All About Shotguns – Long Range Slugs

All About Shotguns - Long Range Slugs

Preparing Children With Lesson Plans

When a disaster strikes children are frequently the most effected of all people. During disasters whether they are natural or manmade it is our responsibility to properly prepare our children to cope with what may befall them. They must learn how to survive on their own in the event we are not available to assist them.

Survivalists Vegetable Soup

Vegetables are one of the most universal food ingredients that you can find. They can be prepared by frying, in stews, as a baked entree or even eaten raw. How clearly I remember my youthful days working on the farm and munching happily away on a fresh tomato or pepper. I am a firm believer that as long as you have vegetables from a garden you will never go hungry. They are not only a tasty treat but good for you as well. They are a rich source of various vitamins and minerals that the human body requires on a consistent basis. As a survivalist I view cans of vegetables as one of my most important survival supplies.

How to Counter Economic Collapse

An economic collapse is a global cause and affects the economy of all nations. The economic downfall usually is not very predictable, and this might be a huge drawback in today’s world as the currency loss it causes worldwide is tremendous. Most market analysts always predict an economic collapse in the situation of inflation or deflation or even when the market reaches an exceptionally high boom or it has hit an all time low.

Saving Up for a Food Shortage

Every now and then we catch wind of a specific food shortage. This past year the shortage was pumpkins. It appears that last years crop which was intended to become this year’s canned product. Due to the damaging weather experienced last year there was a shortage this year of the canned pumpkin.

Vegetable Pie for the Survivalist’s Dinner

Here is a unique and interesting meal made entirely from vegetables. You will find no meat in this recipe, in fact the ingredients used are mostly canned which makes it an ideal choice for a dinner recipe for using emergency food supplies. As most people who know me realize that I am a big fan of canned foods for survival use. The cost of canned foods is reasonable considering the life span that they have. I have found that when I go shopping to replace my used emergency foods I buy my replacements by the case and not individually. It’s a much better way to purchase emergency food supplies.

Creating a Comprehensive Emergency Preparedness Checklist Is Easier Than You Think

There are no guarantees in life, and that is completely true when it comes to preparing for natural disasters. You never know when one of these unexpected events could take place, and in recent years it seems like they are happening more and more frequently. To truly protect yourself and your loved ones you should have an emergency preparedness checklist.

Tips for Choosing the Right Survival Tools and Equipment

Just about everyone these days is thinking about emergency preparedness these days. They are collecting food, water and supplies for 72 hours or more, depending on the person or family. It isn’t just about these though, you also need to think about survival tools and equipment.

Disaster Survival Kits: A Must for Self Preservation

Are you an active person that wishes to take part in a series of outdoor adventures? If so, packing disaster survival kits would be a highly recommended plan. The reason for this should be considered obvious.

Survival Food Supplies

There will be times unfortunately that people will find themselves in emergency situations. These situations usually occur due to tragic events. These events can happen due to vehicle accidents, inclement weather, or accidents such as getting lost in the woods.

Survival Kits – Making Sure You’re Prepared

This time of year is a good one for going over your survival kit and action plan. Winter in many parts of the country can make getting out to buy needed groceries impossible. Most of us have at least one potential natural disaster facing us, so preparation is key to surviving well.

Where to Store Your Emergency Home Food Storage

Need help to figure out where to store your emergency food storage? Here are a few suggestions and guidelines to follow.

Emergency Disaster Survival Kits – Suggestions – Beyond Commercially Prepared Disaster Survival Kits

I can’t tell you what you should have in your emergency survival kit. What I can do is give you an Idea of what you might need in an extended disaster kit. These are some things that are not customarily part of a lower end emergency preparedness kit.

Double Trouble Stun Gun – Don’t Want No Trouble Now, Ya Hear?

If the Double Trouble stun gun was a sheriff in an old western town it would be the strong, confident type that didn’t take no riff-raff from no hornswoggler. He’d just stare at the bad guys with that steely gaze and the criminals would just hot foot it out of town lessen they wanted to tangle with the meanest, fiercest most rottin’-tootinest’ sheriff in the land.

Build A Basic 3 Day Survival Kit

Are you prepared for the end of the world? How about just an average garden variety disaster? You need to have a survival kit prepared just in case. This article will pump you up and show you how easy it is to put together an emergency kit so you can sleep better at night.

What Will You Eat When Disaster Strikes?

Depending on where you live, you may be more or less concerned with natural disasters. For anybody who has experienced a hurricane, flood, or earthquake, it’s probably always at the back of their mind. For others who have been blessed by living in areas that haven’t seen serious disasters lately, they likely don’t worry about it much.

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