Building a Stealth Shelter/Observation Post | ON Three

Building a Stealth Shelter/Observation Post | ON Three

Solar Conversion of Our Homestead

As the time begins to draw closer for our move to the homestead, I find myself thinking about the various projects which lie ahead for me. We have the fruit trees to plant, a garden to start along with a host of addition important functions to get accomplished. One of my initial goals will be to get a 12 volt lighting system installed which will operate from rechargeable batteries.

Home Fire Extinguisher Safety – Do You Have the Right Fire Extinguishers?

Equipping your home with fire extinguishers is vital to protect not only your family, but your belongings and possibly your entire house. Discover the areas in your home that absolutely should have fire extinguishers and which extinguishers are right for the job!

Living in an Alaskan Field Camp – Designing and Implementing a Reliable Power Supply

Does your research or work take you to remote locations where electrical power is limited or non-existent? I’m not talking about just having to run an extension cord across the parking lot to the nearest outlet…more like needing to provide reliable power for a research camp on a small island in Alaska, accessible only by boat or float plane and over a year in duration. I would like to share the experience I gained from implementing and maintaining this field camp power supply.

Surviving The Earth Changes

Over the next couple of weeks we’ve got some really important astrological aspects happening. On March 12th Uranus moves into Aries which will be square to Pluto in Capricorn and opposite Saturn in Libra. The effects of the “Cardinal Climax” will begin to intensify and the earth changes that have been prophesied by so many over the last centuries are starting to come to pass.

Survival Shelters And Kits

Boy scouts aren’t the only ones who need to be prepared. Everyone should have certain emergency readiness skills. Having survival kits on hand can really aid in an unforeseen emergency situation. You may never need one, but you’ll sure be glad you have it if you do.

Preparing for Medical Needs

Are you prepared for any medical emergencies which might occur if our infrastructure drops to a critical point? Do you have an extensive amount of medical related supplies stored up? I didn’t think so, well it isn’t too late for you to get your medical kit in order and you can do so by following these simple instructions.

Hard Times Are Approaching

Let’s be real for a moment and look at the state of the world around us at this time. We have revolutions taking place worldwide along with wars raging from one side of the globe to another. Economic chaos is threatening every major economy. More and more people are losing their jobs in America as the workload is transferred to foreign nations. We see on a daily basis the possibility of a market crash that could top that experienced in 1929.

What Do You Need to Get Home When Disaster Strikes? Go Bags And Survival Kits!

Where will you find yourself when disaster strikes? Where do you need to go to be safe? Where are your friends and family going to be?

Eating Crow

Have you ever sat and carefully watched the size that a crow can frequently obtain? They are certainly not a small size bird in the least. Most locations in America have an over abundance of these fat creatures which often mature to the size of a Cornish game hen. To me that’s large enough to feed two adults with a meal and for them to leave the table full. In an emergency, merely add some cooked rice or potatoes along with a few vegetables to the meal and you’re all set.

Revenge on the Pigeons

The next time you spend any time in a large city take note of the number of pigeons which flood the skyline. You can see them at just about anywhere where a bird can possibly fly or roost. During our last trip to the Philadelphia area I was afforded the opportunity to witness these birds in action. As I watched the large number walking around trying to beg for food I thought to myself what if the food situation was to get really bad how would the pigeon population hold up? I justified the thought with the idea that they are often considered somewhat of a delicacy usually known as squab.

Food Storage Calculators – The Pros and Cons

Find out the good and the bad about using food storage calculators and other ideas on how to quickly build long-term food storage for emergencies. You will also get ideas on why is food storage important, and how your food storage system can actually be a source of income rather than an expense.

Christchurch Earthquakes and Modern Education

The Christchurch earthquake disaster should be a lesson to all of us not to let electronic gadgets replace traditional education. When faced with power outages for extended periods of time, none of the gadgets will work without electricity.

Fire Safety for Children – Colours and Shapes

When in a public building or venue children and adults alike are protected, warned and guided about the hazards of fire. This is done by the displaying of safety signs, the provision of fire fighting equipment and most importantly the means and routes of escape. Knowledge of symbols and pictogram signs and what they relate to is essential for the safety of children to recognise in case of emergency. Exit recognition is paramount for a child’s safety in case of fire.

Family Survival Kits – Offering Lots of Flexibility

Every person wants that their home should free from danger. A family survival kit is an excellent kit to have in your home to protect your family member from any kind of disaster. No one knows what can happen in the future, so it is wise to prepare yourself instead of panicking or going into a state of shock.

Disaster Survival Kit – Make Sure About Your Life

These days, the disaster survival kit is the best opportunity through which people and their family can stay safe from natural hazards. Disaster survival kit has been designed from tools that are very necessary to survive for a long period. In this world, there is no particular time for the disasters to strike. The disaster survival kit is the best key through which you can stay safe.

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