Best Survival & Tactical Gear August 2021 ❘ BattleBox Mission 78

Best Survival & Tactical Gear August 2021 ❘ BattleBox Mission 78

72 Hour Kits For Home Preparedness

I have to consider this a potential survival situation. If I was to lose the electricity at the house, would I be prepared, would you? This could become serious in just a few hours with the freezing temperatures. Having a home survival bag could make my situation much easier.

Take Your Emergency Preparedness Serious

Emergency preparedness is something we all should take serious regardless of where you live in the world. Every continent has some natural event like hurricanes or typhoons, earthquakes, volcanoes and on and on that we as humans have to contend with.

Get Your Survival Supplies Together Now

Have you got your survival supplies together yet? If not, this is something you should be doing if you want to prepare yourself and your family for the real possibility of a disaster or emergency situation. We can go through life thinking nothing will ever happen to us, but watching the news will show you that something can happen at the most unexpected time.

Using Survival Tactics During Economic Trouble

If we continue to have economic trouble into the future and it gets worse, we should start to see more crime which may push us into using survival tactics. People will be desperate to get money to pay for stuff and will start to resort to stealing.

Don’t Get Caught Without Your Disaster Kit

It’s possible you may be on your own after an emergency so it would be wise to put away some supplies such as food and water to last you at least three days. Rescue crews and workers may not be able to get out or able to reach your area for a while after an emergency so you want to be able to take care of your self in the short term.

Put Aside Storage Food For Disaster Preparation

When you are stocking your shelves with storage foods for disaster preparedness, try to keep the same foods you eat everyday. Doing this will increase your comfort level if you must use them because you are already familiar with heir taste and preparation.

Disaster Survival – Are You Prepared For Any Disaster Situation?

Being prepared for disaster survival is easier than many people think. If you can prepare for possible emergencies or disasters ahead of time you can eliminate or minimize any impact on your life. You can live in any state or country and you will have something that could impact you so there is no excuse for being prepared.

Food Stuffs For Your Survival Kit

If you have not yet put together or bought an urban survival kit for your vehicle you should do it now. Have you thought about what you would do if you were maybe stranded along the road side and you did not have any water or food with you?

Survivalism and Preparing For Emergencies

The mindset of survivalism goes back to the cold war era and beyond. It is not a new way of thinking about being pre paired for the worst such as disasters, social or economic unrest or government takeover among other things. There have been some phases that survivalism has gone through; the cold war era with the fear of nuclear war, Y2K with the worry of computer trouble.

Emergency Survival Items You Must Have

Everyone that puts together emergency survival kits will have different variations of the above and you can get many opinions as to what is the best way to go about it. The key for you is to look at what you think is your most likely scenario to deal with and prepare first for that.

Pepper Spray Safety For the Carrier

Pepper Spray is a convenient product for self-defense for both men and women. Today’s world you need to be proactive in protecting your selves from the more dangerous elements of our society.

Cell Phone Stun Guns Can Save Your Life

Women can now feel safer walking to their cars at night thanks to new and exciting technology. A cleverly disguised stun gun in the shape of a cell phone is a great way to surprise an attacker.

The Key to Wilderness and Urban Survival is All in Your Mind

How will you react in a wilderness or urban emergency? The experts predict that only 10 to 15 percent of any group involved in any emergency will react appropriately. Another 10 to 15 percent will behave totally inappropriately and the remaining 70 to 80 percent will need to be told what to do. The most common reactions at the onset of an emergency are disbelief and denial.

Digital Signage – Emergency Alert Messages Can Save Lives

The Christmas Day bombing attempt aboard a Detroit-bound airliner once again places into focus the importance of communicating warnings in times of emergencies. It’s easy to get complacent and drift from day to day without paying much attention to potential threats until an incident out of the blue slaps us across the face and demands we sit up and pay attention.

Survival Kit and What You Need in It and Why You Need One

Planning on climbing Qomolangma, also known as Everest? Maybe that is a little too extreme! Perhaps you would like to start with something small such as the alps or Rockies? Even if you do not have that adventure gene and just want to go for a stroll in the local hills, having the correct disaster survival kit can mean the difference between life and death.

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