Coronavirus Could Be “Worse Then Chernobyl”

Coronavirus Could Be "Worse Then Chernobyl"

Prepping Dreams Versus Realities

Asking people in the prepping culture a simple question such as “What is the best survival method for prepping? Bunkering, Homesteading, Wilderness Survival or Other” will generate a great many discussions and even more very intense and well thought out replies and arguments.

Great Survival Ideas – Disaster Preparedness

A family survival course is something that everyone should take which helps you get complete training in how to ensure the safety and survival of you and your family in the event of a disaster. A family survival course will also teach you to stay focused and get ideas from expert survivalists.

My Local Victim of the Titanic Disaster

Alfred Allsop was a victim of the Titanic disaster who was a native of my region. He was an electrical engineer, and as such he helped to keep the lights on for as long as possible while the passengers located the lifeboats, the consequence of which he went down with the ship and his body was never recovered. This is my small tribute to him.

Bug-Out Bags – What Do I Need To Know?

You’ve seen big disasters on the news. They may have even hit close to home. Now you are wondering how to be more prepared in the event a major disaster hits your region. Creating a Bug-Out Bag is the easiest way to get started with the basics your family may need to survive.

5 Biggest Mistakes When Building A Family Emergency Response Plan

When developing a family emergency response plan it is very important to have a plan that works and one that everyone in the family completely understands. My families plan is always changing and being updated. Communicating the changes is a constant effort. However, if your family is not up to date on the plan you might as well not have one because it will result in confusion and possibly injury.

6 Ways to Filter and Purify Water

Water storage is highly important however the ability to filter and purify water is invaluable. Mother Nature has provided us with several sources of water like rain and snow, natural springs, rivers, and lakes; all of which are great resources of water but they are also filled with bacteria. Having the proper knowledge, skills and equipment will make all that water available to use. Let’s go!

Leaning Forward – The Emergency Operating Center

There has been a lot of Wildfires in Colorado this year. I have spent most of them working in a county Emergency Operating Center (EOC). The EOC is an interesting place. Depending on your EOC it can function in a couple of ways. The first way is a traditional ICS Command & General staff (C&GS) model.

Home Emergency Kits to Prepare You for Anything

A disaster can occur at any time and without any warning whatsoever. There may also be other difficulties that can leave you and your family in harms way and living without food, water and other necessities of life. That is why it is important to make sure that you have an emergency kit prepared so that you are able to weather the storm, so to speak.

How To Be Prepared For A Natural Disaster

With natural calamities disturbing our lives every year, most people want to become a prepper even if they do not believe doomsday is coming. Anyone in the world can be attacked by a natural calamity so it is very logical to be prepared for these kinds of possibilities.

Outdoor Survival Guide – Important Things to Know to Survive In the Wilderness

How a survival guide can help you in many ways. Whether you are new to the wilderness, or a seasoned survivalist, having an outdoor survival guide is a must for anyone venturing into the great outdoors. It is better to be prepared when planning an outdoor adventure.

Ensuring Your Business Is Secure With Close Protection Officers

There have been many reported security related incidents recently that have highlighted the need for environmental and physical security within a business.Find out how a Close Protection Officer can help.

A Guide To Preparing For Disasters

You need to have a bag where you can store important items to use in case of emergency. Put in some water and food and meds especially for those who have chronic ailments. You also need bandages and plasters for treating possible injuries.

Self-Defense As Part Of Your Disaster Preparation Plans

Disasters create abnormal circumstances. Potentially dangerous situations can arise at any time, but the fact is, the threat of violent activity tends to escalate during disaster situations. After a disaster the police will be overwhelmed, so the responsibility will fall on the individual to provide protection for themselves and family. A major component of disaster preparedness is self-defense.

Emergency Kits for Dorm Rooms

Parents: I know you have done what is necessary for the safety of your family in case of any emergency. You have a fully-stocked emergency kit in your home, in each of your vehicles, and your workplace. Your family knows what to do in case of emergency. You have a disaster plan and everyone knows their part. Now you can rest.

Food Storage Guide To Emergency Preparedness

It said that man can live without food for three days. Moreover, man can not live longer than three days without water.

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