5 Items I Don’t Bring Camping Anymore #Shorts

5 Items I Don't Bring Camping Anymore #Shorts

How Do I Survive 2012?

2012 is actually not that far away. Those of you who already know how and what you need to do to prepare for it, realize that now is the time to act and learn how to prepare for 2012. If you’re asking yourself how do I survive 2012?

The Fight of Your Life – Must-Have Self-Defense Moves

In an ideal world, the closest you will ever get to an attacker will be what you see on television. Unfortunately that is not the case for everyone. Here we look at a few basic self defense moves everyone should know.

Emergency Disaster First Aid Supplies

An emergency first aid kit should contain a variety of basic supplies that will enable you to handle the most typical, non-life threatening injuries. You can either purchase a pre-assembled first aid kit, or create your own.

How to Treat Contaminated Water

If you live in an area where natural disasters are likely to occur, such as a flood plain, hurricane or tornado region, or a known earthquake zone, you hopefully have an adequate supply of water stored in advance. However, in rare emergency disaster situations, after you have used all of your stored water, or when no reliable sources of water are available, you will need to treat all water of uncertain quality.

Emergency Water Sources in Your Home

A safe and secure water source is always a top priority when you are preparing for an emergency disaster situation. Unfortunately, natural disasters and emergency survival situations are not known for being predictable. If you should find yourself in an emergency disaster situation, without a supply of fresh water, you still have several options.

How to Prepare an Emergency Water Supply

The first item in any emergency survival kit should be water. An adequate supply of clean, drinkable water is a top priority during survival preparedness. The average, active person should drink approximately 2 quarts of water a day. If you live in a hotter climate you will need to drink more, as will children and nursing mothers.

Additional Items For an Emergency Preparedness Survival Kit

Your basic emergency survival preparedness kit will contain the most essential items such as water, food, a battery operated radio and flashlight. But it is also important to remember that other factors such as your particular location (flood, tornado or hurricane zone), your local weather, personal/family medical needs, and pets, will also impact what your survival kit should contain.

Recommended Emergency Disaster Survival Supplies

The ability to survive an emergency disaster situation does not depend as much on luck, as it does on being prepared. There are several simple steps that you can take immediately to increase your preparedness for an emergency disaster situation.

Bug Bite & Bee Sting First Aid and Natural Remedy Recipes

It is important that parents and caretakers have a first aid box and procedure book on hand, in the home, in the event of accidents, illnesses, and emergencies. Here are some natural remedies to disinfect, soothe, and prevent further swelling of bug bites, bee and wasp stings and first aid procedure for removing a stinger.

Better Protection With a New Flashlight Stun Gun

It is a fact that we all need to be concerned with our safety. These days we can never be too careful. This is unfortunate but it is also a reality. If you are alone a lot then you need to be extra careful and protect yourself just in case. One way that a lot of people are doing this is with a flashlight stun gun.

2012 – The Psychology of Living Underground – Community, Social Interaction & Quality of Life

During a natural catastrophe, survivors in an underground facility can achieve successful social interaction by implementing a plan to address any issues that may arise during underground daily activities. In many instances, the perception that capable management (a team in control when someone calls a subterranean 911) has been put in place can go a long way in building a level of confidence that provides peace of mind. Equally important, preservation of quality of life can contribute immensely to the success of the effort.

Accidents are Defined As an Unplanned Event

An accidents is defined as an unplanned event that may or may not result in personal injury or property damage. Accidents are often categorized by their severity and impact, as follows: Near-miss – No one was injured and no damage to property occurred, but during which either are warnings which should not be overlooked or taken lightly; Property damage – An unplanned event that resulted in damage to tools, materials, or equipment, but no injures…

Panic Bolts – Emergency Exits Made Safe, Easy & Convenient

In any establishment, fire exits that are safely locked on normal days, yet easy to open in the case of emergencies is vastly essential. Thankfully, gone are the days of using a “glass breakable” tool which is at often times unsafe especially when accidentally opened by children. Nowadays, the use of ceramic panic bolts is becoming more and more widespread.

2012 – Get Ready, Get Set

Why wait to find out if the predictions are true or false? Life changes in a flash and you will want to be prepared whether your changes occur next week, next month or next year.

Using Fire Blankets in Times of Need

In 2007, 31,000 fire incidents were recording in buildings in the United Kingdom. Of these, 36 people died. Such an alarming amount happening in building establishments only poses a challenge for business owners to toughen up their fire preventive measures to make sure that such unpleasant event does not happen to them.

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