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Fire Extinguishers – 3 Facts That Everybody Should Know About Them

To the general public, fire extinguishers are safety requirements. They just need to be there because the marshal said so. So even if most people see one every day, only a few tend to know their classifications, what they are for and how to use them.

3 Important Facts That You Should Know in Case of a Fire

Getting your house or building ravaged by huge flames is a great tragedy. It is one of those unfortunate incidents that will make you lose everything including your personal belongings, your house and in worse cases, lives – either that of your own or your family. But since fire is not something that you can predict, the least you can do is be prepared for it.

The Fire Marshall – Police and Firefighter in One

We all know what policemen are – they are law enforcers who define whether one is in line with the law or not by pulling us over when we go past the speed limit for example. Firefighters ensure our safety by always being available at the local fire station in the case of a fire emergency, putting up that fire escape ladder against a smoking window. The fire marshall then – has its own office with his duty and responsibility being a combination of the two. They have the ability to enforce the law with or against us in terms on fire safety ensuring that our business / establishment is well-kept against a possible fire outburst.

Essential Fire Training

I have always been very cautious about fire safety in my own business – since it is a scientific equipment distribution company, my work involves transportation of sensitive and volatile chemicals and machinery. I do try my best to make sure people in my office are safe from any preventable disaster and the same goes for my family members and everyone who is staying within my vicinities. I do this via a fire training program issued by our trusted local fire marshall, who gives the low down on fire safety points to all my personnel from the sales officers down to the janitors.

Fire Protection Equipment

If there is one thing I am quite sure of, it is that fire protection has become quite a necessity for individuals here in the United Kingdom, if not for every business owner out there. Fires are relatively common in our country – even if they are also quite preventable given proper equipment and knowledge. Under our law, specifically the Fire Safety Order (FSO) effective as of 2006 every establishment just like my own as a scientific equipment distributor is legally required to have employed satisfactory fire safety measures in our operations. Of course, we also want to protect our assets and more importantly, our people – employees and visitors alike.

Teaching Your Employees About Fire Exit Signs

The workplace is always bustling with people working so hard and making sure that everything is in proper order. As the employer, you cannot help but feel satisfied over the performance of your employees. However, it still bothers you that when it is time to have fire seminars and drills, most of the people who work in your company just appear uninterested and bored. You feel dismayed because you know how important this matter is. The good news is that there are some things you can do to change your employee’s attitude and perception regarding this subject.

Guide to How a Carbon Monoxide Detector Works

A fire outbreak is extremely dangerous as it can damage properties, cause injuries, and even result in death. However, the fact that you can easily identify a fire when there is one by smelling smoke, seeing flames, or feeling the heat, makes it easier for you to fight it or escape from it safely. But what if you encounter something as dangerous but you cannot even smell, taste, feel or see it? Carbon monoxide, which most people call the silent killer, is a poisonous gas that cannot be seen, smelt, felt, or tasted produced by faulty gas appliances. This element has been proved to be fatal even in low concentrations in the atmosphere.

Professional Cooking Safety – The Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher

If you own a restaurant, cafe, fast food, or any other type of food business, you probably know that kitchen cooking is the primary cause of fire in these kinds of businesses. This is why, it is crucial to ensure safety in your commercial kitchen to prevent the occurrence of a fire outbreak that can damage your business, threaten the lives of your employees and customers, and destroy everything you have worked for your entire life. Fortunately, safety in the commercial kitchen is not that difficult to achieve if you have the right attitude and knowledge about this matter. To help you in promoting kitchen safety, here are some tips to keep in mind.

The Power of Powder – Powder Fire Extinguisher’s Multiple Purposes

The power of powder lies in its versatility. As a multi-purpose extinguisher, a powder fire extinguisher can tackle a wide variety of fires that most other types cannot do. It is no wonder that you would often see this efficient firefighting tool in most homes, offices, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and other commercial areas. Painted bright red with a blue panel on top of the label, these extinguishers contain powder, an extinguishing agent that can put out Classes A, B, and C fires. And although they are not designed for electrical fires, they are safe to use around electrical equipment.

Little Known Secrets About Buying a New Foam Fire Extinguisher Online

The Internet has brought so many wonderful innovations in our lives. Not only has it made access to information much easier, it has also changed the way people purchase products and services. For example, before, you would need to go to a brick and mortar store to purchase a new foam fire extinguisher.

Fire Protection at Work – Using Candles and Decorative Lights Safely

The festive holiday season is fast approaching. In fact, as early as now, you can already feel the Christmas spirit all over with decorations like trees and lights, and wonderful tunes of yuletide music that can be heard almost wherever you go. You would see town halls, gift shops, departmental stores, churches, Cathedrals, and restaurants decorated beautifully with electric lights that brighten up the occasion.

Fire Alarm – Crucial Workplace Fire Protection

Shouting, “fire, fire!” is one of the best ways to inform people in the workplace about the emergency. However, it is possible that some people will not be able to hear this like those who are in the loo, those who are working with noisy tools, or those who are working out in confined spaces. When this happens, people can become trapped inside the burning premises.

Powder Fire Extinguishers 101 – Uses of These Superior Fire-Fighting Tools

People love items that serve multiple purposes. In the kitchen, kitchen tools that can cut, dice, shred, and mix all at the same time are very popular in the market these days. Office equipment that can scan, print, and copy documents are widely used by many companies. Even furniture pieces that are both decorative and functional are also in-demand nowadays. It is not any different with fire extinguishers. Multi-purpose powder fire extinguisher is surely one of the most common types of extinguishers that you would see in many homes, offices and commercial areas as this can tackle the most number of fires.

When to Use a Foam Fire Extinguisher

Despite government’s efforts to raise awareness on fire safety, many people are still unaware of some important details about this matter. For example, most people know what a fire extinguisher is, but if you ask them what a foam extinguisher is, you would probably get a lot of “I don’t know.” Foam fire extinguishers, which are also known as AFFF Foam (Aqueous Film Forming Foam), are vital pieces of firefighting device that can create a smothering coating of foam over the flames that cuts down the oxygen supply, which fire needs to thrive.

Everything You Need to Know About CO2 Fire Extinguishers

With so many types of fire extinguishers to choose from, buying one for your home or office can be a confusing task. It is not only necessary to have at least one extinguisher, it is also crucial to have the correct type. As you know, using the wrong extinguisher can result in disastrous consequences. For example, most homes and offices should be equipped with at least one CO2 fire extinguisher.

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