7 Futuristic Survival Bug Out Bags That Last Forever

7 Futuristic Survival Bug Out Bags That Last Forever

And Yet Another Preparedness List

Once again I wandered around the net and discovered more items that should be enclosed in our preparedness kit for a rapid and quick get away should we need to leave an area quickly. On our web site you can readily find list after list after list. I think the key to using these lists is to continually compare them and add those items which you deem would be beneficial for you and your family. No one person can complete a list that would serve the purposes for everyone. The final selection of items rests in your hands.

Save Money, Save the Planet, Save Yourself

The new no battery flashlights are more than a convenience. They have no maintenance costs, are environmentally friendly and are always ready to work when you need them to work. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of regular flashlights.

EMF and Faraday Cages

Over the last several months my friend Wayne and I have had several discussions centered upon defeating the effects of EMF from a nuclear blast. As we all are aware these EMF signals are suppose to affect anything that has electronics in it from small radios to your automobile.

Survival Training Exercises With Babies and Children

When preparing for emergency survival situation you cannot properly prepare if you leave half your family at home. When having a survival exercise you must take each member of the family with you or your time is nothing but wasted. These family members should include small children and infants. Let’s face it should a real emergency occur these members will be with you then so don’t leave them at home with a baby sitter.

What a Flashlight – Much to My Surprise

Being a retired member of the United State military entitles me to use the various privileges found on any of our federal military bases and as such I would occasionally visit Dover Air Force base. While on the base I usually visit the commissary and purchase any miscellaneous foods that my family may need as well as to tour the local BX area.

What If a Blizzard Came – The Making of a Blizzard Survival Bag

Here you are driving in North Dakota in the middle of winter. You have the radio turned on and winter weather warnings are in effect for the complete state. The outside temperature is down around the 10 to 20 degree mark with wind speeds in excess of 40 miles per hour. You have been moving slowly at a snails pace since it is difficult to see ten feet in front of you. No other cars have been sighted for the last 40 minutes.

A Place For the Boy Scouts in Survival Training

Since the occurrence of 9-11 it has become very evident that we as Americans must be equipped for any emergency. Even if we did not take into consideration situations fashioned by foreign adversaries and deliberated upon only the increased calamities associated with the weather it still adds up to the fact that we must be prepared.

Ways to Help You Cope Emotionally With Survival

Let’s face it; nothing can really prepare us for an actual survival situation. There are simply too many variables involved and the always present danger lurks deep in our minds. With the thought of having to survive in the wild on our own brings forth a flood of emotions such as shock, anger, disbelief, depression, fear, hopelessness and denial. But try as we may the fact remains that the situation is real and must therefore be dealt with accordingly.

What Number Please?

It is extremely important that during any sort of emergency that you keep in touch with family members and friends. This simple act keeps the family from worrying and contacting the authorities in an effort to find out what your status is. These simple procedures may help to ease the way you contact people.

Alternate Plans For Safe Retreats

While we may think that we are clever and very smart when it comes to creating different scenarios which could take place in the real world when danger threatens us we may find that we are merely fooling ourselves. We will never know for sure if we are selecting the proper course of hunkering down or perhaps to bug out.

Storing Condiments

I would like to share a little hint with my site visitors. If you happen to think that I am a little on the weird side then think about what I am going to say for just a little bit longer.

On the Importance of Survival Kits During Blackouts

As soon as any sort of emergency situation is over the people involved usually vow that they will be well prepared should the same thing happen to them in the future. The problem is that when disaster strikes again they are generally no better prepared the second time then they were the first.

Food Protection During a Power Outage

Actually the process of protecting your food during a power outage begins way before the outage ever occurs. As a responsible survivalist your major goal in food storage should rest upon selection of foods which do not require cold storage. You should stock up on many of the shelf stable foods that are available such as canned vegetables and fruits, various juices, peanut butter, trail mixes, energy bars and any other type of foods which do not require freezing.

Practice Or Store

I sat in my living room chair watching the military channel on cable last evening and all of a sudden I started to think about all the ammo which is being wasted for practice. The thought occurred to me that perhaps all this practice is simply not necessary. What will these same people do in the event that ammo is extremely scarce when the big emergency occurs? The only thing I can envision them doing is sitting on the curve with their head in their hand wishing that they had not wasted such a valuable commodity.

Preparedness For Freezing Weather

Well we have finally reached the month of January and we all realize that sooner or later we are going to receive some very frigid weather. When these winter months approach us we have to be prepared or suffer at the hands of old Mr. Winter. I have included a few tips in this article on getting ready for the upcoming winter season.

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