10 Survival Items You NEED in Your Vehicle

10 Survival Items You NEED in Your Vehicle

Self Defense Sprays Against Humans and Animals – How Not to Confuse Pepper Spray For Bear Spray

Pepper spray and bear spray may have the same composition and pretty much works on the same concept. Truth is, they are entirely different products. Pepper spray is effective for deterring human attackers but it will definitely not stop a bear from attacking you. This is the reason why you should know their differences. You cannot effectively protect yourself if you are confused and unprepared.

Do We Know the Date of the End of the World?

Do we really know for certain the date of the end of the world? We can read and study prophecy, and we can add our own interpretation to all that we learn. We can read the writing on the wall… if we choose to pull our heads out of the sand. I urge you to see with your eyes and hear with your ears, and heed the warnings of what others of long-ago say about what may very soon transpire.

Using Your Stored Food in Actual Recipes

Your stored up food supply is useless to you if you can not come up with imaginative ways in which to prepare it. With this thought clearly in mind I would like to present several useful and tasty methods of employing your food storage supplies to make an actual meal.

5 Risk Management Tips For Aid Workers

Often based in 3rd world countries, aid workers and volunteers often have to work in a high risk, often volatile environment. This is due to general conditions, extreme weather and people who try to obstruct aid getting to their community in what usually is seen as a struggle for power.

Hurricane Preparation Week Declared by Obama – But Who Cares If You Don’t Live in Hurricane Country?

Hurricane prediction revisions will come out on June 1st more pessimistic than previously expressed or predicted by the prognosticators. So what? Even if you don’t live and work in hurricane country, are your customers, suppliers and shipping routes at risk? What can you do about it? 5 tips.

Disaster Survival For Normal People

Information about preparing to survive a disaster is no longer for the wackos and crazies that believe in the end of the earth. The world is getting to be a less friendly place and now you need to be prepared too!

Where the End of Friendship Begins

During times of crisis friendships often become strained and stressed out. It doesn’t matter how close of ties that may have previously existed it becomes a time of uncertainty and suspicion.

A Child’s Bug Out Kit of Entertainment

I have previously mentioned in my writings that when a bug out situation arises it is imperative to provide the younger members of our family with something to occupy their time. In this case it is what I call “A Child’s Bug Out Kit of Entertainment”.

Daily Preparations For Emergencies

The time to start preparing and to establish a sufficient supply of preparedness items is way before an event actually happens. Before these problem times arrive and you are required to bug out you need to carefully look at what items you and your family use and are needed on a daily basis. Next in order to get an accurate count on the quantity of items necessary you should then multiply this figure by the number of days you expect to be in a bug out condition.

Should You Invest in a Scanner?

I have several friends who seem to be addicted to eavesdropping upon the goings on of the various police and fire activities carried out over the small hand-held scanners. Unlike the earlier versions of these scanners from years back they are all self-contained and no specific crystal selection is necessary. I personally have one of these small units and they are great to use. All you need to do is basically select a specific band and you are set to go.

Could You Survive an Urban Disaster?

It’s a dirty little fact that we all want to ignore. The world is becoming an increasingly unfriendly place every day.

Ammunition Inventory

Have you ever considered inventorying your supply of ammunition? You may wish to give that idea a slight bit of consideration. If you are like me you purchase ammo on a regular basis and over a period of time can easily forget what you have for emergencies supplies.

The Ultimate in Shocking Self Defense Tools – Using Stun Guns As Self Defense Weapons

It pays to be prepared. A violent attack could happen at any moment. You have to be prepared to defend yourself when it matters most. Find out more about using self defense tools, like Stun Guns for personal protection against violent criminals.

How to Easily Create an Emergency Food Stockpile

It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or take up a lot of space to create an emergency food stockpile. Here are a few great tips.

Do Your Hurricane Preps Now

There are detailed items that are indispensable in any hurricane kit and there are the optional bits and pieces that are nice to have. Let’s first talk about the necessities that should be included in such a kit.

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