Chainsaw Safety Series | Episode 1 | Forest to Farm

Chainsaw Safety Series | Episode 1 | Forest to Farm

Direct Tanks Manage Any Water Problem Anytime

Direct tanks are only one component of useful pumping systems that take care of water, waste water, sewage, and rain water. When used in conjunction with treatment plants or rain harvesting stations, they are excellent for collection, storage, and management. For anyone looking for water tank supply, there is the right product to suit any need. Whether a system has to be installed at a residence or business, the job will be done with ease and efficiency. The customer will not need to worry about water issues any more with the correct containment device.

Plastic Tub Containers – Drinking Water Storage Tanks: Tips On Storing Emergency Water

When preparing for an emergency or disaster, one of the most important things that you can have is clean water. People have been storing water in all different types of containers for thousands of years and water will keep for long periods of time in containers.

Using Plastic Tub Containers to Store Water

If you’re going camping or storing water for a natural disaster such as a hurricane, consider food grade plastic tub containers. They make an excellent portable storage tank. To store a two week supply of water, which equals one gallon per person per day, you would need 12 average food grade plastic storage containers that hold 5 to 6 gallons of water. That would provide enough water for a family of four.

Self-Defense Tools and Gear

A lot of the self-defense classes I teach are certainly based on the things we know that we’re going to have with us at the time of a bad situation… our hands. I do get a bunch of questions, though, about things people can carry with them to help them be a little more prepared. I’m not here to tell you what you should get; what I want to do is just briefly touch on a few of the tools that can easily be used to increase your chance of survival.

Tactical Combat Casualty Care: Why Has Warming Equipment Been Added to the Guidelines?

Tactical combat medicine is a term associated with the treatment of soldiers in a battlefield environment. Casualty care in the field is important because it increases the survival rate of each individual. Combat medics supply tactical combat casualty care when a person is injured during fighting.

Survival Foods And Supplies: What You Must Have

There are many different situations in which you might need survival foods. These are uncertain times that we live in, and there simply is no way to predict when you might need to use a survival food supply. There are some basics that everyone should consider having on hand in case of an emergency.

How Are Fire Alarms Beneficial For The Home?

You may be one of those really careful people. You may wonder why you need to install a fire alarm when you have a fire extinguisher.

How to Prepare Water and Bleach for Drinking Water

Hours after an emergency and thirsty, with store shelves empty, would you know what to do? Not many people do. However, if you take a few minutes, and learn the proper technique of using water and bleach for drinking water, you could help avoid illness or death.

Dealing With Disaster – What Should We Do After an Earthquake?

Even if you’ve been through an earthquake before, remembering what to do afterwards may be difficult. You may want to make plans and practice before so after you have something to go by.

AlpineAire Foods Santa Fe Black Beans And Rice Meal Review

This was my first MRE that I have had in a long time so I was looking forward to trying it. I picked this particular survival food meal because I like beans and rice and was curious to know how it would turn out here.

Survival Food – 5 Benefits of Freeze Dried Meals

There is a saying, “Store what you eat and eat what you store”. When thinking about preparing for long term food storage, ready-made freeze dried meals are the ticket. This is food you are probably already eating on a regular basis, just in a different form.

Wildfire Disaster Preparedness With OSHA

As an employer, you should understand that disaster can strike at anytime. Just about all of the United States is in danger of a natural disaster happening in one way or another. The recent earthquake in the Maryland/DC area was completely unexpected, but felt all the way into West Virginia and as far south as UVA.

Are You Prepared for Natural Disasters?

The urge to survive is the hallmark of life, all living organisms aim for self preservation. The survival instinct is hardwired in every organism. This is true even of the simplest living organisms like bacteria. As Darwin pointed out, only the fittest survive and that simple law drives evolution. Our species could evolve because our ancestors were able to develop the skills necessary to ensure their survival. Although we are well prepared as a species to survive most natural disasters, as individuals we are very ill prepared.

Vehicle Emergency Kit – 16 Items You Must Have to Be Prepared

You never know when or where you might break down, get stuck in a storm or have an accident. So, it’s wise to have a basic emergency, survival kit.

Disaster Preparation – Evacuate Your Pet Safely

Many pets have been lost or even killed in floods, earthquakes, fire, tornadoes or hurricanes. It is not because we don’t care about our furry friends, we just don’t think about preparing a pet evacuation plan. With millions of pets in the United States, they are often considered members of the family.

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