Felling a Big Tree | Forest to Farm

Felling a Big Tree | Forest to Farm

Freeze Dried Meals for Emergencies

Freeze dried meals are an excellent choice for long-term food storage and emergency preparedness. Lightweight, nutritious, easy to store, and flavorful, they are made with cutting edge technology to address an age-problem: saving food today for future needs.

And Yet Another Survival Kit

No one can deny that a survival kit can be one of the most important assets which you can take with you when there is a crisis at hand. These kits are usually planned and created to ensure your safety and well being when you are un-expectantly traveling far from your survival retreat. Naturally, the key factor here is that you should make sure your kit is the best that you can create for your location as well as the time of the year. A well balanced survival kit should be a custom creation which would contain all the necessary survival items that you personally will need.

Start Your Medical Library Today

You may be asking yourself what other medical survival books you would need other then a good First Aid Manual. The answer is many more then you likely already have. Good survival reference books are hard to come by and good survival medical books are even harder. Regardless of how difficult they are to find a survival medical library is vital when the usual doctors or emergency rooms are no longer at our disposal. Naturally the level of the books that you select will be according to your abilities.

Being Truly Ready for a Disaster

People simply never give a thought to the idea that major disasters can happen in their home town. When they do occur they continue to wait for the government to step in and help them out of the situation. They look to either their local or federal government for the essentials of life – food, water and supplies, unfortunately they don’t always get them.

The Influence of Inflation on the Survival Budget

The largest effect that we will experience with runaway inflation is going to be the elevated costs that we encounter when purchasing our foods. I have noticed in my own part of the nation that the local farmers have quickly come to realize that they can make a better return for their efforts if they sell their corn to the bio-fuel manufactures as opposed to using their crops for human consumption. When considering the increased costs which have trickled down to the farmer with the higher then normal energy prices we simply can not hold it against them for wanting to make the best of their time and investments.

Are We Approaching a Food Shortage?

Years ago when I began preparing for the unexpected events which can often befall us, I started by properly stocking up on canned foods. At the time we lived in a rather large home and were fortunate enough to be able to dedicate one specific room for nothing but our food reserves. We had constructed a series of shelves in the room and carefully arranged the cans accordingly. The completed setup was quit impressive to say the least.

Collecting Your Emergency Water Supply

In any crisis situation a usable water supply will need to be your first line of business. It doesn’t matter if you are at home, at work or driving in between. Your survival will entirely depend upon your access to an available water source within a reasonable period of time. You can survive for many days without food but humans quickly need an adequate supply of water in order to survive. Not only is water a necessity for drinking but it is also vital for cooking, sanitation and even for growing our food.

May I See Your Phone Bill?

Recently in my Criminal Justice university class a topic was brought up concerning law enforcements liberties for simply doing as they so please. Some people in the class felt this process posed no hazards to their constitutional rights assuming they had done nothing illegal. Their logic is that if they had done nothing wrong then they have nothing to worry about. Personally, I find these sorts of actions and the response of lawful citizens to be shocking. Unfortunately, many people fail to visualize how our rights are slowly being eroded with each passing day.

If Henry Ford Was a Survivalist

There’s an old saying that you don’t need to be a genius to succeed, you only need to know where to get your information from. Henry Ford was just such an individual. Mr. Ford had no outstanding IQ in relation to his business dealings however, he had one fantastic trait that set him apart from everyone else. He knew what he wanted.

Psyching the Enemy Out

When the infrastructure crashes and the hordes of strangers are wandering around have you ever wondered how you will ever be able to tell if strangers are being less the honest to you. The Israeli’s have encountered a similar problem in the past and have perfected a useful technique to make the proper determinations.

Who Is Entering the Retreat?

Have you ever stopped to think carefully about whom you would let entry into your retreat if and when the balloon goes up? When people start to realize that you have stored up on sufficient food and various supplies they are bound to come knocking at your door. Possibly your personal resources are already stressed to their limits providing for your immediate family and simply can not take any more leverage from your budget. Can you imagine having to plan for many additional lives as well? Some choices are really rather simple to decide on such as your parents, the wife’s parents, your siblings and their immediate family, perhaps your wife’s siblings and a few close friends. The list is actually a very personal product. Possibly you are close to an Aunt or Uncle so you would naturally wish to include them into your plans as well.

Hints and Tips for the New Dehydrator

I bet as you begin using your new dehydrator you are coming up with a huge number of unanswered questions. You search through the instruction manual and still have the same initial questions that you started out with. As you get desperate you start to search through all the dehydrating information you can find on the internet. Finally, you place your dehydrator in the closet never to be used again.

Emergency Breakthrough

During an emergency situation we need to consider a lot of things. It is highly important especially for professionals to know the basic first aid techniques to help others who are victims of any uncertainty. Perhaps one would think that only nurses and doctors are the real advocates of the victims during the advent of any crisis, however, it is of great help if everybody can perform basic procedures to help save the lives of many when a situation calls for an emergency.

Building A Family Home Storage

Natural disasters are not an uncommon event these days.  Hurricanes, earthquakes and wildfires have hit many parts of our country and can be found happening all over the world.  Millions of people have been left homeless around the globe all because of natural disasters.

Managing The Three Ds Of Life

In the Bible we are told that during Job’s time of grieving, his three friends came to mourn with him and to comfort him. For the first 7 days they sat and wept with him because he was in deep sorrow. There are three things that constituted and compounded the problems of Job. They are the things I refer to in this article as the three Ds of life. They are: Death, Divorce, and Disease. They are the three Ds that bring sorrow and misery. When they come, they slice through life like a tsunami of sorrow, raising doubts and destroying dreams.

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