21 Items The CDC Wants YouTo Own #shorts

21 Items The CDC Wants YouTo Own #shorts

Is There Water You Need to Avoid During a Disaster Or Emergency Situation?

It seems like no matter how often you turn on the TV news or open a newspaper, there’s somewhere in the world that is facing some type of natural disaster or other emergency situation. Have you ever thought about what would happen to you and your family if something similar were to happen in the area where you live?

Don’t Lose All Your Stuff in a Hurricane!

As hard as it is to believe, it’s happened again. The people of Chile were shaken out of bed this morning by a magnitude 8.8 Earthquake. According to CNN and other news outlets, it’s 1000 times more powerful than the Earthquake that struck Haiti last month. If you’re like everyone else, you’re not only wondering what’s going on. You’re wondering, how to keep your own family and home safe, if something similar were to happen in your own city.

Car Emergency Preparedness

They say it’s funny how people are afraid of flying when statistics tell us that you are more likely to get into a car accident than you are to get into a plane crash. Apart from crashing, though, there are many emergencies that can happen to you when traveling in your car.

How to Survive Bushcraft

Bushcraft basically refers to the craft of surviving in among the bushes. It is necessary to learn about bushcraft and to get experience as well in order to be able to successfully achieve the art of bushcraft. About a thousand years ago our ancestors would have been able to live in the bush and bushcraft would have been second nature to them.

10 Questions For Emergency Preparedness

We don’t look forward to anything happening to us but it is wise to be prepared and have a plan in place if you were to face an emergency situation. I am going to walk you step by step by asking you ten questions that will help you think through what you need to do. The best time to prepare for an emergency is before it happens.

Poverty in Africa – Please Share Your Skills With Us

Over the past two weeks I have written about my travels in East Africa last year and what poverty in Africa is really like and shared the views of folk I work with on the ground. In the last thread I wrote about the folk in Ruhanga and the search for clean water

Keep a Minor Emergency Kit in Your Vehicle at All Times

It’s bad when they ask you for help and you don’t have what you need to help them. That is why it is a good idea to carry an emergency kit with you at all times.

Introduction to Creating an Emergency Earthquake Plan

If you live in an earthquake zone and have the desire to prepare for a potential high magnitude earthquake, here are several suggestions to get you started. The suggestions below are divided into two categories: (1) what you should know and (2) what you should do.

Bulk Food Storage Secrets – Storing Food in Small Spaces For Your Survival Preparedness Plan

Even if you have limited space in your home, you can build viable food storage that can get you through tough times. With a little creative thinking and a little ingenuity you can find clever ways to store food for an emergency.

Chubb Fire Extinguishers – Life-Saving Tools For a Safer Home

Fire extinguishers are an absolute necessity in the home. Even though there may be a good chance that this fire equipment will be mounted on the wall for quite some time, it may also be your only method of fighting a fire that can easily erupt in your home.

Fire Extinguisher Basics – How to Properly and Effectively Use a CO2 Fire Extinguisher

CO2 fire extinguishers are an ideal choice for putting out fires caused by electricity and those originating from the kitchen. To be able to use this type of extinguisher correctly, you need to equip yourself with the proper knowledge and tips to utilize it successfully.

Water Fire Extinguisher – The Traditional Approach in Fighting Simple Fires

Water has often been the first means utilized to put out a small fire as it is an element that can be very effective and useful against flames. Most home fires are caused by combustible materials such as paper, wood and fabric. With this idea in mind, it is no wonder that one of the most frequently seen extinguishers found in homes and establishments is a water fire extinguisher.

Achieving Safety and Style With a Chrome Fire Extinguisher

Nowadays, people are more concerned and expectant on how something appears beautiful and agreeable rather than how these things are able to keep them safe and protected. This is not a revelation as modern society has often preferred to look and show their best in any affair no matter the cost. Although safety and style can be two different aspects, these two features can be achieved in this day and age. This is possible through the use of a chrome fire extinguisher.

Keeping Your Fire Extinguishers Safe and Efficient by Utilizing Fire Extinguisher Stands and Cabinet

One of the best way to uphold fire safety is to ensure that the possibility of a fire erupting is prevented. This can be realized by educating each member of the family or workforce with the different types of fire fighting equipment that can be the means of preventing a small insignificant fire to turn into destructive flames.

Upholding Fire Safety With the Use of an Automatic Fire Extinguisher

The United Kingdom is a country that has not been spared by the sudden circumstances of a fire eruption. Hundreds of properties and buildings are destroyed every year as well as the fact that it can sometimes even lead death to fire victims. Therefore, it is only crucial that essential fire fighting equipment is within easy reach at all times as fire can be one of the principal cause of fatalities all over the world. An ideal option for a fire fighting equipment that can be very effective in a fire outbreak is the automatic fire extinguisher.

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