Alternative Food Storage for Preppers | Bear Independent

Alternative Food Storage for Preppers | Bear Independent

Treating For Shock in the Wilderness

In case of an injury in the wilderness, you must always consider the strong possibility of shock. Here’s how to recognize and treat it.

End Days

A hot topic today is the prediction that the End Days are near. Specifically the date is set for December 21 2012. Although there is zero scientific evidence that anything will happen, there are numerous theories about the form the end days will take. The leading candidates are a geomagnetic reversal, solar mass ejection, asteroid strike. Or something more intimate, like a flu pandemic, or a nuclear war.

Essential Items That You Should Carry in Your Vehicle at All Times in Case of an Emergency

While we are out driving around running our errands, picking our children up from school or driving home from work, there are some emergency situations that can happen to keep us from getting home for a couple of hours. The emergency could be anything from a traffic accident that blocks traffic, to your vehicle breaking down.

First Aid – Why Caregivers Must Know It

Caring for an elderly or disabled person is a major responsibility, and a lot goes into doing it right. Being compassionate and knowing how to make them as comfortable as possible is important, but knowing first aid is even more so. Underestimating the importance of first aid as a caregiver is a recipe for disaster.

Fire Blanket – Learn to Use it the Right Way

A fire blanket works by cutting off the fire’s air supply, which is one of the three elements that a flame needs to burn. Fire blankets can extinguish even grease or electrical fires that cannot be put out by water. The concept of blanket seems simple enough that even a young kid can understand it. However, it is important to remember that there is a correct way of using this special blanket that you should know about so you will be ready in case of an outbreak in your home or office. Below is a practical guide on how to use this safety device.

Wheeled Fire Extinguishers – Allowing For Fast Response to Fire

Imagine this scene: a small fire breaks out in the office and you look for the nearest fire extinguisher to put out the flames. When you are about to lift it, you discover that it is heavier than you expected and it takes you a while before you are able to reach your destination. Upon arriving at the burning area, you discover that the flames have gotten bigger and have already spread.

Fire Extinguisher Brackets For Optimum Fire Extinguisher Protection

The fire extinguisher is one of the best firefighting tools there is. It is no wonder that most homes and offices in the UK are equipped with the latest in fire extinguisher technology. These fire safety devices come in different types that are suitable for different classes of fire. Water, dry chemical, C02, wet chemical, foam, powder, and hydrospray are the common types of extinguishers available in the market today. Having the right type of extinguisher in your home can surely prevent disastrous effects that may be brought about by a fire accident. In fact, many people are able to curb fires and prevent them from spreading with the use of this firefighting tool.

Fire Extinguisher Signs Are Crucial For Fire Emergencies

Not everyone going in and out of your place of business would be familiar with escape routes or fire extinguisher locations. After all, your customers and clients did not go there thinking that, “Hey, a fire might occur in this place today, I better check out where the nearest fire exit is!”

How Fire Extinguisher Brackets Help People Locate Fire Extinguishers

Every workplace is required to have the correct types and quantities of fire extinguishers based on the results of the fire risk assessment. Employers and business owners are not only responsible for buying superior quality extinguishers, they should also be able to install these safety devices in the right location. Most people do not know this but their location is just as important as its quality. This is because even if you have found and bought a first-rate extinguisher, if it would take forever for people to find its location then your efforts would be futile.

High Visibility Fire Warden Clothing – Why is it Essential?

You have exerted so much effort in selecting the fire warden among a roster of candidates. The choice was not easy as all of them exhibited qualities that would make a responsible and reliable person. You knew you made the right decision after thinking about it so hard. However, it is important to realise that your job as an employer does not end here.

Emergency Preparedness – Always Keep a Fire Blanket Handy

When you look at a fire blanket, it can be hard to believe that this simple-looking cloth can actually extinguish a fire. If you do not know any better, you probably would not think that this cloth could be a valuable tool in curbing fires. Whilst fire extinguishers are the more popular firefighting tools, fire blankets have the advantage of being simpler and easier in terms of usage and maintenance.

Cut Down on Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Costs

When you first bought your fire extinguisher, you knew that there was more to it than just buying. You knew that after the purchase, you would need to take care of it the best way possible in order for the extinguisher to maintain its top quality and condition. What you did not know was the fact that fire extinguisher maintenance can be quite costly that sometimes you feel as if it is burning a hole in your pockets. The good news is that you do not really need to break the bank to maintain a fire extinguisher, as there are various ways on how to cut down on maintenance costs. Read on to find out how.

Low-Cost But High Quality Fire Safety Equipment – Is There Such a Thing?

We have always had this notion that for a product to be of excellent quality, it has to be expensive, as cheap products are also cheap in quality. Some people who are after durable fire protective equipment spend a lot of money because they think this is the only way to get maximum protection for their home or office. However, with today’s internet technology and the economic crunch, this is not the case anymore. The global fiscal crises have people demanding for low-cost but high quality products such as fire safety equipment. Fortunately, the online market has provided us with a viable venue for finding great deals.

Securing the Fire Alarm Bell to Avoid Pranks and False Fire Alarms

It is human nature to play jokes and pranks on each other. In fact, some people would go through great lengths just to play a ridiculous prank on somebody. It even has become a theme of some gag shows in television. Most of these jokes would make us laugh. However, what is not funny is when people go overboard with these practical jokes and end up hurting or offending somebody. Take prank fire alarms for example. This is one type of prank that can threaten the security of people and cause a major disruption in a place.

A Comprehensive Guide on Smoke Seals

Intumescent smoke seals are surely amazing. Who could have guessed that a plain-looking strip can actually expand to a large material that would be able to create a barrier against poisonous smoke? Intumescent strips and smoke seals contain a substance that increases in volume (not in density) upon exposure to heat. When this happens, these devices create a tight seal that can keep out toxic fumes and gases that are present during a fire outbreak. Smoke seals are very important because as we all know, burning is not the leading cause of death in fire accidents, inhalation of poisonous smoke is.

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