms are ingenious devices. They are cheap yet highly practical and very useful. In the UK, it has been proven that smoke detectors save thousands of lives each year, and as such, they have been highly recommended as an integral part of a fire safety plan. In fact, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 mandates that proper fire-fighting and fire detection devices be installed and provided in business establishments.

Ensure Safety of Your Employees With Superior Fire Safety Equipment

As a business owner, you probably have so many things in mind-future expansion plans for the company, new financial strategies, marketing tactics to boost sales, effective training of employees, and so many more. Whether business owners would admit it or not, most of the things that occupy their minds have to do with profit-making or success of the business. But have any of you ever stopped to think about other things that matter too?

No More Missing-in-Action Fire Extinguishers With Fire Extinguisher Signs

Imagine this scenario: a fire breaks out in your office; everyone rushes to where the fire extinguisher is. Unfortunately, no one could find it! We have all heard of horror stories about MIA (missing-in-action) extinguishers but this does not have to happen if only your workplace is fully equipped with fire extinguisher signs that can direct you towards the location of the extinguishers. These are crucial flame-fighting tools that can curb small incipient smolder before it eats up the whole place. With fire extinguisher signs in place, you will be able to save precious moments finding these important pieces of equipment.

Winter Bug Out

Let us now continue our train of thought on using campers as bug out retreats or possible BOV extensions. As with any emergency scenario it is impossible for us to select the perfect circumstances and time when a crisis will occur. Generally these situations will be beyond our control. It could happen in the summer or during a time when ole man winter is kicking up a storm.

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