Best Survival Gear October 2021 – BattlBox Mission 80

Best Survival Gear October 2021 - BattlBox Mission 80

Cleaning Up the Soot After a Fire

As if the fire alone wasn’t bad enough, you now have to deal with the effects of it. In addition to contacting your insurance company and a fire damage restoration company, you now have to clean up the mess the fire has left behind. It is best and more convenient to have a restoration company restore your home thoroughly, but if you didn’t have insurance or feel it would be better to clean it yourself, then here are some ways you can clean up the soot damage.

How to Escape a Sinking Car – With Or Without a Life Hammer

Did you know that each year more than 10,000 people in the U.S. are involved in water immersion accidents? Thousands more become trapped in their cars in dry land accidents because their doors, windows and seat belts jam. In an emergency would you know how to escape a potentially deadly auto entrapment? You will once you read this article.

Should I Pay Off My Credit Cards?

During these periods of economic instability many people have been questioning whether they should take their savings and pay off their credit cards. Their reasoning here is of course that this is not a time to have any sort of debt hanging over ones head. This is all very well with thinking like this however I would like to bring up several significant points which may conceivably change your mind.

Emergency Food Supplies – Building Without Burdening (That’s a Promise!)

Acquiring a long-term supply of food and other necessities can be a daunting task depending upon your approach. Here you’ll find a unique method of eliminating the barriers between your present mindset and getting enough to sustain you and your loved ones in longer-term emergency. Bridge the gap between wish I would have, and glad I did.

DIY Basement Shelter Plans

As I promised in a previous article, I worked out some rough plans for a basement shelter that I want to share with you. If time and resources permit, I may begin work on building this late this Summer, but next year is probably more realistic. Along with being able to afford the project, another concern I have is whether or not I have sufficient space in my basement. If not, I may have to rent a Bobcat or something to excavate a whole to build the thing in my yard.

Rethinking My Stance on Bomb Shelters

Through discussions with others, I recently changed my long-held position on the need/feasibility of constructing a bomb shelter. Allow me to explain a few of the reasons why I now believe it may be a prudent move.

How to Stay Safe – Safety Strategies For EMS

How can we as EMTs and paramedics stay safe? Our job puts us in potentially dangerous situations every day. We deal with the public in a similar way that the police do. People call us for help and they expect us to solve problems or resolve disputes that they can’t resolve on their own. Though we don’t deal with criminals in the act of a crime, we do deal with people who, for a variety of reasons, medical and/or emotional, may see us as a threat.

I Forgot to Tell You

Well, as all good survivalists you have your initial bug out exercise planned and you feel pretty confident that you have everything under control. You have referred over and over to your well composed bug out checklists and you are 100 percent confident that nothing has been overlooked. You have completely rechecked your bug out bags, your food provisions and your first aid supplies. You proceed to hook up your pull behind storage trailer and resume consigning additional survival supplies into it as well. Everything appears to be in order and you truly feel like some sort of professional survivalist at this point.

Preparing For a Hurricane – Better Hurricane Preparations Required, (And Not Just For Your Home)

When I finally arrived to meet my new client, I was not surprised by what I saw. Having just spent 2 days trying to get through roads blocked with the remains of flying debris, trees, over turned cars, boats and just plain backed up traffic, I had plenty of time to look at the disastrous surroundings. His home was just one of thousands destroyed by Andrew.

Flood Protection Using Tarps

During a time when the rivers are flooding, it pays to have something that you can use to cover up your furniture, seal doors and windows, and generally make your house a little protected in case the waters do reach your home. Tarps are easy enough to find, you can find them at most hardware stores, or even an online vendors. All of these retailers carry some sort of a tarp that will be useful in covering your assets and keeping them relatively safe, than with using nothing at all.

A Family Drill to Help You Prepare & Educate Your Family

Having a plan is a good idea. Actually testing that plan is even better. Knowing your children could survive without you after a disaster because you have prepared an emergency kit and they can locate the kit, food, water, shelter, and call a relative they haven’t seen in years and give them the appropriate information, now that’s a great plan.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is as important as food and sanitation in times of disaster and other unpredictable emergency circumstances. Just imagine how hard it is to locate mountain climbers who fall through traps or slip down deep ravines if they do not have a shake flashlight or emergency light or light wand. Do you think people who live in high-rise apartments will be able to properly evacuate in case of fire or disaster if their building’s stairwells do not have proper emergency lighting?

Triage Kits and Their Use in Your Community

During a natural disaster or emergency situation first responders, police, fire, and community volunteers all need to know how to set up a triage operation. Triage is defined as the act of prioritizing patient according to the severity of their injuries.

Personal Hospital in Your Retreat

We tend to accumulate all the indispensable first aid supplies that we may require during a tragic situation however we frequently overlook a few significant hints. In this case perhaps a member of our party has to be quarantined consequently we need to seriously consider a miniature hospital room.

In Case of Fire – Better Ready Than Sorry

The three typical causes of fire are intentional, negligence or simply by an accident when nobody is around. In all cases, one should always be prepared and equipped with at least one fire fighting detector or equipment and enough knowledge on how to get on with such facility. Having a load of water on standby in case a fire occurs in a household is not always practical. In the other hand, installation of an advance fire fighting system in a household may already cost a fortune.

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