ALERT: Hackers Target the Grid | Major Cyberattack

ALERT: Hackers Target the Grid | Major Cyberattack

Basic Knots – The Ten Most Important to Learn

One thing that often gets overlooked in a person’s quest for preparedness is a working knowledge of basic knots. Knot tying is one of the most primitive tools (yes tools) that a man can use. Knowing how to tie knots not only increases the fun you can have in a wilderness situation, it can also mean the difference between life and death in a survival situation.

Bear Attack Defense When In the Wilderness, Or at Home

Whether you hike, camp, hunt or live in a rural area, more and more people are confronting bears. We should all know how we should act and how we can defend ourselves should this ever happen to us.

History of Emergency Public Ambulance Service in Washington DC

Emergency public ambulance service in Washington D.C. has followed a convoluted and at times troubled path. Its beginnings in our nation’s capital are rooted in the various hospitals and their evolution in service and care. The Civil War is the likely beginning however the years after bring development including new modern hospitals and related services including ambulances for the public.

Will There Be A 21-12-2012 Doomsday?

Is the world going to end in 2012? Will There Be A 21-12-2012 Doomsday? Will Dec 21, 2012 really mark the beginning of the end of the world? Of course no one can answer such a question with any sort of certainty.

Things To Pack In A Bug Out Bag

A bug out bag is a survivalist’s best friend. By definition, it is a bag, which contains all the essentials for a person to live independently for at least three days or more. Other names for the kit include the BOB, the 72-hour kit, a GO bag, a grab bag, a Get Out of Dodge or GOOD bag or even a battle box. Items that can be fitted into the bag varies from one survivalist to another, depending on factors such as the environment, terrain, climate and availability of certain items.

Smart Ways to Use Polyethylene and Canvas Tarps

Polyethylene and canvas tarps are durable materials that can be used in many ways, whether indoors or outdoors. Because they’re extremely versatile and resilient, anyone can find clever uses for these heavy duty covers.

Plastics In Natural Disasters

Depending on the severity of the natural disaster, the uses of plastics in the aftermath are almost limitless. In the cleanup and rebuild after major Earthquakes, shelter is a key component. Plastics can help.

Disaster Recovery Plan – Step One: Be A Class Act

Recovering from a Natural or Man-Made Disaster takes time, focus and energy. Following a plan developed from someone else’s experiences helps shorten the journey. Whilst physical scars do heal, and homes and contents can be replaced, the emotional and mental recovery process is a lot more challenging. This requires mental toughness and resilience, which all humans do have within themselves, but often lack the skills to access. Step One of this ten step process is to Be A Class Act.

Emergency Drinking Water Filters

In 2011, the US was slammed with hundreds of tornadoes, nationwide. These massive storms caused havoc and took scores of lives. In addition to the destruction they caused, they also damaged many water sources and water delivery systems.

Many Firearm Owners Use Their Power Tools in a Safer and More Secure Manner Than Their Firearms

When purchasing a firearm, there’s no prerequisite to attend a firearm use and safety class. The purchase of a firearm is simply a monetary transaction just like when purchasing a hammer or screwdriver. There are firearm use and safety classes available through many sources yet not many feel it’s an important aspect of firearm ownership. Someone initially taught us to drive right? Otherwise, we all wouldn’t be following the same rules that keep us all safe on the road. In the same way, if nobody teaches us to properly use the firearm we’ve just purchased safely, how can we possibly practice proper firearm use and safety? Knowledge is essential to safety and ignorance is the rocky path to danger.

How to Survive a Flash Flood

With the start of the typhoon season after summertime, one natural disaster that it could bring is the flash flood. It rises and falls very fast with little or no advance warning. Being caught in one is a life-threatening situation and downright frightening. Your survival would largely depend on your ability to be calm and controlled so that you can seek a safer ground right away.

Tips On Using A Survival Firestarter

As far as I am concerned, having a firestarter in your survival gear is almost as essential as having a knife. Being able to start a fire to cook food, obtain drinkable water, treat yourself or someone else medically, obtain warmth, etc can be essential to a person’s survival. In addition, firestarters are light weight, compact, and inexpensive, and there are some excellent firestarters available for you to choose from (e.g., Swedish Firesteel, Gobspark Firesteel, Coleman Magnesium Firestarter, and Genuine Issue Magnesium Firestarter). Once you select and purchase the firestarter you want, here are some tips that you should find helpful when using your firestarter.

Why Should I Prepare For The Mayan End-Of-The-World On December 21, 2012?

Why? A better question to ask yourself is “Why Not”? Why wouldn’t you want to get prepared for a possible extremely serious catastrophic event that might occur? At worst, the Mayan Prophecy will be proved wrong, and you will have accumulated not only practical knowledge on how to better fend for yourself and your family but also a supply of survival food, water, gear, kits, shelters, etc. Items that either you can use for camping trips, outdoor activities, road trips, or just daily activities or that you can continue to keep in reserve in case a future natural disaster or crisis situation impacts you and your family.

Shelter and Warmth

Be prepared to protect yourself and your family members, especially the elderly in your family. Supply shelter and warmth. To avoid panic, a blanket or temporary shelter during a severe storm, will give comfort, security.

IV Warmers and Rapid Infusion: A Necessary Combination for Safe Fluid Administration

Medical professionals sometimes incorporate IV warmers when supplying substances through an intravenous (IV) tube. This process can be referred to as rapid infusion, so long as the substance being given is not blood. If the substance administered in this fashion is blood, then it is called a transfusion.

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