FINAL WARNING: Shocking Price Increases Are Coming

FINAL WARNING: Shocking Price Increases Are Coming

Survivalists 6th Sense

Our ancestors survived violent times by using their intuition and what many of them classified as “gut feelings”. Regrettably over the years we have been taught to reason in a rational and systematic manner and to suppress any initiate feelings that may surface. These same feelings that we restrain could possibly save our lives in an emergency.

How a LED Light Can Keep You Safe

Everything in a survival kit has the potential to save your life – thus its inclusion in the kit. This article describes how several people have had their LED flashlight actually prove to be a life saver when needed. It also includes additional ways these lights can help keep you safe.

Is There a Walkie Talkie in Your Survival Kit?

We all can remember those times in our youthful days when we would have an inexpensive set of walkie talkies and try to speak back and forth with a friend several houses down the street. If you notice I said try for most of the time the walkie talkies that we had available were scarcely sufficient to get from one room to another in our home. This provided a very nasty taste in my mouth towards these electronic devices for many years afterwords.

Natural Disaster Preparation

Lower the amount of trouble you can reap from natural disasters! Learn how to deal with natural disasters!

Protecting Yourself From Floods

The United Kingdom has many flood prone areas, and more than five million inhabitants live in these locations. Information on how to get ready for and respond during a flood is a necessity for these citizens.

How to Help Before Help Arrives

When you find someone injured, it is important to follow the ABC’s of first aid in order to assess the situation as quickly as possible. Always call 911 or have someone call 911 while you are assessing the situation.

Everyone Can Be a Hero

Emergencies happen at any time, any place. Those who are trained and prepared become heroes. Those who are not, become victims. Create a culture of preparedness and make heroes out of everyone.

EMS A-Z Series – “T” Taking Time – EMS Style

Time is such a staple in EMS. Think about it, just about everything we do involves some type of time related measurement or time stamp.

EMS A-Z Series – “S” Safety – Enough Said?

Being in the EMS for awhile I have seen many a co-worker and heard even more stories of providers becoming injured while working. The injuries sustained are usually back, shoulder or knees.

Do You Have an Emergency Plan For Your Family?

Recent polls indicate that upwards of 40% of the North American population now have some sort of “survivalist” mentality. It seems to range from those that are getting “that funny feeling” to those who are taking Suburban Survival very seriously.

Fire Regulations – Be Aware Now!

Whether small or large fire incidents, it is important that one knows how it can damage millions of properties and even millions of lives in just a blink of an eye. The reason why there are fire regulations is so people will have proper orientation and enough knowledge to foresee and prevent a much perilous fire disasters.

Instant Survival Skill Actions

Survival skills should be polish to such an degree that at a moments notice you would know instantaneously what to do. Time in urgent situations is critical and you do not have a moment to spare. It doesn’t matter if the emergency involves an automobile accident or possibly a tornado sighted in your immediate area. Time is of the utmost significance. Split second decisions can mean the difference between life or death.

Bug Out Practice Drill – April 2009

For this past week I have been bugging out down in the state of North Carolina. I decided to combine a little business with pleasure since my son lives down in that section of the country. This trip hasn’t been a complete bug out exercise but rather more of being centered around distance. With the new SUV, I mainly wanted to see just how far I could go on a tank of gas.

Safety Vests Help Protect Lives

Safety vests protect lives not just on the highway, but in many other environments as well. Hunters heading out into the wetlands or wilderness are required to wear bright orange safety vests so the other hunters either in the same party or in other hunting parties hundred of yards away can easily identify one another from the natural wildlife moving about in the brush and reeds of designated hunting areas. Because animal vision is limited to black and white, the bright vests do not give a hunters position to the animal, but does alert other hunters in the area of …

CPR Certification is Worth the Time and Effort Exerted to Learn CPR

The article shows what you can expect from a CPR course that will enable you to get a CPR Certification. Recent studies have shown that accidents mostly happen at home. In fact all homeowners and parents should learn how to administer CPR and first aid.

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