11 Items FEMA Wants You To Keep In Your Home

11 Items FEMA Wants You To Keep In Your Home

Survival Reminders – Five More Ways to Prepare for an Emergency

Recent winter storms and earthquakes have again reminded citizens to make plans and build up supplies to allow them to make it through a disaster. There’s more to preparation than just storing food and water, of course. Here are five more reminders that are often overlooked — and that could be critical to your safety and survival.

What’s Cooking After The Earthquake?

Managing your food supply after an earthquake takes pre-planning. If you don’t want to throw away everything in your refrigerator and freezer when the power goes off, you’ll need a way to cook some of it. And you won’t have a microwave or stove! Shop now for the best camp stove. Know what to eat first and what to save for later. And try to make it appetizing; unfamiliar “rations” may keep you alive but won’t keep you satisfied.

Overview of EMT Training in NJ

In the state of New Jersey, EMT-Basic is responsible for performing quick prehospital emergency cares to victims of accidents, critical illness, and disaster prior to transporting patients to satellite emergency department or acute care hospital for necessary cares by a physician or a registered nurse. EMT Training in NJ provides competences to perform basic emergency life support care.

Emergency Action Plan To Live Through A Pandemic Plague

How do you survive a h1n1 swine influenza and a h5n1 bird or avian flu pandemic outbreak? This step-by-step emergency action plan gives you the most important action steps to take to maximize your survival chances.

EMT Training in New York for Competencies in Emergency Medical Services

EMT Training in New York is designed to give Entry-level competence to emergency medical technicians. The training program provides necessary skills and knowledge for performing safe and effective emergency medical care at the time of emergencies.

Meet The New Outdoor Favorite: The Jobsite Radio

We all know how vital a radio is in emergency readiness scenarios. In times of distress, whether it is during a simple family getaway or a serious outdoor situations such as a storm in the middle of a fishing trip, a handy source of information could mean the difference between life and death. However, most radios are not built to withstand the heavy abuse of the wild outdoors. Even one’s limited supply of spare batteries is rendered useless without anything to energize. This is the main reason a new type of radio receivers had recently been born into the market, one which many people still are not familiar with: the jobsite radio.

The One Important Key You Really Should Know To Live Through A Frightening Tsunami

Seeing numerous rapidly approaching tsunamis after the huge earthquake had a frightening impact on those trapped on the beach. The ocean unexpectedly withdrew from the shore exposing big stretches of the seabed… it was now too late for any holiday travelers to run. Discover the one powerful secret you should know to survive a colossal tsunami after a devastating earthquake.

Find EMT Training in California Details

In the state of California, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and Paramedics are responsible for providing quality emergency medical care, prevention of injury, and responding quickly to natural disasters. EMT Training in California trains students and volunteers with necessary skills and knowledge for prehospital life saving emergency care, safe interfacility transfer within the EMS facility, and transport of victims to hospitals and emergency units.

Getting Equipped for a Safe Camping Season

Going on a cross-country adventure or staying home, your chances of facing an emergency are equal. Therefore, you should never be too sure that hanging around the homestead is safer than going on an outdoor adventure or that camping increases your vulnerability to emergencies. Regardless of your location and timing, you can find yourself in an emergency situation at anytime. But there is a way to protect yourself from the unpredictable occurrence of an emergency. All you have to do is expect an emergency is going to happen and equip yourself for that.

Top Ten Reasons To Choose An LED Flashlight

With natural resources and renewable energy facing challeneges of an ever-increasing world population, energy conservation has come to the forefront of many discussions about how to maintain our very existence. Not many items have gained the notoriety of the LED light and flashlight. LED stands for ‘light emitting diode.’ LED lights are very different than standard bulbs in that they do more with less as we will discuss in this article – something that we have all been able to relate to these days. LED flashlights not only conserve energy, they provide reliability and brighter light than a traditional flashlight during emergencies and other times when you need it the most.

Is a Concealed Firearm Permit Enough?

Of all the reasons to carry a concealed weapon, the most compelling is self-defense. A recent Gallup poll reports 67% of American adult gun owners have their weapon “for protection against crime.” If you are one of those who own or are considering purchasing a weapon for self-defense, the data would suggest that your logic is sound.

Emergency Planning: It’s Not Enough to Be Prepared For Just Yourself

With only 50% of Americans having made any significant preparations for coping with a disaster, even well-prepared citizens will be faced with a terrible choice when the worst happens. When people arrive at their doorstep asking for food and water, do they hand over their precious supplies, thereby weakening their own ability to survive, or do they turn their neighbors away? Here’s another easy and inexpensive way to encourage neighbors to prepare.

Seven Top Tips For Weathering A Hurricane

A hurricane is potentially a devastating catastrophe that typically affects tropical regions. It is a cyclone that brings along powerful winds and storms frequently accompanied by thunder and lightning. Super-sized hurricanes have appeared from time to time and have wiped out many regions and claimed a huge number of lives. The one sure way to fight them is to be prepared for them. Since these are natural disasters, they cannot be avoided primarily because their power, storm track, and landfall are totally unpredictable. They follow an erratic path which is what makes them so dangerous. The only way to minimize the most serious consequences of a hurricane is to have suitable escape strategy in place.

Must-Know on Emergency Preparation

It is so cliche to hear that “prevention is better than cure”. But we must admit that in all aspect, when it comes to safety and security, this cliche thing definitely applies. That is why we need to know all the aspects of emergency preparation before the calamity strikes us.

5 Tips for More Effective Emergency Response

Emergencies happen every day. The reason you don’t hear about them is because lifeguards are prepared and disaster is quelled. Use these 5 tips to help you prepare for emergency and be ready when disaster strikes.

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