April Olight Flash Sale

April Olight Flash Sale

Is Your Child’s Classroom Prepared for Any Emergency?

One of our purposes as a parent is to make sure our children are safe, wherever they are. We have emergency kits in our home, each of our vehicles, and at our workplace. We need to make sure our children are safe at one of the places they spend a lot of time, school.

Cruise Ship Sinking, 5 Tips to Survive

The Costa Concordia cruise ship sank off the coast of Italy Jan. 14, 2012 and a lot of folks are trying to learn who is at fault and what the Captain might or should have done. Learn what 5 steps could keep you alive and improve your chances to survive.

Will The World Really Come To An End In 2012? Either Way, It May Make Sense To Be Prepared

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the 2012 doomsday prophecy. Ironically if you do believe it, you might choose to hide under a rock come December 21, 2012. Rather on the news, television, Internet or people chatting about it at their work, you’ve likely heard about this prophecy.

Keeping Your Kids Safe From Bus Accidents

In the winter months, auto accidents are more common. And every year, children are injured while getting on, riding, or walking by buses – so we wanted to post this important guide to keeping your kids safe around buses.

Medical IV Supplies: Choosing the Best Supplier for IV Warmers

Hospitals and medical clinics require a continuous supply of equipment for intravenous infusions. As they choose a supplier for IV equipment, hospitals and clinics should consider how ordering from a supplier would affect equipment quality, cost, and customer service. Supplies for IV infusions consist of tubing, needles, IV bags, IV warmers, and batteries for portable IV warmers.

Selecting a Fluid Warming System for Emergency Care

Warming IV fluid is an important strategy for preventing hypothermia – a condition commonly suffered by emergency patients. Without a warming device for IV fluids, an emergency medical service (EMS) will have no choice but to deliver IV fluids cold. Selecting the best warming system begins with examining the context of use.

Irrigation Fluid Warming and Surgical Hypothermia

Many patients awaken from surgery feeling cold. In some cases, a postoperative chill is caused the temperature of the recovery unit, which is kept cool to prevent the spread of germs. Shivers in the recovery room could also result from surgery itself, particularly the use of cold intravenous fluids or irrigation fluids.

When Disaster Strikes – Five Things Your Family Needs to Know

Some top ways to prepare for any disaster or crisis event. I discuss the most important things to have and think about when your forced to survive. How to protect your home, family, and food supply, using basic tools and supplies.

How Essentials Like MRE Meals Can Save Your Life When Disaster Strikes

The importance of emergency preparedness kits should never be overlooked. Accidents can happen anywhere and anytime and it is because of their unpredictable nature that John Wise man came up with a SAS survival guide to help us in preparation when disaster strikes.

Why Carrying Portable Battery Operated Lights Is As Important As Cell Phones

If you are currently scratching your head and wondering why you should have a flashlight with you at all times, these reasons should give you a clear understanding of when they are an important possession to have access to. As life is always unpredictable, it is important to be prepared for any situation.

All About School Scholarships

College is the education that furthers individuals in life. Unfortunately, many individuals have a difficult time affording college. Financial aid and loans are always a consideration, but with financial aid, you have the responsibility of a debt hanging over your head, as you have to pay the loan back. What is the solution? The solution is School Scholarships and grants.

Will Online Saturated Nations Save Themselves From a Bird Flu Pandemic?

Most folks do not realize how dangerous a deadly bird flu pandemic could actually be. This is because there are so very few people still alive today who were affected by the massive pandemic flu in the US that killed so many people, not just here, but all over the world. Luckily, it is possible that the United States and our population could survive a massive pandemic, even though we live with greater density in our population, meaning it would spread quite rapidly.

How a Car Locksmith Can Save Your Baby

Getting locked out of your home or vehicle is not uncommon. In our busy schedules we often face lapses and make mistakes that may prove costly and painful later on.

Would You Know What Type Of Extinguisher To Use For What Kind of Fire?

When Should I Use a Fire Extinguisher? If a fire breaks out in your home, whether big or small, your first thought is will I need a fire extinguisher to put this out? If so, do I have the right extinguisher to do the job.

Survival Gear: What You Should Have For Survival In Emergencies

It is a wise decision to prepared in case of possible emergencies. Whether it be planning in case of a natural disaster, going on a camping trip or other outdoor activities, having survival gear is essential. You may have to manage on your own for many hours or even days before help arrives.

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