Digging Out Obstructed Trees | Forest to Farm

Digging Out Obstructed Trees | Forest to Farm

How Prepared Are You For Urban Survival?

In putting together an outdoor survival kit for urban use, you can pretty much use many of the same items you would use for any outdoor survival gear bag. You need water and a means to purify it and you must have some sort of food in your bag, even if it’s just a couple days worth of something.

Outdoor Survival Gear For Urban Use

If you live in an urban setting, what kind of outdoor survival gear can you put together that will help you in an emergency situation? When you start to put a kit together, the first things you should consider are safety items.

Tips For Avoiding Hypothermia

The human body functions best with a core body temperature of 98.6 and various internal systems ensure that this temperature remains fairly constant under a wide range of conditions. When core temperatures rise above or below this point the body will react in a negative manner, with sickness and even death possible if the victim is left untreated.

Looking For an Air Ambulance?

Looking for the right air ambulance is a serious business. It involves the care and health issues of your life and your family’s lives.

A 10 Point Fire Protection and Prevention Program For You and Your Family

March is the hottest month here in the Philippines and because of that; it was declare a Fire Prevention Month. This is also the month where the incident of Fire is at its highest. In other countries, summer time arrives at a different month and therefore has their Fire Prevention month differently.

How Do You Safely Get From the Mall to Your Car at Night?

Walking through a dark parking lot can be scary. Try these tips to make the trek safer.

What to Do If You Get Bit by a Poisonous Spider?

About 3500 species of spiders are found in the United States. Spiders very seldom bite humans, and most arachnids found in the world are harmless. But can you tell which ones are poisonous.

Are You Prepared Or Just Worried?

There is a real difference preparation and fear. These simple steps can help you take the first steps to secure your family.

Shah Satnam Ji and His Legacy of Kindness

In every age, society needs the presence of holy men to help redeem it from the evils that plague it. Shah Satnam ji Maharaj was one such person who not only selflessly served the society during his lifetime but even now continues to inspire the devotees to serve the mankind as best as they can. His teaching about welfare of society and spiritualism take a new meaning in today’s society where immorality is rampant and distinction between beasts and humans seems to have blurred.

How to Prepare Your Business For a Disaster

There are a number of measures in place to ensure the safety of human lives in a disaster, however, there are no government laws to dictate the survival of a business through a disaster. In the case of a sudden disaster, it is almost impossible to take out all supplies, furniture and other physical property in time to avoid it and the solution to such a problem is to insure your business.

Emergency Food Rations – A Review of Mountain House 72-Hour Emergency Meal Kit

Years ago Mom and or Grandma had a food cellar where they stocked up on food just in case of an emergency. This custom has virtually disappeared from the American lifestyle.

Get the Survival Attitude You Need to Make it Through 2012

FDR once said, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. In a survival situation this means is that your emotions can be your most dangerous adversary. And if you’re unprepared to deal with them they can rob you of your will to survive and your ability to make it through hard times. This article is all about how you and your family can get the mental toughness you need to survive 2012 Doomsday.

Outdoor Survival Skills For the City

Why would you need outdoor survival skills if you live in a city or in the suburbs? This is not a forest or rural area, how could I use outdoor skills? Example, what if your out on the streets at night trying to make your way home after some unexpected event and you are not sure of yourself, could you survive?

Make a Travel First Aid Kit For Your Vehicle

You need to make yourself a travel first aid kit! You can go and buy yourself a ready made kit but why not make your own that you can customize to you or your families personal needs.

Tornado Safety in Schools

The most important part of tornado safety in schools or other largely populated buildings is to develop an action plan with frequent drills throughout the year. It is important to remember that one size does not fit all when it comes to a tornado safety plan.

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