Fire Starting with a Battery | ON Three

Fire Starting with a Battery | ON Three

SHTF Survival – What Do You Have Planned If the Worst Happens?

At any time there could be a temporary break down due to a major disaster. During these times it’s important to have a plan. Learn what things to start focusing on just in case the worst happens.

Beginning Long Term Food Storage – Starting it Out Right and Avoiding Common Mistakes

Long term food storage is a difficult process because so many things can go wrong. Learn some strategies to combat expiration dates and have food if needed over months.

Bugging Out Or Bugging In? – What is the Best to Focus on in a Survival Situation?

When you prepare for disaster you either bug out or bug in. Bugging out means leaving to a preplanned location. Bugging in means staying at home with your supplies. Many times, bugging in is the only option due to certain circumstances.

Earthquake Preparedness, You Must Be Ready!

We all need to know what to do before, during, and after an earthquake. Even though we are a modern, advanced society, earthquakes can bring disaster that only people who have survived them can begin to testify of. A strong earthquake, such as the one that was just experienced in Haiti can bring destruction that defies the imagination! This is why we have to at least prepare and know what to do in the event of an earthquake in our local areas.

Most Effective Mini Stun Gun on the Market

If you ever get the creeps walking to your car at night after work, or if you’re considering a non lethal way of protecting your family at home, a mini stun gun may be the perfect solution for you. Without a doubt, the most effective device for self-defense today is the non-lethal mini stun gun.

Field Trip Badges – Reduce the Risk of Missing Or Lost Children

Field trips take children away from the safe environment of the school. The need to keep them safe and secure places added responsibilities and liabilities on educators and chaperons. Field trip badges should be one component of the planning for any field trip.

Disaster Planning – Have You Prepared Entertainment Just in Case?

One overlooked part of disaster planning is entertainment. One needs to keep the mind active and have fun or else there will be extra stress especially if the children with you are bored.

Car Survival Kits – Will These Help Your Chances to Survive?

Car survival kits are important because people do get stuck in snow, stranded, and run out of gas. These kits can be used during personal or large scale disasters to give you the supplies you need to make it.

What is a Bug Out Location and Why Does This Matter For Survival?

One option for disaster or survival situations is to have a bug out location. This is an area that has been stocked with items in a location that only you and your family know about. It’s a place that one can go to during disasters.

Getting a Disaster Water Supply When Your Drinking Water May Be Contaminated

During disasters, there are times where the tap water isn’t clean. This means that you need to prepare alternative sources of water that you can use and purify to have something to drink.

Preparedness For Natural Disasters is Crucial For Your Family and Home

Environmental degradation has alarmed a lot of private organizations and government outfits to formulate activities to spread consciousness about global warming, pollution and other environmental concerns. And a part of such movement is the dissemination of quick helpful tips in becoming prepared for natural disasters caused by the apparent ecological imbalance.

Survival Kit – Everyone Should Own One

What is a survival kit? It is simply a kit that contains necessary items to help you survive. Primarily food and water would be at the top of the list. You can survive five to six days without food, a flashlight or toilet paper, but try to survive without water. In a natural or man-made disaster, each of us has a somewhat different list of priority or essential items. Included in a woman’s list, you may find makeup in the top ten items.

Combat Survival Knives – An Emergency Preparedness Necessity

Combat Survival Knives are a staple in any survival bug out bag. They are necessary to build shelter, perform camping chores, and prepare game. They are tools that are indispensable in any survival situation.

Last Defense Against Flooding

Flooding is one of the most lethal catastrophes that mother nature can summon up. Over the centuries flooding has killed millions of people and left many millions more homeless, hungry and destitute. Flooding is so dangerous because its consequences are multiple and can cause prolonged problems a long time after flood waters subside.

The Art of Starting a Campfire – For Cooking, Heat Or Telling Stories

A safe and effective way to make a fire. No lighter fluids or other combustibles required.

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