72 Hour Wazoo Survival Challenge | Part 2

72 Hour Wazoo Survival Challenge | Part 2

Lighting Options For Emergency Situations

When the lights go out or when an emergency is upon us, getting proper lighting back in order is one of the most essential tasks we will need to tackle. Whether it’s a major storm, a car hitting an electric pole or something even larger, like a hurricane, tornado or major traffic accident, we need to be prepared with emergency lighting backup options. Here are some lighting choices for these specific situations:

Emergency Planning Basics

Being prepared for an emergency is crucial in today’s world. Being caught un-prepared could lead to sure disaster. Make a plan, practice your plan and be prepared. I hope that these useful guide lines will help you and your family take action.

Nature’s Lesson in Disaster Preparedness

Last Friday, a 5.2 magnitude earthquake shook the Midwest. The event was centered about six miles from the town of West Salem. The cities of Chicago, Milwaukee, Evansville, Des Moines – even Atlanta – about 400 miles away, all felt the shock.

Beware of the Water

As a survivalist you may encounter situations where you need to leave an area in an emergency. Weather conditions may be such that you have no time to make proper preparations. Therefore when you are traveling there are certain water and food safety issues that you must address.

First Aid Care in Schools

Health and safety of individuals is becoming more and more prominent in everything we do these days. It is now common for workers to have undergone a basic health and safety course before they are even allowed to set foot inside an office or store to begin their new job. Hand in hand with this practice is the availability of first aid stations in workplaces and other public areas.

Food Preparedness For Disasters Resulting Food Shortages Or Food Rationing

When people think food shortage in a disaster they immediately think bags of grain and tomato paste. Bad idea. If you want you and your family to be prepared there are much better choices.

Emergency Planning – Disaster Management – Food And Water Supplies Made Simple

Often, emergency supply lists can be overwhelming. All that stuff to assemble. Good news for your food and water supplies. You do not have to create a five course meal on your BBQ after a disaster.

MREs for Hurricane Preparation

Need ideas on good food items to store in your hurricane preparation pantry? Try military ration MREs for a shelf-stable, nutritious, and interesting addition to your emergency supplies.

Here Comes the Flood

During periods of heavy rainfall, many parts of the country are prone to flooding. In fact, some five million people in the UK are at risk of flooding, which is cause for concern for many UK homeowners.

Emergency Planning – Disaster Management – Escaping Your Home In A Disaster

Usually only the most life threatening event would cause your family to abandon their home. Some disasters may require you to leave in a hurry such as: Fire – Earthquake – Tornado. Part of your emergency plan must be “What to do” in a disaster. Knowing what to do will make this experience safer, more efficient and reduce anxiety.

Emergency Planning – Disaster Management Five Tips To Safety

What types of disasters are probable in your area, floods, earthquakes, fire and hurricane? Learn community-warning signals. Does the kids school, your work place have disaster plans? If they do, understand their plan and what you should do.

First Aid Kit Recommendations For Treating Burns

Common causes of burns in the home will usually happen in the kitchen but can occur from spilling hot coffee to touching a hot stove. With the right first aid kit on hand you can treat these injuries effectively and then seek medical care when appropriate.

Be Prepared – Carry A Quilt

I am really big on being prepared. I always want to be prepared for any situation. I have found that I feel much better prepared if I have a quilt in my car.

Outdoor Survival Kits

Not all outdoor survival kits are the same and they shouldn’t be, because a kit you should be specific to your particular needs. It depends on where your outdoor adventure is taking place. All items should be packed in lightweight waterproof bags or containers that fit easily into your backpack.

First Aid Is Important For The Workplace

First aid knowledge is important in the workplace. An accident can happen in a few seconds, knowing what to do in the following seconds could save a life.

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