Dealing with Heat Stress Off Grid | Bear Independent

Dealing with Heat Stress Off Grid | Bear Independent

Suggestions for Emergency Preparedness: Building Up Basics and Using Mountain House Foods

Emergency preparedness for any type of disaster starts with food preservation. Here are some suggestions for building up basic necessities and using food storage packages, such as Mountain House, Provident Pantry and AlpineAire foods.

Survival Pack – Home Alone

Any survivalist worth their  MRE’s will tell you that having a defensible, well-stocked safe place is much preferable to being forced to go looking for resources and a hidey-hole.  If and when the “shit hits the fan” if a person is reasonably prepared with food and water and has a reasonably secure stronghold, there should be little cause to go anywhere.

Dealing With the Dead

After every natural or manmade calamity the survivors always end up with bodies strewn around the disaster area. It then becomes their unfortunate task to appropriately dispose of those bodies in a manner that would be morally accepted while providing a measure of safety for those who are still alive. Dealing appropriately with dead bodies after a disaster has struck can be exceedingly unnerving for most people. It is doubtlessly the feeling that you know little or nothing what so ever pertaining to the person who lies lifeless in front of you. You know nothing regarding how he died or from what. This suspense is what makes most people nervous.

Travel Intelligence Gathering

When America’s infrastructure comes crashing down over our heads there are sure to be some areas of the nation that would not be safe to maneuver in. In fact, to be honest with you some of those areas are not safe now to be passing through. It only stands to reason that in situations such as these we as survivalists would try to avoid them completely.

Truths You Need To Know About Survive 2012 Prophecies

Until now, there continue to be a lot of on-going prophecies about what could possibly happen come December 12, 2012. While there are millions of people from the various parts of the world who already believe, there are still a number of people who have not been convinced by such predictions. Investigate about such predictions so that in the end you will have a fairly sound judgment of what to believe.

Flood Advice – Dealing With a Flood

When a flood hits, it can have a devastating effect on your lifestyle and your possessions. However, there is still plenty you can do to mitigate the loss and damage caused.

Learn First Aid and Improve Your Family’s Safety

It’s not improbable that a person in your family may suffer a minor or major emergency. This is the main reason why taking legitimate first aid courses is an imperative in protecting your family’s safety. Taking first aid courses might be more vital to good parenthood if a a relative has a illness or sickness that calls for constant preparedness and attention.

Surviving Economic Collapse

As preppers or survivalists we frequently consider preparations as something intended for when the world has finally pushed those lethal buttons and nuclear bombs have departed for many of the world’s largest cities. We center our survival kits upon scenarios intended for total destruction with a hopeful overview of getting started fresh once again. Few people reflect upon their survival supplies with the implication of economic preparations to get us over the economies downside.

Age Requirement for Owning and Using Pepper Spray

With the prevalence of crimes nowadays, we need to protect ourselves and our family more than ever. Pepper spray is one of the most effective self defense weapons you can use. Before buying one however, you need to make sure that you abide by the rules and regulations concerning the use of pepper spray in your state.

Different Sites Selling Survive 2012 Books & E-Books

As the so-called December 2012 doomsday approaches, more and more folks are getting worried. This prophecy began when it was found out that the last date in the Mayan calendar is December 21, 2012. The Mayans believe that will trigger a huge change, something so big the whole world can feel it. Ever since, many individuals have interpreted that as the destruction of Earth and mankind. That theory has spawned a lot of believers or supporters and non-believers as well throughout the years.

Places To Find Survive 2012 Books & E-Books

If you haven’t heard about the stories and theories regarding the upcoming 2012 doomsday, you may have been living inside a cave for the first three decades. There are many end of the world predictions that have caught the attention of everyone around the globe. The latest of which is said to be happening this December 21, 2012 and it all came from the belief that the Mayan calendar indicated that this is the fateful date that a major change will be experienced by the whole world.

Where To Get Survive 2012 Books & E-Books

Several doomsday predictions have been surfacing and resurfacing for the past few decades and even earlier. The latest of the bunch is the anticipated end of days that will fall on December 2012, on the 21st to be exact. You may have heard about this already. They even made and released a movie about this some time in 2009.

Neighborhood Defense

It doesn’t matter where you call home you need to establish more then a one on one defense in order to survival the hordes of evil doers that will be around when the balloon goes up. Naturally, we should be up on how to defend our own areas but a well organized neighborhood could make life a bit lease stressful during times of crisis. I personally would feel better if my family were in a community where if I am out on patrol others will be watching out for them. Plans such as these would be much better then dragging them with me into the wilderness to survey the situation.

Building Your End of the World Survival Kit

There is a lot of useless hype being circulated lately concerning the year 2012 and the ultimate consequences upon its arrival. In the normal scheme of things we are experiencing strange weather occurrences, unusual solar activities and a general feeling that something is entirely wrong with the way our world and universe is functioning. To top is all off we have Columbia Pictures science fiction disaster movie directed by Roland Emmerich influencing many people’s attitudes.

Tips on What To Do If You Have a Kitchen Fire

Kitchen fires happen all of the time, and it is necessary that you act fast! These tips could save your home… and your life!

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