Firestarting with Shovel | ON Three

Firestarting with Shovel | ON Three

Doomsday Preppers on the Rise

I think you’d be surprised how few doomsday preppers there are these days. Most people are extremely short sighted and think that the coming apocalypse is just hogwash.

Five Reasons to Train for Apocalypse Survival

This list of apocalyptic events that may occur in our lifetime are a popular topic throughout the survivalist community. Each apocalypse scenario that is included has a high probability of occurring in the near future.

2012 – Just Another Y2K or Prepping for Something More?

Recognizing impending hazards and knowing what to do to protect yourself and your family will help you take effective steps to prepare beforehand and aid recovery after the event. Some of the things you can do to prepare for the unexpected, such as assembling a supply kit that includes food, water and developing a family emergency plan, are the same for all types of hazards.

Offerings of a Medical Education Training Campus

A Medical Education Training Campus gives students the opportunity to support this country by being part of the world’s most advanced military healthcare staff. The campus unites service men and women from different parts of the armed forces. This gives them the chance to receive the necessary military medical training to advance their careers.

How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Many people proudly boast of their preparations for catastrophic emergency scenarios, such as nuclear war, plague, or – tangentially related – a zombie apocalypse. Yet, it is a safe wager that the majority of these individuals do not really believe they will experience these events in their lifetime, nor have they mentally prepared themselves for their aftermath.

Disasters Preparedness – Top Seven Tips for the Perfect Family Disaster Plan

Scared or Prepared, Planning makes all the difference! Creating the Perfect Family Disaster Plan is the first and most important disasters preparedness activity to start with. After all, in the event of an unexpected disaster or emergency who will you be most concerned about? Most likely your family will be your top priority.

Surviving Catastrophes – Getting the Right Mentality to Survive

When I talk to people about what they’d do in the event of a major emergency- what they think life would be like for everyone, most of them say something to the effect of, “I’d help in any way I could!” or “I’m not worried about it, there’s always the soup kitchen or live off of my survival food list.”

Living Underground in a Doomsday Bunker / Shipping Container

One of the most affordable underground bunkers on the market is the standard sized shipping container. With nearly 400 sq feet of living space as well as the solid construction these use to be able to ship products they make a perfect doomsday bunker.

Personal Protection – Do You Need a Gun?

As an avid prepper one of the things that I constantly think about is security. Whether that be when we are out and about or in an actual doomsday scenario and working to protect my family and food stores from those that are looking to take it from me No matter what the reason is I have had a few conversations with family and friends about security and the role of guns for protection and seem to be getting somewhat of a mixed response. There are clearly two groups here,…

Does Your Family Have an Emergency Plan in Place?

Planning for an emergency is something that most people never even consider. What would you do if an emergency happened and your family members were not all together? Do you have a plan on where to meet and what you should do? If not then this is a good place to start. Emergency scenarios are the fuel of doomsday preppers everywhere but they do happen in real life. Chemical leaks, earthquakes and other disasters can hit at a moments notice. You and your family should have a plan in place so that you know where to meet and what to do.

The Pros and Cons of Sharing That You Are a Prepper

As a prepper one of the most important items to consider is security. Part of security is deciding if you are prepared to o things alone in your prepping efforts or join up with other preppers to have a group of people with similar survival thinking skills. We discuss the pros and cons of sharing that you are a prepper with others and some things to think about before doing it.

Advantages of Fire Starter Sticks at Home or in the Wild

Whether you are looking to light a fire in your wood stove or you are caught in a survival situation in the great outdoors, fire starter sticks offer you the luxury of a long-lasting flame to get a fire started even in damp situations. Discover the benefits of fire starter sticks.

The Northeastern United States – How to Prepare for a Tornado

Although not generally prone to tornadoes, the northeast has experienced this extreme weather phenomenon. June 1, 2011, 18 communities in central and western Massachusetts were hit by a tornado. The storm killed 4 people.

PALS Certification and RSV (Part 2)

Contained within the previous article are a few key points to recognizing the symptoms of RSV. Most of these symptoms mimic those of the common cold. As a result, several questions have been presented and will be addressed in this second part of the PALS & RSV article.

The Advantage of Subterranean Water Storage in the Event of a Terrorist Attack on Water Supply

There has been a little bit of political outcry in places like Tucson (AZ), Orange County (CA), the Coachella Valley (CA), and other places which take their treated water and pump it underground for storage, and later will take it back out filter it, and use it for freshwater. Some of the challenges with this are that the water supposedly doesn’t taste as good.

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