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Alan Kay's Kukri Mods | ON Three

Watching the Enemy

When the occasion arrives and the balloon goes up, one will have a complex time revealing which acquaintances are friendly and which could be of a dangerous breed. In cases as that, it becomes more imperative then ever to be able to discriminate certain mannerisms that may be out of the norm.

Eliminate Floods Forever

Rivers are like drainage systems in towns. If these are not cleaned, dirty water will spill into the streets. In the same way, rivers have to be dredged and the soil used for making strong embankments.

Wildfire Prevention

Wildfires can spread fast. Fires can be prevented by preparing and following safe guidelines. By taking some time out of our lives along with a few steps, we all can help to prevent wildfires.

Finding Relief After a Tornado – Save As You Rebuild

Experiencing a violent or dangerous tornado can be very traumatic. Learn how to save on everything…building supplies, furniture, clothes, and so much more.

MRE Sense

A young, inexperienced survivalist approached me and inquired as to why I do not get too involved in the ever popular MRE’s as many preppers do. Initially I was at a lose for words, as there are generally no reasons for which I had previously bypassed this resource. In all respects MRE’s are a step up from the older “C Rations” of my military days. Most people now find the current MRE’s to be not only a tasty treat but easily prepared as a meal.

Survival Food Supplies That Store the Longest

When you are looking to store food for a survival situation, one of your the options is to get foods that store a long time. While there are many different techniques and strategies for storing food, one can’t go wrong storing consumables that have a very long expiration date.

Survival Shopping Time

Numerous people have inquired as to how they should go about stocking up on survival foods in the event of an emergency. My recommendation to them is generally to hit your local supermarket and snatch up on the sale items.

Priorities in Preparedness

The appropriate selection of your priorities can be a key advantage when planning your survival requirements. Preparedness doesn’t just take place. As the famous starship captain always said on television you must “Make it so”. It is up to you to do your research and get the ball rolling or you will merely be spinning useless wheels.

Vital First Aid Skills

When bugging out you will find no doctors or emergency rooms in which to rush yourself or a family member to when a medical problem develops. In an emergency you will need to deal with the circumstances yourself and in that case you should know what measures to take in order to minimize the effects of a medical emergency.

Dealing With Diarrhea When Bugging Out

Nothing can be worse then having to vacate an area and get to a safe locality all while dealing with the tribulations associated with diarrhea. Medical professionals advocate that you try and wait it out until the diarrhea crisis is gone however, that is not so easy when bugging out becomes a necessity.

The Differences Between the 1976 Swine Flu and the 2009 H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic

Prior to the 2009 outbreak of the H1N1 virus, there was another outbreak of the swine flu in the year of 1976 at a military facility in the state of New Jersey. A young soldier by the name of David Lewis from the state of Massachusetts became ill and died only twenty four hours after complaining of tiredness and fatigue.

Howard’s Homestead Pond

My friend Howard has on his homestead a fish pond that he created himself. We sat on his deck one day admiring his pond and discussed the requirements and planning necessary for addressing such a venture.

The Inexpensive Ishapore Enfield 2A1 For Survivalists

Most survivalists or preppers are looking for an inexpensive rifle to compliment their other survival supplies. They don’t really wish to spend a lot of money on these weapons as they hope that their use will not be necessary. In either case, a weapon of some sort is vital for protecting your family and resources in the event of a major breakdown within our infrastructure.

Is America Repeating History?

Being a great fan of the study of history I often compare various events from the history books to current situations as they are happening in real time. The old saying that history repeats itself is certainly true and readily shown in the newspapers and on television on a daily basis. However, sources are critical in this respect and I am a firm believer that when one undertakes to study history they must use as accurate of information as you possibly can.

Safety Tips For When You Are Walking

There are several things that you can do to protect yourself from attacks, while you are walking to the bus stop, or to the supermarket, or, when you are simply taking an evening stroll. Some of these things are: Zipper If you are walking with a handbag that has a zipper at the top, as you put it on your shoulder, make sure that the zipper is in front of you and not behind you. That is, when you look down at the bag, you can see the “head” of the zip.

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