Camping Water Filter: Manual vs Automatic!

Camping Water Filter: Manual vs Automatic!

Emergency Water Supply

An emergency water supply is something every family should seriously consider. The body can live quiet a while without food but only a few days without water. If a catastrophe struck, would your family have enough safe drinking water to survive.

How to Communicate When Phones Are Out in an Emergency

When an emergency spreads beyond the local neighborhood, phones are likely to go out. Traditional phone lines break, cell phone towers fail, and circuits get overloaded. The alternative to no phones is to use hand-held radios, or walkie-talkies. Get the right radios for your family or Community Emergency Response Team by answering key questions about reach, features, cost and training.

Reuniting Your Family Following a Major Disaster

When an emergency hits, your first thoughts will be for the safety and whereabouts of family members and pets. Until you have reached them, you are unlikely to be able to focus on anything else. A good disaster plan recognizes this problem and includes steps that will help reassure and reunite the family as quickly as possible. Three key components – family communications plan, the best phones, and an alternate meeting place — require forethought and cooperation with others.

Boy Scouts Say: Be Prepared With STOP

The darkness of the forest closes in and the confusion you felt yesterday is only more apparent. The few supplies you brought for your camping trip are long gone and the pangs of hunger are grinding through your body.

Learning to Last

People die in emergency or disaster situations every day around the world. Yet, for every death, there are amazing stories of survival.

Fire Ready for the Suburbs – Time to ‘Get in Gear’!

In Australia, many of us live in an area of high fire risk, where bushfires are a constant of nature; in the bush and in the suburbs. With the right gear in place, no matter where you live, you can turn yourself from a helpless victim, at the whims of chance, into someone who has the capacity to See, Breathe, and Think effectively, to make better choices to protect yourselves, your loved ones, your homes and community. As we have seen recently with the Northern Melbourne Epping/Wollart fires of February 2013, and as we have seen many times in the past, people living in the suburbs can be as susceptible to bushfire as those living in the bush. By all means, leave early when you deem appropriate. But fires happen on days other than Total Fire Bans, and having a Back-Up plan, and a bit of basic gear will improve anyone’s situation. ‘Get in Gear’ for living with fire risk and enjoy the peace of mind of being prepared.

Choosing A Survival Group – Do’s and Don’ts

Prepping and survivalism can be a lonely effort. Here are some dos and don’ts to finding a group of like minded prepping individuals.

How to Survive in the Wilderness – A Guide to Get Home Alive

Any of us can get in a situation where his life is in danger: accidents, natural disasters, hiking, extreme situations, all unfamiliar animals and plants contain dangerous frames for the 21st century man. There is the desire to survive in each of us, but who is not prepared for these situations under the burden of hunger, thirst, in a state of panic, what will happen with him? Will he be able to continue in life?

4 Crucial Safety Rules Kids Must Observe During School Camping

School camping for kids can be a fun time and also a dangerous one. Accidents have been known to happen during this period. And so it is essential for safety rules to be enforced to avoid injuries or fatal accidents. Here are 4 crucial rules kids must observe during school camping.

Survival Straps: Merging Survival With Fashion

Adventure brings with it a lot of fun but then it also brings with it an element of risk, which should never be ignored. If you’re an outdoor person who loves to go camping or trekking in raw nature, you must be aware of a number of useful survival gear tools that you need to carry with you.

Telling the Difference Between an EMT and a Paramedic

If you have ever wondered what the difference is between and EMT and a Paramedic you can now find the answers to that question. While an EMT and a Paramedic have similar job descriptions and often work together there are differences both in their education as well as their scope of practice.

Hyperinflation, Soaring Food Costs – Will Gold and Silver Save You?

Hyperinflation is an all consuming event that strips away virtually every thread of society. During such events food prices skyrocket. The chances of you having enough money to buy food for your family will be slim. Physical gold and silver act as hard currency to protect assets and purchasing power. Everyone can own them without prior investment knowledge. Holding these assets during times of an economic crisis allows you real money for making transactions, as they’ll be but a few, of the last things of true value left standing.

Survival Water Purification

Survival water purification is an essential set of skills that could mean the difference between life and death in an emergency situation. In this article, we will cover a few methods that are easy to implement and which could be a lifesaver in a survival type scenario.

Survivalist Vs Prepper, Is There A Difference?

So who then is a “prepper” and who is a “survivalist”? What are some of the differences and similarities. Most are just ordinary normal people like you and I that believe that it’s better to be ready for an emergency than not. They are no doubt people that you know.

Misconceptions About Free-Range Duck Eggs

Rumors go around that duck eggs taste weird or have a fishy tang. That is definitely not the case if farmers give his ducks and chickens the same food. The taste of the eggs will be virtually indistinguishable. Most users prefer eggs from farm-raised ducks, because they are tastier. Anything you do with a chicken egg can be accomplished with that of a duck.

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