5 Best Foldable Pocket Knives #Shorts

5 Best Foldable Pocket Knives #Shorts

How to Prepare Your Home For Natural Disaster

None of us would want to deal with natural disasters. However, it is better to be prepared and not use the preparations than being caught off guard. Several natural disasters can strike us. Among them are storm, flood and hurricane. Although we do not want this to happen to us, making certain preparations will help us when disaster strikes.

Two Types of Fire Hose Reels – The Swing Type and the Continuous Hose Reel

A fire hose reel is an essential fire safety device for high-rise buildings and wide area establishments. It is able to provide a controlled water supply to combat fire and preventing it to spread to other areas.

The Significance of Fire Safety Signs and How it Can Save Your Life

Fire safety signs are an important part of keeping people protected in the event of a fire outbreak. It is also one of the best ways to uphold fire safety and increases every person’s chance of surviving a fire.

Fire Alarms – A Fundamental Guide in the Different Types and Categories of a Fire Alarm

Fire alarm systems are a reliable way to protect your family from an impending fire outbreak. It is able to provide people inside the establishment and home enough time to escape or be informed that a fire is erupting.

Understanding the Use of Intumescent Strips and Their Role in Combating Fire Outbreaks

In this modern time and age, science has provided the world with various fire protection devices to fulfill the needs of many individuals. Fire fighting equipment is not only limited to common tools such as fire blankets, fire extinguishers, automatic fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and fire alarms anymore. There are already devices that are specifically designed to provide utmost protection against fire emergencies. One of these devices is intumescent strips.

Winter and Cold Weather Safety

Just as the hot summer months pose weather dangers such as sunburns, heat strokes and heat exhaustion, the cold waves of the winter months pose there own. There is an abundance of outdoor sports activities the winter season brings to us. Anything from skiing and snowboarding to ice climbing, ice fishing, nature walk’s, hiking, and backpacking just to name a few.

Cracking of Indian Ocean Plate, and the Reality For Massive Problems Around the World

Did you know that many geologists that study tectonic plates are worried that the tectonic plate under the Indian Ocean might break? If that does happen our planet will completely change, and a good many of the species on this planet will die off. It is these kinds of severe disruptions in the geology of the earth which cause mass extinction events of plants and animals.

Pepper Shot Pepper Spray and How to Find the One That is Right For You

Pepper Shot Pepper Spray comes in many different styles and sizes. This makes it easy for everyone to find one that is the right self defense weapon for you. We will discuss your options and help you choose your best fit.

Collective Action For Disaster Management

The world community need consistent reminders of the challenges which natural disasters posed and the consequences of inaction. Numerous past wake-up calls by international aid agencies, disaster management institutions and practitioners somehow dissipated in the milieu of challenges and issues at hand. It behooves comprehensive collective action if the world community want to sustain the quality of life for mankind for future generations.

Major Earthquakes – Should We Be Concerned by the Unusual Recent Large Earthquake Activity?

The end of September and first couple of weeks of October 2009 were really quite unusual as far as earthquake data goes. This period has been a rollercoaster with as many as 24 major earthquakes in one day and represents a heightened period of world major earthquakes. On either side of this peak at the end of September, there were some other fairly large daily totals too, so this activity is not just an individual daily anomaly, but a more sustained period of crustal unrest.

It’s Hurricane Season – Be Prepared

Every year, hurricanes threaten the lives and property of millions of Americans. With hurricane season upon us, let’s look at what you can be doing right now to prepare and protect your family because, as the Red Cross advises, “taking steps to prepare ahead of time can help you respond better and stay safer in an emergency.”

Surviving December 2012

To be really honest end of the world prophecies are something that spreads around like a wild forest fire. We as human beings are always so intrigue and subconsciously scared to know the time of our death, of course nobody wants to die, but we know death is something we can’t stop, so it will be helpful in some way or the other, if we know the end of our time. Probably a decade ago there was this news regarding the end of our planet by vague object that will fall from sky and cause destruction of this planet.

Things to Do During a Heat Storm

The states which mostly experience this heatwave are Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Minnesota, Nebraska and California. The adverse effects of this prolonged period of excessively hot weather may include power outage due to excess usage of air conditioning, crop failure, possible massive wildfires, and death.

Survival Packs – Preparing to Meet Mother Nature

When headed to meet the wilderness, survival gear is the first thing that the seasoned nature enthusiast thinks about. What to buy, how much to buy, and where to buy: these are the most common questions a person asks himself while preparing a survival pack, and these are what we will attempt to answer. First, you need to decide exactly what you are going to need.

Do You Have an End of the World Survival Guide?

Are you interested in or do you think you need an end of the world survival guide? While some may certainly scoff at this idea, others realize that while the world may not end, there are always threats to themselves and to their society in general which need to be taken very seriously.

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