Get This Before Its Illegal: The #1 Underrated Item

Get This Before Its Illegal: The #1 Underrated Item

Will You Survive?

Every one of us wants peace, prosperity and freedom for ourselves and our children. However, the fact is, we live in uncertain times. Many unexpected and frightening things appear to loom over our horizon. So, rationally thinking, what crises are possible; just what may emerge in our future to disrupt our lives here in America?

Mexico City – Were The Mayans Right For the Wrong Reasons, Big Volcano

Darn that Mayan Calendar anyway! Why doesn’t someone just go grab that old stone and add another 30,000 years to it? Surely we have the technology to fuse some more rocks together with a high powered directed energy device, or manufacturing laser – don’t we?

Basic Facts About Fire Disasters

Perhaps the most deadly accidents that could affect anyone can be the case of fire. Fire accidents could cause not only personal injury but also huge destruction to your house and also some other people’s estate. This type of accident may be caused by negligence, what is usual problem, even though some would really want to do this in order to really do any harm to other people and home.

Quality Food Survival Storage Concepts

How to store food for survival? Choosing the best method depends a great deal on the availability of the space, financial situation and your family size. Find out more today…

How to Outfit Your Zombie Survival Vehicle

The selection of a post-apocalyptic survival vehicle is of paramount importance. Don’t expect to find a fully stocked H3 (a la Zombieland) just waiting for you to come along and snag it. The fact is, quality all-terrain vehicles will be highly sought after commodities in the wake of a zombie invasion.

Level IV Body Armor Distributors – Endless Effort Towards Quality Improvement

Men have been using several types of armors for centuries to protect themselves from harm. Wars, battles, and other types of attacks were rampant even when guns were not yet invented back then. Our ancestors resorted to some kind of weaponry that was handmade. To shield themselves from those weaponries, they also have armors made from animal skin. As time progress, advancement in body armors also evolved from animal skin to wood to metals.

Evacuation Chairs For Emergency Situations

When an emergency strikes it is imperative that everyone is evacuated from the scene as quickly as possible but when those in danger are in wheelchairs, in high-rise buildings that can pose a problem. During an incident it is quite normal for lifts to be out of order and when time is of the essence moving a wheelchair downstairs can prove difficult.

Emergency Food: Simple, Safe, and Delicious

Preparing for a disaster should include emergency food. Nutrition and energy is required for survival over time and emergency food provides a viable source.

Getting Started With An Emergency Preparedness Plan

Surviving an emergency requires planning. Emergency preparedness can use camping as a guideline for how to think about supplies and preparations for survival.

First Steps for Building Emergency Preparedness Strategies

Accidents and foul weather can occur at any moment. Emergency preparedness involves practical plans to maintain life’s necessities throughout a crisis situation.

One Way To Survive 2 Possible Disasters

Everyone’s got a thought on how the world might end, however science and economics give us two very real disaster possibilities. With proper understanding and organisation you can survive these disasters just long enough to plan a longer term strategy.

Prepare For Survival By Constantly Testing

You can never predict a disaster, however you can practice some of the skills that you might need. No one wants to run head first into a disaster just to practice, so how then can you practice the necessary skills without being getting into an actual disaster?

How to Survive a Food Shortage

It is almost impossible to imagine that in this day and age there could be a food shortage and that we would even need to think about how to survive a food shortage. Every day we take for granted things like being able to stop at the corner market and buy something to eat or going through a drive thru and getting your entire meal in less than five minutes…

Portable Fluid Warming System Designs Offer Increased Convenience to Health Care Professionals

  Portable fluid warming systems have become a necessary item during first response situations and emergency care. Patients receiving chilled substances through an intravenous (IV) setup are at a higher risk for certain complications. This risk is heightened depending on the issue being treated, substance amount, and rate of introduction.

Ultra Battery 1: Weight Reduction and Portable Power Boosts Equipment Convenience

Administration of cold substances directly into the body at a fast rate can have adverse effects on the health of a patient. An individual has a higher risk of complication when warming equipment is not used in conjunction with intravenous fluid delivery. Hypothermia prevention is one of the benefits supplied by a fluid warming system.

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