Biggest Lies You Were Told About Prepping

Biggest Lies You Were Told About Prepping

Ways To Store Food In Your Home For an Urban Survival Situation

There a number of things you can do to be prepared for an urban survival situation such as a prolonged disaster. This involves food storage. If the disaster you are involved goes on for a extended period of time you will need enough food.

Places Not To Store Food For an Urban Survival Situation

In an urban survival situation such as a disaster you will need food. Storing enough food in your home will require a certain amount of storage space. There are a number of good places to store this food that will not change your living space. However there are some places you should not store this food.

How Much Do You Spend On Bugout Bag Supplies

One reason that so many people never get their bugout bags finished is because they think that they have to spend a lot of money. The truth is, I advise people not to spend a dime. That way, they will sit down and make a list and assemble the bug out bag supplies right away instead of “waiting” to get just the right equipment.

SHTF Vehicle Preparedness – 3 Tips

One of the most overlooked items that should be on every prepper’s checklist, whether they are a bona fide “Doomsday Prepper” or just a person wanting to be prepared for disasters, is the vehicle emergency plan. The fact is that we have all of our supplies and “preps” in our homes, but we spend a LOT of time each day away from home. So what is your plan for survival, whether that means a day or three days, until you can get back home?

Economic Collapse: How Hyperinflation Will Make Food Prices Skyrocket

The signs of inflation taking off are already here, but only those plugged into the significance of what is to come are really getting it. Something called “Hyperinflation” is headed our way on the heels of an economic collapse caused by the budget deficit. Hyperinflation is when prices rise ten and twenty percent every month, and it has happened before in major economies.

Urban Survival Techniques: Driving During Civil Unrest / Social Chaos

One of the most vulnerable situations we face is when we are driving, and during a time of economic collapse when crime skyrockets, we must know some basic urban survival techniques so that we don’t become victims. It may just be that crime rises due to a financial crisis, or it could be full-blown social unrest and riots that we face. Regardless, people driving in their cars tend to feel a lot more safe than they really are.

Food Storage For The Coming Economic Collapse: What To Do First

If we really think an economic collapse is imminent and one of the challenges will be food shortages and hyperinflation, then what are the first things we should do to prepare a food storage plan? There are two important considerations for food storage, and interestingly enough, one has nothing to do with food! The main purpose of a “food storage” plan is to get you through an economic collapse so you don’t need to line up with crazed shoppers emptying the store shelves, or in another line hoping for a government handout.

Affordable Sustainable Housing for All Climates and Budgets

As part of the Conversation Cafe Series hosted by EcoSociety in Nelson, BC. A topic discussed was sustainable and affordable housing. There are two lesser known technologies that often get overlooked but have been around for more than 30 years, the eco-friendly Superadobe and Ceramic Houses.

The Importance of Fire Training to Both Home and Business Owners

It is of utmost importance to both home and business owners to ensure everyone is familiar about fire training. This articles talks about the many advantages of fire safety and emergency training.

Guilt By Mother

During my years on the Atlantic City Beach Patrol (1950’s and 60’s) a common source of aggravation was the problem of lost children. This aggravation was not because children got lost, but because of the incredible amount of guilt we had laid on us by the mothers of those children.

Doomsday Preppers: 3 Things To Get Right Now For A Major Power Outage

When Hurricane Sandy hit, millions of people found out that they were unprepared for an extended power outage the hard way. Instead of waiting for the next power outage, caused by an ice storm or lightning strike or hurricane or whatever, there are some basic things that you can do right now to get prepared that will only take a minimal amount of time. Of course, you can throw a lot of money at some power outage solutions if you want to, but you don’t really need to spend much to make a major difference.

Disaster Preparedness Lessons From Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy was even bigger than Hurricane Katrina in terms of how many people were affected for a long period of time. There are a lot of lessons to be learned for those of us who never want to be in a position of suffering what millions of Americans did, if only we take a few simple steps to prepare. Lesson 1) It CAN Happen To Us Most Americans think that we are immune to a major disaster throwing us into hardship like not having water or electricity.

SHTF: Urban Survival Techniques That Can Save You and Your Family

Since I am a Prepping consultant, I am often asked what is the first thing that people should do to prepare for a disaster and to learn some urban survival techniques. I tell them one simple thing: “go camping.” The lessons you learn from a camping trip will prepare you in three important ways for all sorts of urban survival disaster scenarios.

Urban Survival For The Beginning Prepper

The thing that I hear from most people concerned about ‘urban survival’ and prepping is that they are well-armed with guns, so they should be fine… The problem is that prepping is about a LOT more than guns.

Disaster Planning: Portable Backup Power Generators Have Serious Limitations During Power Outages

Whether you want to be a “Doomsday Prepper” or just an ordinary person who is prepared for serious power outages, you probably have considered a portable backup power generator. Many people think that they are going to be just fine if they buy a unit from their local Home Depot and neglect something far more important. There is a saying amongst survivalists and backpackers that goes like this: “The more knowledge you carry in your head, the less gear you will have to carry on your back.

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