Cleaning Up a Neglected Property | Forest to Farm

Cleaning Up a Neglected Property | Forest to Farm

Top 3 Advantages of Owning a Wheeled Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher on wheels? Yes, the ever-reliable firefighting device has been made even better as it has now become mobile and portable. Wheeled fire extinguishers, which come in either in C02 or powder extinguishing agents, are ideal for many types of large business such as warehouses, fuel stores, factories, industrial plants and so on.

All Care Givers Should Have Access to First Aid Supplies

An advance medical degree is not necessary to administer basic first aid to an injured child. All care givers should make it a priority to have access to first aid supplies to treat the children in their care.

A Kit For Every Purpose

Most people do not realize that one type of first aid kit simply will not fit all situations. To be effective a first aid kit should be custom created according to the situation at hand. I feel that in general there are four basic types of kits that you could create. The actual contents will vary according to the season, your location and your planned use of it. No one can set a standard on any kit except the user themselves.

The Best Ways to Care For and Maintain Fire Safety Equipment

Most business owners are aware of the devastating consequences that a fire outbreak may bring to their businesses. Because of this, they strive to protect their company and employees by installing high quality fire safety equipment such as fire extinguishers. However, it is important to remember that fire protection does not end here. Proper care and maintenance is necessary to ensure that the safety of your employees and business will not be compromised by faulty or defective fire fighting devices. This procedure involves professional services but aside from this, the business owner should also do his part is making sure that the fire fighting devices in his business are well maintained. Here are the best ways on how to do just that.

Disaster Recovery – How to Recover From Water and Flood Damage

Let’s face it. Accidents happen, grease fires are never planned and who ever sets a goal to have fire damage? Did you wake up this morning and put out an invitation for a hail storm to beat triumphantly against your roof? But it could happen.

Improvisation – Trademark of the True Survivor

We all know the importance of survival kits, preparedness and planning in case we land in a life threatening situation. However, disasters and accidents do not come after a week’s or a month’s warning: their most lethal weapon, in fact, is the advantage of surprise that they hold over us, and the decisiveness with which they can destruct us.

How to Be Prepared For Potential Problems In your Home Like Hurricanes, Mold, Or Bugs

Depending on where you live, you may want to consider certain types of protective elements to be added to your home to prevent some of the problems that occur in that area regularly. Some areas have a high occurrence of natural disasters like hurricanes or tornadoes and your home should have some of the things that will help fight such storms.

2012 World Ending Or New Age Beginning?

There has been much prophesied about 2012, the end of the world, and even Revelations. Is it hype, an attempt to scare and control people, or the Truth. Nostradamus, Mayan Calendars, and Bible Codes all tell us that something is about to change but what?

2012 – The Psychology of Living Underground – The Basics

Living underground is not a new concept. In fact, the generation and utilization of underground space has been one of humanity’s drivers for a sustainable future. As early as 1931, human ingenuity imagined and designed plans for the “depth scraper”, a 35-story building resembling a skyscraper of the type familiar in American large cities, which was to be constructed in a mammoth excavation beneath the ground. It was proposed as a residential engineering solution for surviving earthquakes in Japan. The purpose of this paper is to present the current basic knowledge with respect to living underground, and in particular dealing with the human psychology, as well as social interaction of living underground.

How to Survive Planet X 2012

Planet X or Planet Nibiru is a brown dwarf star that is purported to crash on earth December 2012. Planet X is reported to be half the size of the sun and approaching closer to earth as each day passes. Here is my rough guide of how to survive Planet X on 2012 based on numerous readings.

Easy Survival Food Storage

In today’s unstable economy and with threats like climate change and eco-terrorism American families need to have survival food storage, emergency preparedness and 72-hour kits. In the event of a disaster whether it is natural or man-made, local emergency people will be facing the same problems as the rest of us. It may take time three days, 72 hours or even longer for them to come to your assistance.

Knowing CPR Can Save Lives

Most people already know how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). CPR is taught to children in their health classes, and medical professionals wearing petite scrub pants take refresher courses every so often.

Prepare Your Children in Case of Fire

You can never be too prepared when it comes to dealing with a fire in your home. You should take the time to talk with your children about the possibility of a fire occurring and the steps they should take just in case the worst case scenario does happen.

Putting Together a Home Emergency Plan

Many families do not think about what they would do during a home emergency until a devastating event happens to someone we know and love. Unfortunately this is not the best way to learn what not to do. While it is easy to learn from others’ mistakes, why take the chance that it is your mistake others will learn from? Be prepared for a fire, flood or other natural disaster which may turn a regular day into a nightmare. Walk away alive and you will see just how important taking the time to plan really is.

End of the World in 2012?

Is it or is it not the end of the world in 2012? That’s what everyone wants to know. But the truth is, until December 2012 arrives no one will know for sure.

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