Building a Bamboo Shelter | Machete Survival Series | ON Three

Building a Bamboo Shelter | Machete Survival Series | ON Three

How to Survive in Bear Country

There seems to be a lot of information out there about how to survive a bear attack. But wouldn’t it be nice to know how to avoid the attack altogether? The best way to survive a bear attack is to avoid encountering a bear. Bear encounters can be drastically reduced or completely eliminated by following these simple steps.

Survival – Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On!

In case you haven’t noticed the incidence of major earthquakes is growing at an alarming rate.  First let me clarify what I mean by “major”  earthquakes because if you’ve ever been in any kind of ‘quake, be it “major” or “minor” you’d probably remember it as at least a little scary if not totally piss-your-drawers frightening.

Why You Need Emergency Supplies

Emergency preparedness supplies allow people to confidently face unforeseen events and challenges, such as rolling electricity blackouts, food and water shortages, and natural disasters. There are moments when you may need to survive by yourself following an emergency, which means having your own water, food and other emergency preparedness supplies in adequate quantity to last for at least a week in my opinion. During natural disasters, emergency response teams are normally on the scene immediately following, but they cannot reach everyone straight away.

Hurricane Survival Bag

We have all heard of the traditional 3 day bug out bag or the automotive emergency supply bob but now I would like to talk to you about something slightly different. We are currently full steam into the hurricane season. Every evening as we switch on the television set and watch the local weather reports, we are reminded by the various newscasters that there are developing tropical depressions off the coast of our southern most states. These depressions frequently develop into full fledged hurricanes in only a matter of several days. Since we must be properly prepared for any of these potential emergencies I have taken the liberty to create a hurricane survival bag.

How Serious Would a Large Asteroid Strike on Earth Be – It Would Eliminate All Surface Life

Well, the other day I was talking to an acquaintance about what would happen if a giant asteroid hits the Earth, and yes, it is a rather morbid line of thinking – and I am quite certain you too have watched some of the doom and gloom, Hollywood cataclysmic movies on this. Still, we are told by astronomers that large asteroids strikes are uncommon and statistically improbable in our life time. I say to this; “Oh yah, tell that to the dinosaurs, personally I think we need a plan or strategy for such an even this time.

Buying The Right Survival Food Supplies

First of all, just what are survival food supplies? These are supplies that are stored for survival situations, like when there is a natural disaster, or you are stranded in your vehicle somewhere. There are many different kinds of survival food, from power bars, containing all the necessary nutrients and calories for a whole day.

Benefits of Having Disaster Survival Kits

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you need to have disaster survival kits for many reasons, but most importantly, if you were to become stranded, having the right gear can mean the difference between life and death. If you are hiking in the wilderness and decide to get off the trail, it is extremely easy to become disoriented and lost. This has been the case for many hikers throughout the years and those that had survival kits are typically the ones that ended up surviving the ordeal.

You Never Know When You Might Need Emergency Water Treatment

The emergency sirens go off, and you herd your family down to the basement to wait out the storm. If you live in an area where tornadoes often strike, you’re used to the drill. However, this time is different. The noise sounds like a locomotive is coming right through your house, and bits of debris start falling from the ceiling. Only when it’s quiet again do you allow yourselves to go check out what has happened. You find that your house is still standing, but other parts of the town have been leveled. You turn on a water tap only to find there is no water. Now is the time for emergency water treatment systems to come into play.

Emergency Survival Gear List

Okay, so you got your pen and paper, let’s get hot. First, water, water is essential to your living. Start buying it up and buy it in bulks, bottles, jugs and filers. Buy 1 Jug, remember this is for the on the go survival. Buy or use a water bottle that you already have. And pour that jug of water into that container. Now, some people say get a bottle of water, you can do that as well. But you want to have water that you immediately drink and a jug to mouth is not smart. So get 1 jug of water, distilled is the best for this survival. Then a bottle of water, new or old. But have one, this is your drinking supply when you are traveling.

Survive the Apocalypse and All Natural Disasters: What to Pack In Your Go Bag

Earthquake? Grab your Go Bag. Tsunami turns into a hurricane? Find your Go Bag. You ran out of ranch Wheat Thins and celery with peanut butter and two armed robbers just broke into your house, possibly wielding automatic weapons? Go Bag it. What’s a go bag? Silly reader, a Go Bag is a shady duffel bag full of cash and survival equipment that you grab in case of emergency.

Mayan Predictions for 2012 – An Important Look at Mayan Predictions

Have you heard about the Mayan Predictions for 2012? The Mayans were some of the most intelligent and skilled of the Mesoamerican cultures. They were skilled mathematicians, farmers, craftsman, astronomers, and artists. They have been credited for developing the Mayan long count calendar which has been used for thousands of years and has remained accurate up until our present day. The Mayan predictions for 2012 believe that the world will end or go through a dramatic transformation on December 21, 2012.

Predictions for 2012 – Be Prepared for 2012

There are so many different versions on the predictions for 2012. There’s the Nostradamus prediction, Who believes that December 21, 2012 is when the world will end, life as we know it will be gone. Even though he wasn’t from our time, He wrote this over 500 years ago. A lot of his predictions has come true. The 9/11 terrorist attacks, JFK’s death, everything he has predicted so far has come true. Then you got the Mayan calendar. which say’s December 21, 2012 is the end of time too.

Is There Any Truth To The 2012 Doomsday

As the number of earthquakes, floods and hurricanes increases so does the awareness of 2012 doomsday prophecies. “Is there any truth to the 2012 doomsday predictions?”

American Teotwawki

Not too long ago, only a limited number of people knew what American teotwawki meant. American teotwawki believers can be found in all religions.

What to Do If There Is an Earthquake in New Zealand?

An earthquake of magnitude 7.4 hits Canterbury (west of Christchurch) on 4 September 2010 at 4.30am local time. Within 6 months on 22 February 2011 at 12.51pm, another earthquake with a magnitude of 6.3 hit Christchurch and caused greater damages and casualties to the affected areas. Although earthquakes of such intensity are not very common, it is important to be prepared for minor quakes. The Earthquake Commission provides public education and information on earthquakes regularly.

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