7 Items You Will Wish You Had During a Black Out!

7 Items You Will Wish You Had During a Black Out!

Small Game Trapping for Preppers

In a survival situation, food is scarce. Learning bushcraft and trapping skills is essential for survival. Survivalists and preppers should master basic trapping skills for hunting small game.

Earthquake Preparation Necessities – Always Be Prepared

Doesn’t it seem like earthquakes are happening at a more frequent rate around the world these days? Whether or not they are happening more often doesn’t really matter. What matters is that, if you live in an area that is prone to earthquakes, or has had an earthquake in the past, it is essential to have some necessities on hand should an earthquake strike and effect you and your family.

Tyvek Tents: 4 Ways To Improve Your Disposable Tent

Tyvek tarps are pretty cool. But when you start putting a Tyvek tent together, then its “disposable home improvement” time.

Tyvek Tent: 4 Reasons Why House Wrap Belongs In Your Survival Kit

Imagine bugging out in the middle of a natural disaster. And imagine a perfectly waterproof shelter on your back that weighs almost nothing.

Instant Tents: Here Are 4 Unique Types You May Not Have Seen Before

Space and weight are two survival shelter features that are critical. Every ounce and every cubit inch are precious.

Survival Blankets: These 2 Tips Will Keep You Warm In A Disaster

Why are survival blankets important? Where do they fit in?

Altoids Mini Survival Kits: A Stupid Idea?

There’s a trend that I’ve seen lately. Mini houses. People are building full blown houses on boat sized trailer frames and dragging them around the country.

Cheap Survival Shelter: Discover 2 Outstanding Ways To Keep Yourself Protected

Planning for shelter is important. But here’s the problem.

7 Instant Survival Shelters: From Home Wrap To Garbage Bags

With instant tents or tarps, some people get bogged down in useless details. They get sucked into edge seaming, waterproofing and other details.

Alternative Survival Shelters: Here Are 6 That Fit In Your Kit

In emergencies, shelter is critical. To prepare, you can fit any number of ultra lightweight survival tents in your kit.

Creating an Emergency Food Storage – What to Consider

If you are planning to take your very first steps toward preparing for food emergencies, you may feel overwhelmed. However, there are a good number of foods to choose from at the stores. Many websites, encourage people to start buying even small amounts of food related disaster items every time they go shopping.

What to Include in Emergency Food Kits

With proper food storage kits, people can easily have a lifetime provision of some foods. Some foods can easily stand the test of the bad times, and also continue being a support to the different families that keep it. Also, if you know all foods that can last indefinitely as well as how to store them safely for a long time, then you are definitely sure that you have the keys to your success.

Military Survival Kits: Wouldn’t You Like To Build Your Own?

Why are military survival kits important? Because lives depend on them every day.

Army Survival Kits: Would You Like To Learn From A Ranger?

The best survival kits are not cheap, feel good products. They are real, and solve a real problem.

Survival Navigation: Can You Find Your Way Without A GPS Or Compass?

Dump your GPS. Electronic navigation aids are wonderful devices.

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