Get These 7 Tools Before They Are ILLEGAL

Get These 7 Tools Before They Are ILLEGAL

Portable Spill Kits For Speedier Response Times

Is your spill response kit the best choice for speedy spill response? Here’s how Portable Spill Kits can help you achieve fast, effective cleanup in an emergency response situation.

Boarding Up – How to Protect Your Home During a Hurricane

Because hurricanes move fairly slowly you will have time to prepare your home for whatever the storm brings. The secret is to start preparing your home for hurricane season before it starts.

Dangerous Waters – Flood Facts

Can crossing a six inch deep stream cause problems? What should you do before high water comes?

Preparedness 101 Or One Survivalist’s Manifesto

After I’d been serious about preparedness and self reliance for a year or two, I realized that my buying, training, and planning had been based on whatever was the most exciting or urgent to me at the time. I’d go through a gun phase, then a food phase, then a natural medicine phase, but I didn’t have anything to tie it all together.

Disaster Relief Agencies – Choosing the Most Credible and How They Provide Assistance

So you would like to donate money or goods to help disaster victims. But how can we be sure our donations actually get to the intended victims?

Why Choose an LED Flashlight?

What is LED? (Light Emitting Diode) There are many reasons to choose an LED flashlight over a traditional Incandescent flashlight. Below we will go over some of these reasons.

Create Reserves That Support You

Those of us living on the Northern Coast of California know very well the importance of emergency supplies for power outages and earthquakes. But how many of us have reserves that support us in all of our business and personal lives?

Women’s Self-Defense Via Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Every other day in Washington, DC, the nation’s capital, a woman is forcibly raped. The typical reaction among females in the past might be to avoid “bad areas,” not to walk or jog alone at night, etc. — essentially giving in to the legitimate fear that comes with living in a crime-ridden city.

Listening to Fear

Listening and paying attention to gut-level feelings can save your life. When we use our experiences to help us navigate the potential dangers in our environment, we create a vehicle for our senses to aid us in everyday survival. Life becomes more meaningful, and we feel more alive and in control.

New Pepper Gun Offers Accuracy and Distance For Personal Protection

A lot of women like to carry pepper spray or mace for self defense purposes. Because of the popularity of this type of spray, manufacturers are coming up with new methods of delivery that make it even easier to use.

AED First Aid Training Through AED and CPR Courses

First aid training in conjunction with CPR and AED training all go hand in hand and even though AED machines pretty much tell you what to do step by step, the operator of the machinery needs to know that it is indeed the correct time to utilize this. In other words is he sure that this person is having cardiac arrest?

Should You Tell Others About Your Bug Out Location?

Many debate whether or not it’s a good idea to reveal that you have a bug out location. Giving away the exact location isn’t good practice, but revealing that you have one might become a teaching tool.

A Assisted Opening Knives Are Survival Tools

A assisted opening knife is a knife that has been fitted with a opening mechanism and is simpler to open than normal folding knives. These knives can have a ridge or thumb stud as well as a hole that provides your thumb traction. By pressing outwards, the blade starts to extend and unfold.

How to Read a Compass

When you are taking a hike, it is good to know where you are headed. Even if you are just walking, biking, or traveling by car, a compass can be an invaluable tool when there aren’t any signs or maps around. When you aren’t sure which way you need to go, a compass can point you in the right direction.

Surviving Through Knowledge – A 2012 Contact Review

Even before the start of the 21st century, advocates of conspiracy theories and those who believe that spirituality and science are in harmony, already knew that there will come a day that the world will come to an end. Certain events just like the ones stated above will occur and no one could definitely prevent that.

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