Footing Prep | Part 2 | Forest to Farm

Footing Prep | Part 2 | Forest to Farm

Old Water Fire Extinguishers – Repair Or Replace?

No matter how long you would want your water fire extinguishers to stay with you, there will come a point where you would need to say goodbye. As you probably know, the contents of non-gaseous extinguishers corrode the inside of the canister. Stresses caused by the highly pressurised contents can cause the body seams to weaken. This is particularly true for extinguishers that are not properly maintained.

A Quick Primer on Planning For Emergency and Disaster Survival

When one considers how to start planning for long term food supply, there most always is a sudden fear of “where do I start”. The reality is that there are numerous places to start, all of which should play a part of your emergency preparedness plan. In this article, we examine different options on how you can get started. The key thing to think about is the wide variety of items that you would like to have, if you are ever faced with the situation of having to feed your family.

Fire Safety Equipment Guide – Different Colour Codes For UK Fire Extinguishers

In the UK, fire safety is a very important aspect of everyday life. In fact, the government implements strict regulations and standards when it comes to fire safety equipment. For example, fire extinguishers, which are some of the most valuable tools for fighting fire, are required to have the correct coloured coding.

Fire Extinguisher Brackets – Mounting Fire Extinguishers With Ease

If you think that buying a fire extinguisher is already a big challenge, wait until you have to install it. Mounting a fire extinguisher is a serious business. It requires you to understand the main principles of proper location and installation of this safety device. Fortunately, fire extinguisher brackets have been invented to make your job easier. Aside from that, these brackets also serve the purpose of protecting the device and keeping them in place. Do you want to know more about this important protection accessory? Read on.

The Role of a Fire Extinguisher in Fire Safety Regulation Compliance

On October 1, 2006, new legislation on Fire Safety in the UK was implemented. One of the major changes was that employers are now solely responsible for ensuring their business premises undergo a proper fire safety risk assessment and for the fire safety within their premises.

Protect Your Investments Using a Complete Fire Safety Equipment System

In today’s business environment, you must, as an employer, do what you can to keep the business afloat. Apart from gaining an edge over the competition, cutting down on operational costs, and paying off loans, you must also be responsible for your two important assets: your employees and your investments. With regards to your human assets, you are certainly responsible for their well-being while they are in the place of employment-let’s say a warehouse, a restaurant, or a small shop, among many others.

Teaching Pre School Children to Recognise the Importance of a Fire Alarm Bell

One of the most important lessons preschool children must be taught is fire prevention and safety. In schools, the fire alarm bell is an essential part of the fire protection system. Children must be taught to recognise its importance through discussions and most importantly, fire drill exercises.

Avoid Larger Fire Breakouts Using Smoke Seals

Nowadays, high-rise buildings have come to replace traditional office setups wherein each company maintains their own fire safety strategies that have been conceived with the company’s specific structure and requirements in mind. Today, large, integrated office buildings housing numerous company offices and headquarters abound in the UK, especially in cities and other modern locations.

Wheeled Fire Extinguishers – Excellent Mobile Protection Against Fires

Indeed, fires can happen at any time and any place. This is why the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 imposes a set of regulations to ensure that all types of buildings, structures, and open spaces are adequately assessed for fire risks and the presence of fire safety equipment. Ensuring that a premise is completely fire proof and legally fit to operate takes a lot of work. First, you must conduct a fire risk assessment, after which you are required to draw up and conceive a fire safety plan. Then, as an employer, you must train your employees regarding fire safety information and drills as well as appoint as designated fire marshal who shall be responsible for the proper observance of safety procedures in case of fire.

Choosing the Right Fire Warden Among Your Staff

All over the world, people have become more conscious about fire safety and protection. In the UK, fire safety is always a top priority especially in the workplace. In fact, employers and business owners are required to appoint a fire warden or marshall who will be responsible in overseeing safety within the premises. According to the Fire Safety order established in 2005, it is necessary for wardens to undergo extinguisher and emergency preparedness trainings. Because of the complicated nature of a warden’s responsibilities, it is imperative for business owners to find the right person for the job.

Wheeled Fire Extinguishers – Mobile, Convenient, and Efficient

When you look at wheeled fire extinguishers, you would find yourself saying, “Why have we not thought of this a long time ago?” Wheeled extinguishers, which exhibit the qualities of being mobile, convenient, and efficient, are becoming more and more popular these days.

Three Easy Steps to Choosing the Right Set of Fire Hose Reels and Accessories

The UK government is aware of the fact that fires can occur at any time and at any location. In recognition of this fact, it has implemented the Regulatory Reform or the Fire Safety Order 2005 which encompasses virtually covers almost all types of buildings, structure, and open spaces such as shops and offices; premises providing care; community halls; pubs, clubs and restaurants; schools; as well as hotels and hostels, to name just a few.

Ensuring Fire Safety and Protection With a Trusty Fire Blanket

There is no doubt that fire safety and fire protection should be foremost in the minds of both business and home owners. The cost of losing properties could be difficult to recover; worse, losing lives to fire-related incidents is a tragedy. With the wide range of fire safety products being sold in the market today, fire safety and fire protection is actually very easy to implement.

The Fire Warden – A Lifeline For Your Organisation During Emergencies

New legislation on Fire Safety in the UK implemented in October 2006 required that there be legally designated ‘responsible person’ in an organisation. This person, commonly known as a fire warden or a fire marshal, is the sole individual assigned fire safety responsibilities in terms of fire prevention and in implementing proper fire evacuation protocols in case a fire does occur. They are therefore an integral part of any organisation that places a premium on ensuring the safety of its employees and its customers.

Protect Your Fire Safety Equipment With an STI Stopper

According to the statistics released on July 2009 by the Fire Statistics Monitor of the Department of Communities and Local Government in the UK, there were 411,000 incidents of malicious false alarms in the UK in 2008. These false alarms were attended to by the Fire and Rescue Services in the United Kingdom from 1 October 2007 to 30 September 2008. This is a pretty high figure which should be of great concern for everyone.

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