Dark Times Ahead: Its Only Going to Get Worse | Prepare Now

Dark Times Ahead: Its Only Going to Get Worse | Prepare Now

Winter Driving Preparation – What Will You Do If You Get Stuck?

Winter driving at times leads to being stranded on the side of the road because you get stuck or have car problems. Prepare today for that situation by having the right tools in your car at all times.

Staying Warm When Bugging Out

While I may use an RV for bugging out and since they generally come with a means of keeping warm much of what I am about to say would no longer apply to me. Unfortunately not everyone has a Motor home for a bug out vehicle so other methods must be employed.

Survival Seeds – Is it Realistic to Grow This During a Survival Situation?

There are many popular seed kits for long term storage for survival situations. Learn what you will realistically need to actually grow the garden the way you would hope for.

Power Failures

What occurs when the energy goes out? Energy outage preparation should be part of emergency planning. Ask anyone in California, after the “rolling blackouts” of 2000, 2001 and 2002; or within the Northeast and Canada, when blackouts in August 2003 left a lot more than 50 million individuals without electrical power.

What Makes a Good Survival Kit?

Do you worry about emergencies because you don’t know how well prepared you really are? Read on to learn about survival kits, including how to put together a quality survival kit that will help you through a wide range of situations.

A Comparison of Personal Locator Devices Or PLB’s – PLB Emergency Satellite Locators to Save Lives

If you are planning a back country hike, don’t leave the parking lot without a PLB or Personal Locator Beacon. It works where your cell phone can’t to summon help.

11 Must Have Items For Your Bug Out Bag

First you’re probably wondering just what exactly a “Bug Out Bag” is. This is a military term used to describe to gear a soldier keeps packed and ready at all times.

The Big One Might Be Coming – Are You Ready?

During the quake, and the subsequent aftershocks, everyone must go to a safe zone. Safe zones in the home can be found next to interior walls, under sturdy furniture, and in doorways.

Survival Guide

Survival skills can make the difference between life and death. Everything changes for the better when you are prepared and nothing prepares you for the unexpected more than a survival guide!

2012 Survive – Find Out How You Can Survive It!

2012 Survival is being advertised without mercy. Are you sure that it is true. Do you even understand what it’s about? Find out how to survive Dec.21, 2012 right now! As a matter of fact…find out how you and your family can survive in any life or death situation!

How to Start a Fire Fast Even If All the Wood You Have is Wet

Lighting a fire can be difficult if you do not have plenty of dry material to get it started. But there is a safe way to quickly and easily get a fire going even when all your wood is wet. Knowing how to do this could save your life in a survival situation.

Train to Be Ready – Practice! Practice! Practice! – Possession and Use of a Pepper Spray

Having pepper spray in your possession is only one element to personal security. Everyone must become comfortable with the possibility that you may have to use it to ensure your personal security and safety.

406 and 121.5 For Search and Rescue

The worldwide conversion to 406 MHz for locating distress beacons has led to some confusion over the future of 121.5/243 and its role in search and rescue efforts. The purpose of this white paper is to shed some light on the benefits of 406 MHz, 121 MHz and how the two work in concert for the fastest search and rescue results.

Wilderness Survival Kits For the Great Outdoors

Have you ever worried about being stuck in the wilderness? If you want to be prepared for the worst case scenario, you may want to read on to learn about the importance of survival kits.

First Aid Training – Where to Find Local Instruction – Choose the Best Place Available

Have you ever thought of taking a first aid training class for yourself? Have you ever thought about the good effects of this training? There is so much importance of this kind of training. There are certain qualified instructors who can help you learn these things.

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