Every Item In This Budget $30 Amazon Survival Kit!

Every Item In This Budget $30 Amazon Survival Kit!

Post Apocalyptic Survival

Post apocalyptic survival requires a cunning mind, preparation and the right tools and gear. Life has become extremely easy for mankind but the possibility of the collapse of society is ever more prevalent which has led to the weakening of our basic instincts as a trade for comfortability.

Even Management Seek for NEBOSH Certification

If you are in a management position within an organization, you probably already understand how important it is that you maintain compliance of all health and safety issues within your company. You may have many years of experience in health & safety management in your respective field but NEBOSH qualification is an internationally recognized qualification that one seeks to attain.

Emergency Survival Kits Are Important in Helping to Survive an Earthquake

Emergency preparedness survival kits are essential for getting through an earthquake with as little problems as possible. Being prepared is a great way to keep your family safe during a natural disaster like an earthquake.

Use Of Pepper Spray For Protection While Hiking

Hiking in the forest is a good recreational activity and a a form of physical exercise to get in better shape. Some would often regard it as a worthwhile experience going through the wild to explore the plants and animals rarely seen in urban areas. Yet, for all the beauty expected on such an adventure, it is always inevitable that there can be danger lurking around that is potentially a threat and a compromise to safety.

Medical Practice Disaster Plan

Over the last couple of years there has been so many natural disasters that most people were not prepared for. There are also man-made disasters that happen as well, such as a possible gas leak, electricity pole down and fires. Having a disaster plan doesn’t have to cost a lot of money but without one it could be severely costly to a medical practice.

Disaster Emergency Preparedness Hits New Record Highs in 2012

In 2012, record numbers of U.S. citizens are beginning to take emergency preparedness seriously. Of course, there are always groups of people who are motivated by some fixation they have about an imminent threat of a polar shift or mega volcano eruption occurring. Yet the majority of people who are preparing, realize there are many different realistic possible disaster scenarios.

Tips on How to Survive the Coming Economic Collapse

If predictions hold true, total economic collapse is coming. You have got to be prepared to live with little access to money, banks, gas, electricity and anything else you take for granted in your daily life. What about shelter? If you own your house and already live off the land, great!

6 Essential Things For Your Survival Backpack

It sounds a bit dramatic but a survival backpack could mean the difference between life and death. In this article I share my 6 essential survival backpack ideas covering everything from food and shelter right through to essential first aid things.

A Lesson in Preparedness From Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene struck us with a vengeance August 28, 2011. We were all warned about high winds and prepared for that. We were woefully unprepared for what actually happened which was a flood of devastating proportions.

Five Essential Tools for Apocalypse Survival

A quick reference guide of five highly recommended tools for survival. These tools are essential to keep stocked inside your survival backpack or bug out bag.

Roles of Disaster Relief Tents

Temporary shelters are shelters such as large tents that can be quickly set up and taken down as and where they are needed in order to provide shelter and ‘relief’ from unpleasant weather conditions. Many people when told about temporary shelters will think of the tents that you get at fairs, or they will think of the canopies that you have in your gardens. However there are many other uses of disaster relief tents other than for use around the home or commercial use, and of course the ability to quickly provide protection from the atmosphere is one that has…

Stretcher Types Explained

There are a host of stretcher designs that are specifically created for certain conditions and environments. In an ideal world the right stretcher for the right purpose would be available but this is not always the case. So which are the most versatile stretchers and which cannot be done without in certain circumstances?

Don’t Care What Others Say – Start Building Your Emergency Preparedness Survival Kit

Each passing day it is becoming more obvious that there is something wrong with the world. All the time somewhere in the world there is war, famine and poverty. Countries are going bankrupt. The climate is changing and extreme weather conditions are becoming normal. And yet nobody does anything about it. If this is the case, than can you afford not to be prepared when the worst happens?

What Is Level 1 Body Armor Clothing?

The primary purpose of body armor clothing is to protect the wearer from bullets and knives. Armors can be bullet proof or anti-stab vest. Each bullet proof vest is categorized according to its level of protection from level 1 to level 4.

What Is An Emergency Preparedness Plan and What Is Its Purpose?

A plan that is developed in order to handle, stay safe in and eventually survive an emergency situation such as a natural disaster is known as an emergency preparedness plan. Everything that an individual or a group must do in case of an emergency or a natural disaster like an earthquake or a hurricane is covered in this plan. Emergencies can also include chemical contamination or terrorist attacks, which are manmade disasters.

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