72 Hour Wazoo Survival Challenge | Part 1

72 Hour Wazoo Survival Challenge | Part 1

Preparedness is About Balance

It is very easy to focus on only physical preparedness when there are floods going on in the Midwest, earthquakes over in Asia, so many various terrorist attacks that can happen at any moment. It is up to each of us to prepare our families the best way we can, and NOT depend on the government to come in and ‘save’ us. It is also up to each of us to be prepared emotionally, mentally and spiritually for any emergency or disaster to happen. If we aren’t prepared in every way, no matter how much food we have, won’t make a difference in survival and life.

Is Your 2008 Hurricane Preparedness in Place?

What’s huge and mean and could blow your house down? No, I’m not talking about any big bad wolf – a mere animal can’t turn your living room into a swimming pool! Only hurricanes, big gnarly hurricanes, can do that and endanger you and your loved ones. If you don’t make the necessary emergency preparations now, you could be out of luck. So prep and plan, people!

Prepare For the Food Crisis – How to Store Your Own Food

Canning and preserving your own food is a cost-effective, efficient way to store vegetables and fruits you grow in your garden. It is also a way to preserve certain other, purchased, foods for times of need. With food prices rising, putting some fresh produce out of reach for middle class consumers, growing and canning your own food is a way to ensure that you will have healthy, nutritious food, if prices rise to more than you can pay, or if food is not available.

Recovering From Flood Damage

Recovering from flood and water damage is daunting. Here are some important steps homeowners with water damage should take to cleanup, repair and move on with their lives.

Surviving Post Peak Oil Civilization – What to Do If the Worst Happens

Without the necessary infrastructure to cope without petroleum a post Peak Oil society may prove to be a challenge. Here we examine what you can start thinking about now to ensure your survival should the worst happen.

Disaster Kits Can Save Lives

Bad weather is upon us again. It seems as if bad weather comes at least two seasons out of the year. During the winter time blizzards are happening more frequently in the Northern areas, and the coastal regions are preparing for Hurricanes.

Canning Bananas in the Form of Banana Butter

The price of bananas is expected to jump up as high as 36 cents in the next few weeks. Perhaps now would be a good time to can some banana butter before this happens.

Canning That Wonderful Bacon

In the event of a major emergency wouldn’t you still like to have your morning bacon, or perhaps your BLT for lunch? Here is how you can safely can your bacon for emergencies.

How to Legally Prepare For Natural Disasters

No one can predict when an emergency or disaster situation will occur, but if caught unprepared, a person faces a much greater burden and expense in resolving his or her legal affairs. Here are five tips to legally prepare for natural disasters and other life emergencies.

How to Prepare For Outdoor Survival Tactics For Hiking and Camping

Going Hiking, Camping? Spending Sometime outdoors? Are you prepared for if you get lost? Snakebite? Be Prepared!

How to Protect Your Family With Pre-Disaster Planning – Emergency Preparedness Plan

Emergency Preparedness Planning: How to protect your family with pre-disaster planning. There are many steps that can be taken to prevent harm to your family when a disaster strikes. The primary key to ensuring the safety of your family is to plan ahead.

6 Tips From Home Disaster Survivors

Looking back at 2007, it sure seems like nature had it in for the suburbs. The whole country was beset by weather related disasters. We had wildfires in Southern California, ice storms in the Midwest, and flooding in the Northeast.

Food and Water For Survival – You Have Insurance But Are You Really Prepared?

Our country is being occupied by an enemy force with an agenda to destroy our Constitution and dissolve our borders. Life as we know it is about to come to an abrupt end, done by design and Most of America is asleep. Are you prepared?

The Worst Has Happened – Are You Prepared?

A disaster has occurred in your home, in your neighborhood, in your city or your state. What do you do now?

Your 72 Hour Kit – Flash Drives and Document Storage

In the event of an emergency there is some documentation that you would want to have readily available and readily visible. Some sort of photo ID might be a prime example. A map of the area could prove invaluable as would be a list of family phone numbers and contact information. Photos of your immediate family members could assist authorities and others in locating any of those members who might become separated from the rest of your group during the initial stages of the emergency.

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