10 Survival Skills Every Man Should Know!

10 Survival Skills Every Man Should Know!

5 Ways to Make Preparedness Training Fun For the Entire Family

If you’re serious about being prepared for any possible disasters, you need to get your entire family behind you. While you can simply demand cooperation, it will work better if you find ways to make everyone want to participate. Here are five techniques to make that easier.

Prophecy 2012 – What You Need to Know to Survive the Doomsday Prediction

Some theories that have also emerged include the Earth shifting on its axis caused by a large asteroid impacting the Earth. This would cause a global catastrophe where millions would die and possibly mark the end of civilization as we know it. The effect of such and impact would be tsunamis, earth quakes and global darkness due to the sun being blocked by debris throw in to the atmosphere.

Deserted Island Survival – Would You Know What to Do?

The popular reality show “Lost”, which may have fantastical elements, still is an accurate example of the kind of troubles faced when stranded on a deserted island. Though the chances of you ever crash landing or getting marooned on a deserted island are slim, they are still there. Here are a few things you can do, should you get stranded on an island.

Dangerous Fires – Classifying & Suppressing Them

All fires have the potential to get out of control and potentially cause property damage or personal injury. Not all fires, however, work the same way. Differences in the source or nature of a fire can greatly affect the fire suppression technique firefighters employ. To better respond to and suppress fires, they are often divided into classes. In the United States, fires are divided into five classes: A, B, C, D, K. These classes are defined in terms of the source of the fire, and each class requires its own particular techniques.

Surviving the Wilderness

No matter how many jungle movies you’ve seen, surviving the jungle isn’t as easy as it looks. Death can come in the form of a malaria infested mosquito bite, a rabid tiger or even a poisonous plant, hence surviving isn’t a piece of cake.

You Can Save a Life! Learn How to Perform Basic First Aid

In reality, we have to be ready for any possible scenario. There are many surprises and situations that require immediate action and when we encounter an emergency, we have to act twice as fast, and be three times as careful.

Backup Plan For Emergency Supply of Water

I recently found myself in a very significant discussion with a new survivalist who was greatly disturbed about not having an adequate supply of food and water. We sat and discussed an assortment of ways to accumulate survival foods and the diverse types of foods at his disposal for use in his emergency kits. Finally we began discussing his necessary water resources.

The Predator Threat During Survival Times

We have formerly addressed the problems of residing in the vicinity of a prison when a major calamity threatens our well being. Now I would like to go one step further with that proposal and discuss attitudes. It has been alleged that during the collapse of the Bosnia infrastructure the cell doors of their prisons were opened widely allowing the liberation of many dangerous criminal elements upon society once again.

Prepare Your Home For Natural Disaster

Your home may be your only shield against these disasters. For this, it is important that you keep it disaster-proof. You have to do this to lessen the impact of the disaster. You want to make sure you have all options to ensure safety and survival of your family, if in case things go crazy.

Chinese Epidemics and Pandemics – A Real Threat

In the United States everyone seems to have their hair up in a tizzy about the potential swine flu out-break that everyone expects this winter. The Mexico City Swine Flu break-out, was quite serious, quite serious indeed. And American citizens have a right to be concerned, as a mixture of human, bird, and swine flu strains mutated together is a problem, which we have to watch carefully.

Does Pepper Spray Have a Shelf Life?

Pepper Sprays do in fact have a shelf life. It is recommended that a Pepper Spray be inspected regularly to insure its reliability as a personal protection device.

Long Life Food Storage

Usually there are specific factors involved which determine how long stored foods will last in the food storage pantry. These factors involve such variables as the temperature of your storage facility, the amount of moisture that is in the stored foods, the quantity of air found in the storage container and the actual storage container itself.

Emergency Preparedness and First Aid Kits

There are so many different options in first aid sets – small first aid kits, large first aid kits, various professional trauma bags, even military trauma bags. The inventory of materials and supplies in these setups varies widely and the number of different class specifications makes comparing and contrasting the various trauma bag contents difficult at best.

A Guide to Survival Schools

Survival School, Boot Camps, Camping Schools and several other institutions around the world can teach you the basics and much more advanced techniques of survival in the outdoors. Some survival schools focus on urban survival, specializing in survival skills in terrorist attacks and hostile situations.

How to Prevent and Treat Hypothermia

Keeping warm and dry in a survival situation is crucial to survival preparedness. Warmth and shelter is often overlooked as many survival preparedness enthusiasts focus on food, water, and first aid. Hypothermia has the same importance as other survival preparedness topics, if not more so….

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