Best Tactical & Survival Gear November 2021 – BattlBox Mission 81

Best Tactical & Survival Gear November 2021 - BattlBox Mission 81

Fire Blankets – Your Ultimate Equipment For Fighting Incipient Fires

Never neglect small-scale fires because they can easily turn big with the aid of the elements of fire (oxygen, combustible materials and heat). Therefore, when you see one almost on the verge of raging, use these blankets, as they are one of the most effective fire protection equipment you can use.

Home Fire Safety Practices – Tips to Avoid the Harmful Effects of Fire to You & Your Family

Everyone is always at risk for fire accidents. The best way to prevent it from happening is to ensure safety and practicing it starts in our homes. Try to follow these tips and you can ensure safety for your family and yourself.

Fire Safety – Important Facts About Fire Extinguishers

A fire extinguisher is a vital safety equipment used in fire emergency situations. Although we are all familiar with this equipment and we often see this hanging in the walls of homes and buildings, some of us still do not know how it really works. Only a number of people can even identify that it has many types and is used for different purposes. For instance, are you aware that hydrospray fire extinguishers are used for putting out fires caused by combustible materials? If not, then now is the time to learn more about our first line of defense which is the fire extinguisher.

Fire Safety and Prevention – Avoiding and Dealing With Fires in the Kitchen

Most home fires begin in the kitchen. It is most likely to start in the cooking area than anywhere else in your home. The heartbreaking part is that these kinds of fires can be avoided. It is essential that homeowners are knowledgeable in fire prevention and safety techniques in fighting a kitchen fire. Keeping wet chemical fire extinguishers inside the kitchen area is not enough to keep you safe from this type of fire.

Fire Safety – Class a Fires and How to Deal With Them

Fire is a devastating experience. It is important for each and every one of us to know the basic procedures and techniques on how to fight fires. In firefighting, fires are categorized into 5 classes. Each class is classified according to the fuel involved in the fire. This classification was formulated to better understand how each class can be prevented and put out effectively.

Fire Safety and Prevention – Tips on How to Avoid and Stay Safe in Case of a Vehicle Fire

Vehicle fires kill thousands of civilians each year. It was reported that the highest risks of highway car fire death involves older teens and young adults. Although modern technology has limited the flammability of car interiors, such as the trimmings and car seats, we are still not safe. If you have the basic knowledge in car fire safety then you would probably have a foam fire extinguisher in your car. But be warned that this is only a device for small engine fires and not for serious flames.

Fire Safety and Prevention – Different Types of Sprinkler Systems

A fire is a devastating and traumatic experience. It can begin with a small spark and eventually ignite into bigger flames. Even if the fire department is only a few minutes away from the property in danger of bursting into a blaze, a fire can still spread with such an astounding speed.

Fire Prevention – Staying Safe and Free From Fires During the Halloween Season

Halloween is celebrated by millions of American every year. It is the time of the year where businesses stock their shelves with candies, costumes and Halloween decorations. People allow their children to dress up as ghosts, fairies, witches or anything they can possibly think of. It is also this time of the year where common fire incidents occurs because of hidden dangers associated with costumes, treats and decorations used for Halloween.

Fire Safety – 7 Essential Tips to Teach Children in Avoiding Fires & Remaining Safe in an Emergency

It is the primary responsibility of child care providers like teachers and parents to teach children about fire prevention and safety. It is an all year round concern especially that fires often happen inside the home. Teaching basic fire protection techniques in children will definitely increase their chances in surviving this tragedy. Here are 7 fundamental tips kids can learn about safety in fires.

Fire Safety and Prevention – Basic Fire Equipment Used by Firefighters

Being a firefighter is an exciting and awesome job. Nowadays, firefighters battle more than just fires. They respond to all types of emergencies such as medical and hazardous materials incidents. They should be equipped with the proper equipment for rescue and to fight fires.

Fire Safety – Identifying Fire Hazards & Fire Safety Tips During and After an Earthquake

Natural disasters occur in every country every year that it is considered a common occurrence. One devastating natural disaster is an earthquake. It can produce traumatic and destructive effects such as collapse of buildings and properties and is a possible cause of fire breakouts. Authorities is encouraging everybody to be well informed on how to remain safe and prevent accidents from happening in case of an earthquake occurring.

PASS the Fire Extinguisher in Case of Fire – The Password to Effective Firefighting

The article discusses how to effectively use fire extinguishers. Likewise, the article also discusses other necessary course of action during fire emergencies such as calling the fire department before deciding to extinguish the fire.

A Fire Extinguisher For Your Kind of Fire

In terms of casualty and damage to property, fire accident could well be said as one of mankind’s most dreaded calamity. Government agencies and private organizations concerned about public safety have required commercial and residential building owners to observe fire safety precautions.

Are You Ready For the Next Big Emergency?

Emergencies, both man-made and natural, are always a looming threat to humans. In virtually very case, however, many people are found to be not only unaware of impending emergencies, but most are truly unprepared for them when they arrive. Many unprepared people suffer far more serious consequences as a result. Recent emergencies in the US, such as floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, forest and brush fires, earthquakes and winter storms have caused havoc and many lives and $billions in property have been lost.

Don’t Be Stuck Like I Was

How to be prepared in case of an emergency. What you can do in case of a power outage. What you need to have when the power goes off.

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