Get Ready: Things Are About to Get Crazy

Get Ready: Things Are About to Get Crazy

Buying Great CPR Supplies Or an AED

There are many things that you should take into careful consideration when you are looking to buy CPR supplies or an AED. Having a complete first aid kit is very important.

Air Ambulance Service – Emergency and Planned Transportation

When there has been a terrible car accident 20 miles from town, you will often see a Care Flight helicopter taking an injured person from the scene of the accident. But, what if the person was injured oversees in a country with fewer medical advances? Or a person on one side of the country needs the life saving expertise located on the other side of the country.

Why To Obey Colored Lights Cautiously

When traveling alone on a desolate roadway at night, call the police dispatcher, if you see red and blue lights in your rear view mirror. Be cautious and respectful to the police officer(s). Before starting your trip, look up the Highway Notification Numbers for the states you will be visiting.

Do You Have Your Emergency Preparedness Kits Ready?

When do we need to prepare for some emergency? You cannot wait for a public announcement. Read on for more information on emergency preparedness kits today.

The Norfolk Broads – Their Need For Flood Restoration Services

With 200 miles of waterways stretching across the land, the county of Norfolk is Britain’s largest wetland. It is hardly surprising, then, that homes in the area have a higher than average need for restoration. With so much water covering the land, the dwellings in the area have constantly been a victim of floods since the formation of the broads that spread over the land.

Disaster Preparedness – Earthquakes

In the event of an earthquake, there is no better way to avoid injury and death than preparing the home and knowing what damage earthquakes cause and how they do it. Every year, thousands of people die as a direct result of earthquakes – but not necessarily because of the movement of the ground beneath them. In fact, these sorts of deaths are quite rare. It is more common to die because of a lack of preparation: people don’t know where the safest place to be is during an earthquake, the community isn’t prepared, the buildings aren’t safe, or there isn’t any good food or water to support communities after the earthquake takes out electricity and makes it unsafe to go outside looking for food.

Get Prepared With Hurricane Survival Kits

Hurricane survival kits may help you and your family be more prepared for a natural disaster. Read on for more information today.

Are Earthquake Kits Necessary?

Whether you spend most of your time at home or in the office, it is always healthy to keep earthquake kits nearby if you live in a region that is susceptible. Read on for more information.

Water is Vital For Survival in Any Disaster Scenario – Be Knowledgeable About It

Water should be one of your top priorities in a survival situation as a lack of water causes dehydration, lethargy, dizziness, headaches, confusion, and ultimately death. Even mild dehydration makes a survival situation even more difficult as it reduces endurance and impairs concentration.

Selection of a Sleeping Bag For Your Survival Kit

Most of the active survivalists which I know have some sort of sleeping bag in their “Box of Goodies” in the event that they would need to rough it on a possible bug out event. As a rule, it would be wise to selection a sleeping bag which is effective to at least zero degrees, but you should keep in mind that there are additional requirements which need to be considered as well. As a consumer you are presented with a host of materials such as goose down, quallofil or hollofil as a fill material in your sleeping bag. Therefore, in order to make a wise choice you should be aware of what the pros and cons are for each of these insulation types.

Getting a Pet Back After a Disaster

Natural disasters can result in owners and their pets being separated. This article provides you with some valuable information and helpful hints to assist you with reuniting with your lost or stranded pet following a disaster.

First Aid For Kids

First aid may not always be dramatic. In fact, it may be a quick call to 911. The most important thing you can know is what you can do that will help the person in distress the most.

Some Thoughts on Storage Space

As survivalists we never seem to have adequate space for stock up with the important supplies that may be required to assure our survival whenever an emergency condition occurs. A modest amount of thought on most of our parts can undoubtedly disclose some very exciting hiding places. That is exactly what this article is all about.

Top 2 Reasons You Need a Standby Generator

A standby generator provides power to your entire home if the power should go out. Here are the top 2 reasons you need a standby generator.

Floods – Survival Preparedness

Floods are caused by many scenarios, the key to surviving such an event is survival preparedness. Flood season will soon be approaching, so take charge and keep your family safe just by being prepared.

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