8 Real Survival Skills From The Movie “The Revenant”

8 Real Survival Skills From The Movie "The Revenant"

Survival Kit 101 – What Should You Put in an Earthquake Survival Kit?

Putting together a survival kit can be as easy as purchasing one. However the more people and pets, the more you may need to build one of your own.

Emergency Survival Tips – How to Survive an Earthquake

While much of the focus for earthquake preparedness is on California there are major fault lines in many areas. Preparing to survive is something we should all keep in mind.

Safeguarding A Home Before Earthquakes Hit

In California, earthquakes are a major threat to the safety and well-being of residents. Over the years they have caused billions of dollars in property damage as well as thousands of injuries and deaths.

Earthquake Awareness

Here are some tips that you and your family can use to prepare your home and yourselves in the event that we do experience an earthquake that causes serious damage. Buildings can collapse and roads can become impassable, so follow these tips to stay as safe as possible just in case we experience the “Big One.”

Earthquake Wakeup Call

Every once in a while we have a small earthquake. Most reporters and teachers use these events as teachable moments… and we just had one.

Emergency Survival Tips – How to Survive Outside In Winter

Winter survival is not a joking matter, you can get away with some things in other seasons that can get you killed in a winter emergency. One of the main concerns is the winter weather’s ability to knock out power and communications services. Heavy snowfall and extreme cold can immobilize entire regions for long periods. Stranded or lost in winter conditions, either in the wilderness or beside a road, can pose a dangerous set of problems if you are not prepared.

Why Do Preppers Prep?

There are multiple events that could either drive you from your home or keep you locked in your apartment or house in order to survive. Anything from severe weather to economic collapse could change your life drastically – at least for a while. Lets learn how to be ready.

Why You Need Smoke Ventilation in Your Property

Smoke ventilation is imperative, especially in larger multi-storey buildings where should a fire break out there are a large volume of people that need to get out quickly and in an orderly fashion. Factories, shops, shopping centres, multi-storey buildings and hotels are among the types of buildings that should have smoke ventilation to reduce the risk of injury and even death of employees and visitors. Smoke ventilation systems enable you to create safe corridors and stairwells in the event of a fire.

Freeze Drying: A Water Damage Restoration Technique for Books, Records, and Photos

Floods, broken pipes, and the aftermath of a fire can soak some of your most important possessions, like books, birth certificates, records, and photos. However freeze drying is a water damage restoration technique that can rescue restore these things that would have been lost forever otherwise.

The Precarious Future of World Energy – Will the World Face a Crisis Around 2040?

Recently, we have begun to experience energy outages & shortages all over the world. Although supplies get restored as before, we additionally observe that energy costs are rising rapidly and in some places, have begun to shoot through the roof! Awareness is growing the world over, that unlike ever before in history, the future of World energy is shrouded in gloom. Those who follow Energy in the news might not make much sense of the explanations, but one thing is crystal clear – things will never be the same again, in the matter of energy supplies! The days of being energy rich are past & sufficient energy just isn’t being produced anymore!! Dread creeps into our minds when we realize that this situation isn’t temporary but likely to continue for decades into the future. The question that comes to mind at this point, quite naturally is ‘Why?’ ‘Can’t we just increase production according to our needs?’ The answer is neither straight-forward nor simple. After reading a recent report by the International Energy Agency (IEA), the author made a detailed study, why there aren’t any simple solutions to the problem, going forward. He shares his analysis in this article.

Top 4 Fire Safety Measures to Adopt for a Safer Environment

Fire safety is often neglected. Not many people understand how easy it is for fires to start up, or how vital it is to fire proof buildings. And even if some of the people are aware of the necessity to fire proof buildings, they do not know how to go about it.

5 Car Essentials You’ll Need This Winter

Each year, thousands of motorists are caught out by adverse winter conditions. To help ensure that this doesn’t happen to you this year, during the winter months, you should take the time to make sure that you have the right car essentials to survive any winter conditions you may face on your journeys. Find out what five of those essentials are, within this guide.

What Makes Your Survival Kit Ebola Ready? These 3 Things

Ebola is nothing to be complacent about. And we all know the high mortality rate that it has. But how is it that some people are able to work with Ebola patients and still live? Here are some insights to the kind of gear that they use and wear. Specifically, 3 types of gear. Upper body, mid body and lower body.

Is Your Survival Kit Power Plan Hopelessly Broken?

Have you ever thought about carrying a Survival Kit in your car? Here’s how Starbucks taught me to start the process. And I’ve got a few suggested products to share along the way.

Self-Defense for Survival Is Hand-To-Hand Combat When Your Life Depends on It

Survival Self-Defense means using hand-to-hand combat in a survival situation to emerge the victor. Anyone from the novice to the experienced person needs some measure of knowledge to increase their chances of surviving a deadly encounter or attack on them or their family.

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