10 Emergency Items You Forgot To Buy

10 Emergency Items You Forgot To Buy

3 Reasons Why Fire Safety Training is Important

When it comes to disasters, one of the most feared calamities that people do not want to experience is fire. Fire can take away everything right before your eyes.

5 Fire Safety Equipment Must-Haves

According to statistics, fire is one of the leading causes of mortality all over the world. It can happen anytime, may occur anywhere and can hurt anyone. That is why more and more people are becoming concerned on making their homes safer from fire.

4 Uses of Fire Blankets You Might Not Be Aware Of

One of the most important tools in fire safety is the fire blanket. In its simplest form, these are pieces of fabric made from wool or fiberglass.

Different Water Fire Extinguishers to Match Distinct Fire Classes

A fire extinguisher is a fire protection device use to control or put out small fires, frequently in emergency cases. It is not proposed for used in big and unmanageable fire that needs expertise of a fire department.

4 DON’TS to Remember When Using Fire Extinguishers

A fire extinguisher is an excellent investment for safety. It gives homes and workplaces the first line of defense against fires.

Lemon Essential Oil Benefits

Lemon essential oil has been used for ages. It has been around in history for hundreds of years. It is said to have originated out of the Middle East, and was introduced in Europe as early as the 1400s.

Stun Gun Voltage – How Much Will I Need to Disable My Attacker?

When buying a stun gun for your personal protection, you need to take into consideration several aspects. One of such is the voltage. A higher voltage would mean faster and quicker disabling effect on your attacker. However, voltage will not be material if you do not even know how to use the device you chose.

East Anglian Air Ambulance a Vital Service

The East Anglian Air Ambulance EAAA is a vital charity service run in the east of England, working every day of the year the dedicated team of skilled pilots, paramedics and doctors have for ten years saved lives in East Anglia. Equipped to deal with many emergency medical situations the charity raises three Million ponds a year from lottery funding supported by a network of dedicated groups, individuals and local businesses that all help to raise money for the service.

Shake, Rattle and Roll – How to Be Ready For an Earthquake

There are few sensations more frightening than having what used to be solid ground start to jiggle like Jello. Being ready can help you get through it without a major panic attack.

Recovering After a Hurricane – Save & Earn As You Rebuild

A disastrous hurricane can be very devastating. Learn how to save on everything from building supplies needed to replacement furniture as you rebuild and how to earn as you save.

Online CPR Training is Available For Those Who Want to Learn

The urgency of learning how to administer CPR should be emphasized. In fact, it should be made a law that at least one or two persons in a household should know how to do it. So many lives were lost because people do not know how to do it.

December 2012 – Is it Truly the End of the World?

One of the most popular prophecies about the world having an end came from a man who as Nostradamus. Nostradamus always mentioned about the end of the world which led people to believe may be true or is just a hoax.

Preparing a Fire Plan

There is nothing as important as fire prevention in your home. Yet many homeowners neglect a basic fire plan in the event of an emergency.

5 Practical Safety & Self Defense Tips For City Women

The concrete jungle we live in offers a heavenly hideout for big wolves always on the prowl, always ready to prey on unsuspecting victims – mainly women. These criminals have no qualms about robbing and raping. How can women protect themselves? The only way possible is to be alert at all times, even at home – read this article to get the self-defense tips for women.

Recovering After a Hurricane – Save As You Rebuild Or Repair Your Home

Experiencing a hurricane is horrendous in so many ways. Learn how to save on everything needed to repair or rebuild, save on replacement furniture, everyday necessities…and much more.

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