Goat Husbandry Tips | Alan Kay

Goat Husbandry Tips | Alan Kay

Portable Fluid Warming Systems: Frequently Asked Questions

  Liquids are administered through intravenous (IV) tubing for various reasons, but when they are administered cold, the patient can experience hypothermia related health conditions. To prevent this from happening, hospitals should use fluid warming systems that heat IV liquids to a minimum temperature of 95F. If the liquid is below this temperature, the patient can experience hypothermia.

Survival Food – Protect Your Family With a Stable Food Reserve

Are you prepared for a food crisis? The western world takes for granted the food that we eat daily. We assume that since we have always had easy access to it, we always will. The truth is that our food supply is in a critical state and will eventually fail. Plan and prepare a food reserve to help you and your loved ones survive a food shortage or other disaster

Storm Preparedness During Tornado Season

This an article about preparing for tornadoes. It provides practical advice and tips.

Ghana Life: Essential Commodities

‘Essential commodities’ is a term that could be interpreted in a number of ways according to time and circumstance, but in the Ghana of the late 1970s and early 1980s, when the government changed almost annually, it took on a special meaning that will never be forgotten by those who survived those lean and turbulent years. The policy and practice of essential commodities was a response by an impoverished regime to the rule of kalabule, the preceding era of economic chaos during which scarce imported goods were sold and resold in the informal market at ever increasing prices. It was an attempt at rationing that had the whole nation waiting in long queues for what in retrospect appears to have been a handful of randomly selected items worth only a few cents.

Emergency Preparedness Guidelines: What to Put in That Emergency Bag

The United States is no stranger to natural disasters, with its long history of freak hail and snow storms, hurricanes, earthquakes and forest fires. According to statistics, there have been over 640 calamities that have occurred in the country between 1980 and 2010, with a record of 12,366 people killed, and 26,889,582 citizens injured and affected. The worst devastation recorded in history transpired in New Orleans back in 2005, when Hurricane Katrina took over the state and caused significant economic devastation, displacing thousands of people and killing a few hundreds. With this in mind, it’s never too much to think of having an emergency preparedness kit available for sudden, uncontrollable adversities.

Choosing an Emergency Food Kit That Matches Your Needs

Different areas have different disasters. Here are factors to consider when purchasing an appropriate emergency food kit.

We May Be Ready to Leave the Recession Behind Us, But Are We Ready If It Gets Worse?

Conflicting opinions and different analysis are all around us in this current state our economy is facing. On one end, we have a higher increase in new jobs reported than we have had in several months. On the other hand, reports indicate that unemployment is still at a stubbornly high rate.

Different Ways to Protect Yourself From an Attacker

An attack may come at the most unexpected time and place so it is best that we are prepared for any scenario. It is best that we learn self-defense methods in order to protect ourselves from any attacker.

Personal Safety Devices for Your Everyday Protection

Learn more on how you can protect and defend yourself from danger. Know the various personal safety devices you can use everyday.

How Does an Attacker Select Victims?

Attackers will always go after the weak people. They never attack someone that is perceived as a person really likely to fight back. By understanding how the attacker chooses a victim you can see the changes that have to be made in your day to day life. This article talks about predators and who needs self defence lessons.

Surviving Natural Disasters

The last few weeks have seen a markedly drastic increase in tornado activity here in the US. In fact, we may have seen the largest outbreak of tornadoes this early in the season in all of history. And this pattern isn’t isolated. We’ve been experiencing record breaking occurrences of natural disasters more often in the last decade- from tornadoes to hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, droughts, cold…

Prepare to Use Your Survival Skills During Disaster

Natural disasters are becoming part of our news reports almost daily now. Discover how you can learn to cope with these tips on developing survival skills to use during a disaster.

How to Play Wilderness Survival Games

Are you concerned about the natural and man made disasters happening out there? We reveal some great ways to prepare. Earthquakes, forest fires, tsunamis, maniacs with guns. Get some fresh ideas, that will to help you and those important to you, prepare for the catastrophic events that are happening today.

Disaster Survival – When Bugging Out Goes Bad

There is this fantastic romantic notion that at the first sign of a disaster you can run for the hills, the perfect escape. However what does running for the hills mean? Do you know where to go? Do you think people will be happy to see you? If you do, guess again.

4 Main Topics Covered In Pediatric First Aid Courses

Anyone who works with children or has a desire to do so must do a pediatric first aid course. It is a necessary skill that you have to develop. It varies from your general first aid course.

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