Get One of These Before it Hits the Fan

Get One of These Before it Hits the Fan

Tips For Homeowners Preparing For a Flood

So, you are a homeowner in a flood prone area or are have been alerted that a flood disaster may be coming to your community. Most of you are already familiar with protection efforts if you live near one of these areas. For those of you not familiar with this process, here are some recommendations to make your home safe.

Red Cross CPR Training Program Overview

This article provides an overview of American Red Cross CPR training programs that are available in various places, including San Diego and the Imperial Counties, including online channels. It is claimed that CPR and first aid training by the Red Cross has several advantages including reasonable costs, convenience, and consistency of the courses at the different venues throughout the US.

You Can Be a Hero by Learning CPR

Cardio pulmonary resuscitation is something that can prove to be quite an important thing for you to learn. If you are planning to learn CPR, you can be a life saver when needed. You need to get hold of a good CPR training program.

Classification of Electrical Burn Injuries and Treatments

Electrical burns are one of the most serious injuries sustained following electrocution. Burns may initially appear to be minor, and the real damage to the tissues under the skin may not be readily evident.

Outdoor Survival – How to Survive That Backpacking Trip

Why do I need survival skill for a little trek into the hills you might ask? Well the answer is of course you can’t always predict when that little trek may turn into a life threatening emergency. Knowing a few simple skills can turn a harrowing situation into a ho hum and can be handled with little discomfort and or threat. Learn these simple rules and you can rule the outdoors.

The Weather-Wise Homeowner – The 3 Things Every Parent & Homeowner Must Know About Severe Weather

Going beyond what weather web sites and the local forecast tells you, this article details what every homeowner should know about tracking and preparing for severe weather. It features unique tips and tricks from the founder of a leading weather software company.

Lightweight Emergency Medical Supplies For Hiking

Hiking is a really excellent way to exercise. Whether you’re going for long hike or just a simple weekend excursion, hiking can benefit your health in so many ways!

Your Choices For Emergency Rations

There are several options when considering emergency food rations. A few of the options readily available include; Freeze-Dried, MREs and ration bars. Like all items in a survival kit, make sure you are familiar with their usage before you need them.

How Emergency Notification Systems Save Lives – Case Studies

A quick and effective response to a developing urgent situation is the number one way to save lives and property. Disasters can strike like a tornado, fast and without warning. Even if there is plenty of warning ahead of time, such as an incoming hurricane or during a heightened security alert, communicating information effectively to the right people is still a challenging task.

Will You Be Prepared If Danger Strikes?

Danger and crime are all around us. Use these tips and some good instincts and common sense, and be one less victim. Think Ahead and Have a Survival Plan!

Mountain Safety – 7 Simple Ways to Stay Safe in the Hills

Hiking is fantastic form of exercise, enabling walkers to enjoy the outdoors, take in the fabulous scenery, and most importantly, get their heart rate up for a couple of hours. Unfortunately, mountains can be a dangerous environment, and should rarely be attempted alone, especially if in experienced.

Pall Emergency Water Purification Systems Save Many Lives Following Indonesian Earthquake

In September, 2009, severe earthquakes devastated the capital of West Sumatra in Indonesia. Thousands of people were left without sanitary drinking water when the water supply station serving 60% of the population was put out of commission. Since water is a critical resource in keeping people healthy, people began drinking unsafe water from the rivers and canals, and they began getting sick. It became extremely critical to get sources of fresh water into the affected areas in order to save lives.

Food Storage – Your 30 Day Supply

We live in uncertain times. While you may not be at the point where you leave the city to establish a self-sustaining remote compound, there are some prudent and affordable ways to prepare for the unexpected. One of the best ways is to have a 30 day supply of food on hand for your family. Here are the basics of getting that stockpile ready.

Long Term Food Storage For Hard Times

If you are planning for long term food storage you would be making a good decision that could make life a bit easier in the future. Your food storage could come to your rescue in the event of an emergency or if economic trouble makes it difficult to buy food. The cost of food could go way up but your stored food supply could help offset that.

Selection of a Power Inverter For Your BOV

Power inverters are a valuable asset. The goal of this article is to assist the new survivalist in selecting an appropriate power inverter for use in their Bug out vehicle.

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