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All About Backpacking Stoves | ON Three

Dealing With Survivalist Bullies

During any gathering of multiple members of a group you will likely encounter a bully or two. With survivalist groups this could present its own specific types of difficulties especially during a time when smooth operations are absolutely necessary. Such behavior could endanger every member of the group and ultimately result in group failure unless measures are taken to either avoid those situations or to correct them as quickly as they are discovered.

The Dangers of Driving While Fatigued

Safety concerns and precautions regarding driving while fatigued. A summary of the regulations regarding commercial transportation and cautionary suggestions for drowsy drivers.

Have Raunchy Videos Crossed the Line?

I have been closely following with a keen interest the events which have centered around the “raunchy videos” which were produced on the aircraft carrier Enterprise created by Captain Owen Honors. Yes folks, it’s the same US Navy F-14 Tomcat Top Gun pilot who flew over Afghanistan during wartime. To be honest with everyone the Captain handles stress in a similar manner as I do with a sense of humor.

Back-To-School Kids Survival Kit

Now it’s very important for children to know about the present realities of the world today. Instead of hiding the true situation from them, you – as a parent or a teacher – must ensure that the children have enough training, knowledge, and skills to know how to deal with this kind of a situation.

How to Create Fun Kids Survival Kit

It is a great idea to make a kid aware of his or her surroundings while they’re still young so that they’re ready for whatever may come at any time. You must have heard or may even have the adult’s survivor kit. The survivor kit that you have obviously can’t be given to a kid.

How Do Economic Problems Impact a Nation?

We all know the fact that the great recession hit the world and is now slowly fading out. During that particular phase, there were lots of economic problems all over the world and many people had a tough time. If you actually look at the statistics of the bankruptcy cases, you will be surprised to look at the number of people who got affected with that particular phase of the economy.

How to Extinguish Different Types of Fires

The National Fire Protection Association has identified five major classes of fires, according to the type of fuel and the appropriate extinguishing agent for each. Learn what’s behind a firefighter badge and fire investigator patches–discover the different classes of fires, and how to respond to each.

Hemorrhage Control

Hemorrhage refers to the abnormal flow of blood from ruptured blood vessels. Research and statistics reveal that uncontrolled bleeding is one of the leading causes of death on battlefields. Killed in Action (KIA) is the term for injured combat personnel who expire before they reach the nearest treatment facility.

Biggest Traps in Choosing Urban Survival Classes

Urban survival is a life saving course that everyone should know in the event that they’re confronted with a crisis situation. In urban warfare, the fight moves from one home to the next house and civilian are unfortunately caught in the crossfire. So it’s important that civilians are taught must know how to deal with the life threatening situation.

How to Survive the SHTF Aftermath

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about urban survival and the various aspects related to it. It may even influence you to enroll in a class or go to a boot camp and get yourself some form of intensive training.

Top 10 Urban Survival Hints

Urban survival means that you’ll have to move out of the city as fast as possible from any crisis or danger. You may have to spend a lot of time away from any kind of civilization if you do truly value your life. You need to have certain items to make your urban survival a complete success for you and your family.

5 Tips in Choosing an Urban Survival Boot Camp

To deal with the upcoming urban warfare situation, there are areas that have set up urban survival boot camps where people can enroll and learn several important things about surviving in these difficult times. These camps teach you different things that are helpful if your city or town may be faced with a crisis situation later on.

Carrying an Emergency Preparedness Kit

Therefore, some of the most important requirements of an emergency preparedness kit is mobility, comfort, ease of use and resilience. For all this, what you need is a strong yet light backpack. It needs to be sufficiently large to store enough items for survival of you and your family for three days. This space should be distributed in 2-3 separate compartments to help you find stuff at the time of need.

Emergency Preparedness Training for Schools

In addition to conducting various kinds of drills and rehearsals of emergency survival exercises, students also need to have access to school emergency kits, safety kits, and any other kinds of disaster kits. Of course, knowledge of their usage should be made a part of the drills as well.

Safety Kits for Protection of Your Family

There are numerous retail and online stores from where you can buy your safety kits. The safety kits available in the market carry a variety of different safety products that you can use. The good thing about ready made safety kits is that they ensure that there is enough for survival of you and your family for at least 72 hours. Figures say that help reaches within 72 hours in most of the cases. The manufacturer of safety kits understand the importance of having an item in the kit and prepare the entire kit according to that.

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