5 Biggest LIES You Where Told About Prepping!

5 Biggest LIES You Where Told About Prepping!

Safety Concerns in Educational Institutions

Tradition versus modernity. Economic development has been responsible for enhanced facilities in educational institutions.

Jobs That Will Require First Aid Training

The right first aid techniques must be performed well during emergencies to ensure its success. Undergoing the right training or course is a necessity.

Five Things You Need to Do Right Now to Be Prepared For a Natural or Man-Made Disaster

In today’s world we need to be vigilant and prepared for sudden changes in our environment which may be brought on by Mother Nature or Political Activities. We all want to protect our family from harm, and preparedness for disaster emergencies should be one of our top priorities.

278 Million Americans Are Totally Unprepared

It is not likely that your grandparents, parents, teachers, spiritual counselors or even your government have taught you how important it is to be prepared for an emergency, disaster or catastrophe. There is more than a 90% chance that my statement is accurate based upon numerous surveys conducted recently to determine how many Americans are prepared for an apocalypse. Was I wrong, or are you by chance part of the 10% that is totally prepared for a catastrophic change in your world as you know it? If you are not, than let me assure you, based upon the most recent predictions of scientists, meteorologists, seismologists, geologists, volcanologists, physicists, astronomers, geophysicists, oceanographers and epidemiologists, you should be storing up a few extra cans of beans.

A Little About Portable Generators

Electrical back-up is so important these days where we depend on essential appliances to keep our food from spoiling, our residence warm or cool in harsh temperatures and a few lights to make it around in the dark. Here are a few thoughts about portable generators and the importance of having one around for such emergencies or just to simply power up more recreational fun!

The Top 4 Off The Grid Water Purification Systems

Your survival in any emergency situation will hinge on your access to clean, drinking water. It isn’t going to be about the food or even the shelter. It is all about the water.

Natural Disaster DIY Electricity Generation Options

One of the most likely scenarios following any natural disaster, civil uprising or invasion of enemy troops is going to be a loss of power. It is no secret the power grid is not stable. It is susceptible to physical damage as well as internal damage via a computer hack job.

5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Emergency Food Storage Area

Your emergency survival plan will likely include an area where you will store food, water and other basic supplies. This area deserves some special attention, I call it the emergency food supply isle. After all, it is the place that holds the key to you survival.

Tips For The Successful Prepper

Over the past few years there has been a revolution of sorts with people all over the country preparing their homes, their families and their lives for darker times. Though it may seem like a simple thing to accomplish, there are many things a prepper should know and have ready for if that time comes. Preparedness is more than just having extra jugs of water to drink and few extra canned goods. Being truly prepared means to have every aspect of your life and home ready for the dark chance you’d need it. Here are a few things that every prepper should know.

Safety Protection: Your Source for Safety Information

Life is very important and accidents can happen anytime during the life. Fire is an accident which can lead damage to lives property and those around us in few seconds only. If you are an entrepreneur or bought a new house, you should definitely think about a reliable fire protection system to protect your colleagues and family members in case of any fire emergency. It helps in minimizing property loss by pointing out the potential dangers in your property.

Winter Home Fire Safety

The greatest number of home fires occur in the winter because we are all trying to stay warm, cook special meals and decorate for Thanksgiving and Christmas. In addition, fuels are more expensive and many are trying to heat their homes with portable devices which present an added fire potential. Holiday decorating always brings more sparkling lights, extension cords and candles. All are beautiful, but all add to the fire load within your home.

5 Ways to Provide Heat for Your Home During a Power Outage

When faced with a power outage, providing heat for your home doesn’t need to be compromised. Here you’ll find 5 detailed ways to keep warm, especially during winter, if such an occurrence should happen.

What Fire Extinguisher Services Can Do for You

A fire extinguisher is only good as it works and if it doesn’t work, you may as well toss it into the bin. If you reach for your extinguisher during an emergency and it doesn’t work, then what? The consequences can be dire. The key to keeping your fire terminating equipment up to code is by having it routinely serviced by a professional fire equipment company. Did you know that a fire extinguisher is a priceless means of defence during a fire? It is very important that you keep your equipment working well both in the residential and commercial setting. One of the biggest problems lies in the fact that extinguishers often go unnoticed until it is time to use them. This can deter routine maintenance from taking place.

CPR Overview

Every day around the world, CPR (also called cardiopulmonary resuscitation) is used to save lives. CPR has been used to save the lives of children who have swallowed something accidentally or gotten into a pool when they don’t know how to swim, and even the lives of adults suffering from a heart attack.

National Fire Prevention Week: Fire Safety Tips

Fire safety and prevention begins at home. Learn how to stay safe while cooking or baking in your kitchen.

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