7 Items To Buy During a Pandemic

7 Items To Buy During a Pandemic

What Should Be Included In Emergency Survival Kits

Disaster is something that cannot be avoided and it is hard to prevent devastating emergencies like fire, earthquake, flood, etc… But, appropriate preventive measures can be taken by people to protect themselves in the event of any form of disaster. Here comes emergency survival kits, which in addition to providing safety and supplies during an emergency, can also give us a peace of mind that everything is in place.

What Do Lifeguard Flags Mean?

Lifeguards use flags at the beach as a way to communicate the current conditions to patrons. In this post, find out what a few of the most common flags mean.

Improving Your Fire Awareness With Smoke And Fire Curtains

As a business owner, you are expected to take care of people who come in and out of your property, be it a prospective client, a return-business, a passerby or an employee. As the person in authority, you are also given the responsibility to keep the property and your human assets as safe as possible. Different safety precautions are adopted by companies worldwide to make sure that they won’t lose everything they worked hard for.

Which Attributes Would Evolution Favor In a Global Human Plague, Virus or Flu Pandemic?

Not long ago, I was discussing human evolution with an acquaintance. We both agreed of course that humans have certainly put themselves on the top of the food chain here on Earth. Still, we aren’t fools either, we also realize that with world jet travel, 3-degrees of separation (Internet), and 7+ billion people we had better pay attention. If we continue to procreate exponentially as we have in the past during his rather nice 10,000 year warming period, that eventually mother nature might end up curing us, the hard way, of our future over-population problem.

Aerial Rocket Artillery As Seen From the Cockpit

Aerial Rocket Artillery was a unique application of fire power by airmobile divisions in the Vietnam War. Here a veteran Aerial Rocket Artillery pilot describes how this air asset was used from the aspect of the view from the canopy.

Benefits of Fixed Candle Wall Lights – Decorative Interest and Essential Emergency Lighting

In an unforeseen event, such as, loss of power to your home, you will want to be prepared. You may, if you have wall candle sconces installed, already have emergency provisions in place. Wall candle sconces will prove to be very beneficial and appreciated when the power is out through the night time hours. Having survival gear, flashlights, matches and candles for provisions for at least 3 days is essential. Having candle wall lighting is not only a decorative element to your home; it is a provision of light source in the case of a power outage.

Recent Climate Change and Our Declining Infrastructure

Every year the United States is hit with hurricanes, floods, droughts, wildfires and other weather-related disasters. The U.S. has the world’s wildest weather extremes, no other place on the planet can boast its ferocious weather swings. Almost every day the news is telling us about some unusual weather event. We are experiencing torrential rain, unprecedented flooding, extreme drought, horrible wildfires, unusual blizzards, record setting tornadoes and hurricanes. No matter where you live, your area has undoubtedly been experiencing severe or unusual seasonable weather. Can it be possible that we are experiencing the worst period for disastrous weather-related events in our history?

Why Do Murderous Disgruntled Employees Always Shoot Up People In The Cafeteria?

After the summer of 2013 shooting at the Navy Yard in Washington DC a friend of mine asked me; why do rouge gunman always go to the cafeteria to shoot up other employees? Well, that is a good question, it’s as if some textbook somewhere especially tailored for rogue gunmen says to do it that way, and all these characters graduated from the same school. But seriously, let’s talk about this for a second, from a strategic objective standpoint.

Prepare Your Family for Emergencies – Plan, Kits and Supplies

It’s essential for every responsible individual to plan and be prepared for challenging situations in life. Emergencies can hit you at any time, and you have to be geared to face them. Get emergency food kits & supplies, and emergency preparedness kits for kids and elders to help you cope with dire situations in a healthy and efficient manner.

How to Prepare for an Earthquake With a Survival Kit

If you have ever lived through an earthquake or if you have recently moved into an area that is prone to earthquakes, you may be wondering how to prepare for one so that you can go through it successfully. In reality, there are numerous things that can be done to help prepare for an earthquake but there are some items which are more important than others. Here is a brief overview which can help you to get ready for an earthquake so that you and your family can survive.

Food Storage Mistakes

Civilization has collapsed, fire is raining from the sky, and all you’ve got to eat is what you have in your emergency food storage. I bet you wish you had taken a little more time setting that thing up, huh?

3 Guidelines for Maintaining Your Emergency Preparedness Kit

It is very important to make sure that you are prepared for an emergency by putting together a survival kit that has essential survival items. The kit will come in handy when you do not have ready access to important items that you need on a daily basis. It is important to have a survival kit, whether it is for your home or car.

Freeze Dried and Dehydrated Foods: Which Is The Better Method for Long Term Survival Food Storage

When it comes to long-term food storage, many people are confused about the differences between freeze-dried food and dehydrated food. Which type of food preservation is better? Is there really any significant difference between them? Let’s take a look at these two methods of food preservation, and see what their differences and their similarities are.

An Introduction to First Aid Certification

In many cases, the time taken for an injured person to receive health care by Relief Services can be critical to their life. In most cases, accidents create a chaotic situation where everyone wants to collaborate, but almost no one knows what needs to be done. In such a situation, the condition of the injured can be worsened and the people trying to help the injured individuals can also get hurt if the chaotic situation prevails. This is why, first aid training can be very helpful as such training programs can help individuals to understand what needs to done in case of an accident.

H7N9 Avian Flu In 2013 – Should We Be Worried Yet?

Well it appears that the CDC is paying attention to the upcoming flu season here in the US. We actually have several threats on the horizon; two strains of flu and the Middle Eastern MERS virus. Not very nice viruses to say the least, quite deadly in every regard, no not near 100% kill rate of an Ebola type virus, but scary nevertheless, for anyone unlucky enough to contract them. Let’s talk shall we?

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