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World Survival: Those Who Volunteer and What They Learn

Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) consist of volunteers who care about survival in an emergency and are prepared to help neighbors survive, as well. Volunteers understand the concept of training in basic emergency procedures. They know that survival skills protect lives and property.

Emergency Rations: Stockpiling Food

The 1960s brought about a lot of change in the world. People starting challenging decisions more and began thinking more along the line of responsibility to oneself and one’s family, rather than relying on the government.

Survival Foods – Animal Sources That You May Not Have Considered

Most regions of the United States present you with some type of protein that you can use to survive. Sometimes we don’t consider the animals that may be the easier ones to catch, can be less dangerous to us, and will allow us to eat a good meal.

Quiet Generators

There you are safely located at your emergency retreat after several grueling days of travel. Upon arrival you have determined that the best policy to follow is to maintain a low profile so the less noise you make the better off you and your family are. After a quiet evening you decide that it is time to run up your generator to charge your battery banks. Without thinking you hit the starter switch and the whole area is blasted with the sounds emitting from your power source, so much for your stealth location.

How Much Food Should You Have In Your Longterm Food Cache?

So the SHTF and you have successfully bugged in or bugged out according to your contingency plans. Now what? Is this going to be a longterm crisis due to war, asteroid strike or solar flare EMP?

Could Food Be Worth More Than Gold?

When you think of what’s worth more than gold, you might think of Diamonds but would you ever think of food?  With an ounce of gold at its all time highs, topping $1900 per ounce, it’s hard to imagine something as common and as readily available as food worth more than gold.  And you know what, you’d probably be right, nobody in their right mind would pay $1900 dollars per ounce of food.

Pepper Spray – Techniques for Using It In Self Defense

If your safety plan is to avoid being attacked, carrying pepper spray is an ideal safety solution. Equally important is knowing how to use it properly. Before you purchase or discharge your pepper spray make sure you read these valuable tips first.

Helping Others Survive: Why It Is Important

It is sad when a tragedy happens and people are unable to help because they are not sure what to do and are untrained in helping others survive. The Community Emergency Response Team is there to help those willing to help others.

TEOTWAWKI – The End Of The World As We Know It

You might not know this, but if The End Of The World As We Know It happens, you will want to be at a good level of health and fitness. The comfortable level of living is far different from anything the people in the past had.

Wilderness Survival With Some Basic Knots

One of the best ways to survive in the wilderness is to be proficient with a few basic knots. You may have learned them in scouting or similar activities.

Shopping Safety Precautions

Responders should bear in mind that the safety of the individuals or employees inside an establishment is of utmost importance above the valuable properties within the facility. When employees know what they should do will be helpful for the responders to rescue them. The faster they can secure the mall’s personnel, the more they can help other customers or individuals to get out of the troubled shopping facility.

Be Prepared and Know Exactly What to Do in 2012

If you’ve done even one Google search on the topic, then you know what I’m talking about. A lot of people are going wild with speculation about this event and what to do in 2012. People are saying that “The Mysterious Planet Z will shift into the earth’s rotational path and collide with our planet!

Preserve Crackers in Your Emergency Survival Storage

A while back my wife and I noticed a good-sized metal container of “Crackers” in one of our discount grocery stores. With an idea in mind we purchased one to try out in anticipation of using it with our emergency food supplies. Unfortunately, after tasting the enclosed product my wife mentioned how it left a strange and undesirable after-taste in her mouth.

Thriver: The Essentials

What are the essentials for human survival? Computers (internet) – Even though our economy is becoming more and more dependent on the internet for business and transactions, we as individuals do not need the internet for survival. Cars (transportation) – God gave us feet, did he not?

Large Scale Tactics for Personal Disaster Planning

Planning is the key to preparing for survival during a tragedy. Though we prepare as everyday people, we can often learn some proven lessons from the people that plan for our communities.

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