90% Will Be Victims: Beware of These People After SHTF

90% Will Be Victims: Beware of These People After SHTF

A Short History Relating to Quarantines

There is a lot of talk these days concerning the government placing quarantines on its citizens in the event of a major pandemic. The concept behind the quarantines is not a new idea, but rather it has been around for hundreds of years. Our federal authorities have not been the initial creator of quarantines although they have used them in the past and will likely use them in the future as well.

When Disaster Strikes and Mutual Assistance is a Victim of Political Fiefdoms

Perhaps, you have heard about the critical budget in California State government. Will this affect the sates ability to fight the next big wildfire season? It could, especially when it comes to the costs associated with aerial firefighting.

Will the Pandemic Lead Us to Martial Law?

I feel that it is ultimately feasible that a declared pandemic here in America would result in not only the introduction of martial law but also of enforced vaccinations. That’s right, we could easily lose our cherished constitutional rights under such conditions and considering the socialist currently in office at this time that inspiration tends to scare me.

Tips on How to Be Prepared For a Power Outage

This article will discuss the great hurricane that barreled through the central and Midwestern states in September of 2008. Here are what things you can do to be prepared for that type of storm again.

First Aid – A Simple Human Care to the Age of Certification

If we believe upon archeological facts then we should say that the concept of first aid was introduced in 11th century. Initially, the idea was to offer services to knights, injured soldiers and pilgrims. Later on, in the year 1870, British Red Cross formed and it prominently marked it’s presence during the World War I & II. Now-a-days, there are several institutions all over the world which promises immaculate First Aid Training Courses. Course contents of first aid certification includes techniques for dealing with bleeding and other severe injuries like broken bones, bug bites, burns, and so on.

Prepare Yourself For a Natural Disaster – Get the Upper Hand

A natural disaster can happen at any time and anywhere and being prepared for a natural disaster will increase your probability for survival by 85% to 90%. Some disasters give warnings such as a storm preceding a flood. Others, such as earthquakes present no warning. Once a disaster strikes, the time to prepare is gone and all you can do is cope and deal with the situation.

Earthquakes – Five Myths

There are persistent myths about earthquakes, and some of them are dangerous because people who believe them may decrease their chance of surviving a serious earthquake. Read on to discover five myths about earthquakes.

Homeopathic First Aid – Shock and Collapse

Shock and collapse occurs after serious injury, bleeding or burns. It is due to reduced blood pressure (or volume) that these incidents can produce. It may follow a nervous shock, such as fright or very bad news.

Driver Safety – Driving in a Hurricane

If you live in a mandatory evacuation zone, you should not hesitate to leave as quickly as possible. Before evacuating, you should decide what you want to take with you and keep those items in a central, easily accessible spot. Most states will close Interstate and major highways to traffic driving toward the coastal areas and open all lanes in both directions to outbound traffic only. Even with all lanes going in one direction, traffic will be very slow and tempers will be high. This is where your patience will be required. Before you evacuate you should ensure that your car is serviced and has a full tank. Gas stations in the storm zone may close early and gas stations inland may quickly run out of gas. During your evacuation, you should never let your tank go below half full if you can avoid it. You never know when a collision or a tie up will keep you tied up on the road between exits for hours.

Reverse 911 Could Save Your Life in a Disaster

Reverse 911 calls have saved thousands if not tens of thousands of lives in the United States. It’s a very simple system whereby the phone company sends a message to everyone in an area that a disaster has occurred, or is about to, and it gives people instructions on what to do in a pre-recorded message. This could help in the case of a train derailment with toxic chemicals that have spilled, a wildfire approaching where mandatory evacuation is necessary, or even a flood; thus, giving people a chance to get out of Dodge.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Hand Sanitizers

There has been a dramatic increase in the concern for washing hands since the Swine flu has hit the headlines. You now find hand sanitizing equipment in many public locations such as schools, hospitals, day care centers as well as in homes that previously had none what so ever. I imagine that the major question that is on most peoples mind is whether these various hand sanitizer products are worth the cost or a waste of time and money.

An Emergency Response Plan Requires Preparation Plus Information

When you’re developing an emergency response plan, be sure that your information sources are thorough and up to date. Field guides and references need to be updated regularly to make certain you’re prepared.

Preparing For the Hurricane Season – Know Where to Go and What to Do

With the arrival of hurricane season, the need to be prepared for a disaster becomes ever more important. This includes everything from the location of medical centers, walk-in clinics, wound care and other vital information that will keep you and your family safe in your greatest time of need.

Important Pointers on Flood Damage Cleanup

Before starting a flood damage cleanup, it is important to note that dangers still exist, chemicals, sewage and other contaminants may still be present. There can also be the presence of electrical, fire, biochemical, physical and other hazards.

Preventing and Stopping Giant Wildfires – We Need a Comprehensive Strategy

The folks in California have had to deal with many threats to civilization for instance; Earthquakes and Giant Wildfires. The verdict is still out on how to deal with Earthquakes, someday we may figure it all out, but let’s discuss wildfires for a moment. You see, many in the Interagency Mutual Assistance leadership hierarchy believe we need a comprehensive solution.

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